Tuesday, August 09, 2011

08/09 (Bearish) Quickie

A few extraneous thoughts while the U.S. economy collapses (again)...

*Just can't get outraged about Steve Williams somehow overstepping his bounds. On the contrary: Isn't it refreshing to have someone trash-talk Tiger so openly?

*Here's the thing about Roy Halladay and the Phillies: All the regular-season success in the world won't mean anything if the Phillies don't win the World Series (and I think they know it).

*Love that CFB practices are underway. (Obviously, I had a very high tolerance for all the love for Florida on ESPN yesterday.) Working on my Top 25 and my unifying theory of the season.

*FWIW, Lions rookie RB Mikel Leshoure was going to be one of my lock-solid fantasy football sleeper picks (which always includes my fetish for undervalued rookie RBs and WRs).

*How about Ricky Williams on the Ravens? That team has consistently brutalized fantasy GMs -- you think Ray Rice is The Guy, then one of the RBs gets all the touches near the goal-line.

*Tim Tebow listed at No. 2 on the Broncos' QB depth chart: Should include a caveat "(For now.)"

*Oh, is it really so bad that Real Madrid signed a 7-year-old? Let's put it this way: It is more economically and strategically irrational to have artificial age-limits than it is NOT to.

*Here's a slow clap for 61-year-old Diana Nyad, who had to give up her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida after the seas wouldn't give her a fair shot.

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-- D.S.

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