Sunday, September 18, 2011

09/18 (Sunday) Quickie

*Protect yourself at all times: That's all you need to know about the ending to Mayweather-Ortiz.

*ACC gets Syracuse, Pitt: I simply can't get aggrieved about conference realignment.

*RIP Dave Gavitt: The most influential leader in college basketball history? He founded the Big East -- the boldest, most radical, most commercialized realignment idea in the history of college sports, before or since. All of these folks clucking about realignment today are seemingly fans of Gavitt -- as they should be -- but if they were around to be pundits at the time the Big East was founded, I'm sure they would be griping "TEARING AT THE FABRIC OF THE GAME!" Give me a break. If Gavitt has a legacy with what he created in the Big East, it is precisely what we're seeing now: Teams and leagues moving because of the power of TV money. There is nothing inherently wrong with it.

*CFB Saturday: Can't deny how strong that win was for Oklahoma at Florida State. Unsure the resume tops LSU, but it certainly will affirm OU's status at No. 1 for those who already had them there. Otherwise, the most notable results of the day were Miami throttling an obviously overrated Ohio State, Clemson giving Auburn the loss we all thought has been coming since late 2009 and South Carolina nearly losing at home to Navy.

*NFL Today: Can't wait to settle in with Red Zone Channel, my new favorite thing. Don't forget to set your fantasy lineups.

-- D.S.

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