Wednesday, August 10, 2011

08/10 (Good Reads) Quickie

It's surprisingly slow in sports today -- presume that picks up tonight with Klinsmann's debut with the USMNT and tomorrow night with the first NFL preseason games -- but there are a bunch of really good reads from this week's SI that I recommended on Quickish yesterday and today:

*The story about the Auburn trees at Toomer's Corner.

*A profile of Dustin Pedroia.

*A profile of fascinating MLB prospect Trevor Bauer.

All three are great -- worth bookmarking or Instapapering for reading at lunchtime or downtime or over the weekend.

Unrelated to sports: As always, you've got to read Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair writing about the economy -- this time, about Germany.

More on Quickish all day.

-- D.S.

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