Thursday, August 18, 2011

08/18 (Better Late Than) Quickie

(1) Day 2.5 of the Miami scandal. I'm less convinced they'll get the death penalty than yesterday; the fact that it's still remotely in the conversation remains staggering.

(2) NFL lets Terrelle Pryor in, but bans him for 5 games: This is kind of appalling. I'm with Craggs: In an ideal world, Pryor sues the NFL and makes them go to the mat on this. Then again, I'm so anti-NFL draft-eligibility rules as it is, I'm way too biased on this. But most seem to think this is absurd.

(3) Mike Vick article in GQ: The NFL denies they steered Vick from a starting gig in Cincy or Buffalo to 3rd-string (but more stability) in Philly. But Vick seems pretty happy with how things turned out -- as has Philly and Eagles fans (and, frankly, most of the rest of us).

(4) Georgetown brawl in China: Wha???

(5) Tim Tebow laughs at the Miami bounties on him: Of course he does.

More tomorrow a.m. Catch up on all the best of the day at Quickish.

-- D.S.

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