Wednesday, September 21, 2011

09/21 (Midweek) Quickie

As a recent convert to Red Zone Channel obsession, it was great to see this New York Times profile of the service today.


*Pac-12 spurns expansion: It sends Oklahoma and Texas back to the Big 12. It was a stinging rebuke of Texas' TV network. It was yet another brilliant move by Pac-12 commish Larry Scott, who zagged toward restraint when everyone else was busy zigging toward panic.

*Red Sox Panic Watch: Needless to say, the Red Sox are damn lucky the Yankees haven't decided (yet) to tank against the Rays in the hopes of bumping their rival out of the playoffs. (Yes: Yet.)

*The Big East schools reaffirm their commitment: Well, not Syracuse and Pitt, obviously. But the rest of them -- the ones that don't really matter in football (although I really like what South Florida is doing). Love the idea of the Big East adding Navy.

*Will Mike Vick play in Week 3 against the Giants? That's the presumption, but with concussions, you never know. I think he plays, but it's a mistake -- he's one more hit from being out for way more than a week. And the Giants are so flimsy right now, even backup QB Mike Kafka could carve them up.

*Metta World Peace booted from "DWTS": Not surprising. It's on you, Hope Solo.

-- D.S.


psm said...

"It was a stinging rebuke of Texas' TV network." - do you even follow realignment? Texas wanted the Big 12 to stay together in some form so that they could continue to develop their network. A "stinging rebuke" would have been to take OU and not Texas, thus forcing Texas to either ditch the network, join an inferior conference, or go independent.

Paul said...

Why isn't Matt Kemp's triple crown pursuit getting more press? When was the last time we were this late in the season and a player had a truly legitimate shot at the TC? .04 behind in BA, 1 behind in HR, and 5 ahead in RBI with 6 days to go. This should be nearly as big a deal as the playoff races down the home stretch!