Tuesday, September 20, 2011

09/20 (Tuesday) Quickie

"Moneyball" and Brad Pitt are on the cover of this week's SI. As usual, a year ago, this was talked about as a lark; now, it's THE movie release of the month.

NCAA under pressure: Jeff MacGregor has a provocative column on ESPN.com about imploding the NCAA. The easiest solution is to simply create a true minor-league for pro football that takes the best potential-pro players out of the college system and puts them in a paid training program, leaving everyone else comfortable with the deal they are getting.

NCAA realignment: I like Dan Wetzel's idea of Notre Dame joining the ACC, but it still feels like the Big Ten is more realistic.

Mariano Rivera sets the career saves record: I like the takes from Jayson Stark and Joe Posnanski for historical perspective.

Red Sox split with O's, still 2 games up from the Rays: It's not over yet, by any stretch. But every day they remain up 2 games makes it harder for the Rays to catch up. Meanwhile, could the Braves actually lose their seemingly insurmountable Wild Card lead to the Cardinals? Even less likely than the Rays catching the Red Sox, but the drama is welcome.

Giants beat Rams on MNF: Zzz.

College hoops recruiting: Huge win for UCLA to get Kyle Anderson, the No. 2 recruit in the country. Hope he enjoys slow-tempo offense and grinding defense. (Then again, Ben Howland has a nice track record prepping players for NBA success. Anderson is clearly a one-and-done.)

If you didn't check out Quickish yesterday, it was loaded with phenomenal NFL recommendations. Tuesdays are fun because we showcase the best pieces from this week's SI magazine way before SI puts them on SI.com. So come by -- and tell a friend or two!

-- D.S.

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