Saturday, September 17, 2011

09/17 (Gameday) Quickie

Kicked off a college football gameday with my first experience with the suburban soccer experience -- my 5-year-old joined a league. I wore my swaggiest mom jeans to the first day.

The big story is Pitt and Syracuse bolting the Big East for the ACC. You're hearing a lot of griping from college hoops pundits about the woeful disservice to the Big East's tradition.

I grew up on Big East hoops in the 1980s -- its glory days. But for as big as the NCAA Tournament is, college hoops is a trifle compared to college football.

The analogue is the power of the NBA versus the power of the NFL; in other words: It's not even close. Again: I'm not dismissing the sport or the power of March Madness.

I'm just saying that college football is king in college sports -- basketball is the fun diversion between the end of the college football season and the start of spring practice.

What I'm watching:
*Noon: Auburn-Clemson (sneaking peeks at WVU-Maryland)
*3:30: Florida-Tennessee (sneaking peeks at N'western-Army)
*8: Oklahoma-Florida State -- one of the games of the year.

Enjoy the day!

-- D.S.

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