Tuesday, September 13, 2011

09/13 (Brady) Quickie

Well, then: Tom Brady. What Brady displayed last night was a master class on how to be a quarterback.

Novak Djokovic is incredible, having one of the Top 5 seasons in men's tennis history. The match yesterday with Nadal was jaw-dropping, even in what turned out to be mostly a rout.

The Broncos are terrible: If it wasn't obvious before (and it should have been), John Fox is not a very good coach. His archaic "Run first! Stop the run!" system failed on both counts. Meanwhile, if Kyle Orton was going to be ineffective anyway, they might as well have played Tebow. (Don't let Orton's 300 passing yards fool you; his INT and horrible fumble defined his game.)

Sebastian Janikowski!

MLB: How can you not be rooting for the Rays to catch the Red Sox at this point?

CFB: So Texas is reduced to begging Oklahoma to stay in the Big 12? OU ain't staying, but it would be amusing if they would demand that Texas rename the Longhorn Network the "Red River Network" and relocate the headquarters from Austin to Norman.

Oh, cripes, Manny. He makes it so hard to be a fan.

NBA: Rick Adelman feels like a terrible fit for a young, potentially exciting team like the T'wolves. I guess you could make a comparison to the young exciting Kings of the early 2000s, but Adelman ain't spry anymore. (Yes, yes: He brings "professionalism"; he's also a coaching re-tread.)

Serena fined $2K: Deadspin's Emma Carmichael has a really smart take on all this that I haven't seen from anyone else.

Yesterday was an amazing day in sports -- NFL reactions all morning, the tennis match in the late-afternoon/early-evening and the NFL double-header last night. Today is a bit slower, so take a breath. Quickish has you covered with all the best must-reads. Pop by!

-- D.S.

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