Friday, August 12, 2011

08/12 (NFL is Back) Quickie

Yet another unintended consequence of the NFL Lockout: Last night's preseason openers were more widely anticipated and embraced than any preseason games in NFL history.

*The Eagles looked good, which only affirms the expectations for them.

*Tim Tebow didn't fail, which only shows that when his critics create low expectations for him, it only makes it that much easier for him to exceed them. (TimTeblog analysis here.)

*Otherwise, it was just enough football to make fans giddy over the real games starting in a few weeks.

More on the radar:

*Texas A&M to the SEC? It's absurd this didn't happen a year ago, but that was pre-"Longhorn Network," which was apparently the final straw for TAMU to bolt the Big 12 for the SEC.

From here, the SEC will need another team to add in (Oklahoma? Unlikely. Missouri? Maybe, but unlikely. Florida State? Not if Florida has any say. Virginia Tech? Possibly.)

As for the Big 12, they will have to scramble to fend off what will inevitably be a strong push from the Pac-12 to snag Oklahoma (and OK St, plus others).

*Basketball Hall of Fame: Fun class tonight, headlined by Dennis Rodman, the greatest rebounder in NBA history -- and one of its top 5 most interesting characters.

*Justin Verlander wins 17th: It's neck-and-neck between he and Weaver for the AL Cy race. But, wow, Verlander is on the short list of players that you really should see in person so you can say you did when he's a Hall of Famer.

*Tiger stinks: It's worth repeating -- Tiger struggling is vastly more interesting than Tiger dominating. We're all rubber-necking at this point.

*Ohio State faces NCAA panel today for Tressel infractions: Don't hold your breath that the NCAA will come down hard on OSU. Can't wait to hear the way Tressel slithers in and out of his answers to the committee.

Should be a fun day -- and weekend -- on Quickish. Pop by!

-- D.S.

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