Monday, September 26, 2011

09/26 (Monday) Quickie

*Peyton Manning is out until 2012: There is no reason the Colts shouldn't simply tank the final 13 games of the season, secure Andrew Luck and ensure they have a succession plan in place.

*Bills bandwagon: Everyone is on it! The only bandwagon that might be bigger is the Lions bandwagon, and that's just because Detroit is just a few seasons removed from 0-16, making it one of the most remarkable turnarounds in NFL history.

*MNF tonight: I'm no Redskins fan, but I hate the Cowboys. That, and I'm partial to Rex Grossman even if everyone else mocks him. Redskins at 3-0? Wow.

*CFB: LSU is No. 1 in the AP poll. I cannot for the life of me figure out how anyone who follows college football would rank Oklahoma ahead of LSU, given the schedule LSU has played already. Looking ahead to next week, Wisconsin is going to establish itself as a bonafide national-title contender by throttling Nebraska, and Alabama is going to affirm its place as a national-title contender by waxing Florida in Gainesville.

*MLB Wild Card: The Red Sox avoided more collapse by winning last night, but don't discount what I've been saying for weeks -- the Yankees intentionally tanking against the Rays in these final three games. The big problem for New York and Tampa is that the Orioles are no bet to take all three (or even 2 of 3) from the Red Sox.

(Meanwhile, this John Lackey thing is insane -- he was a moron to tee off on baseball media for the pre-game text about him divorcing his wife, who is battling cancer, when it was TMZ that texted him. Meanwhile, why on earth would a starting pitcher getting ready to concentrate on his game put that concentration at risk by looking at his phone at all? Shouldn't they give that to the team media staff? Or just turn it off until after the game?)

*New Jersey Nets will become the Brooklyn... Nets: It's fine. A new name would goose interest, but I like the old name. (I'm still very partial to my idea for the Islanders coming to Brooklyn and renaming the Dynamo; that would have totally worked for the hoops team.)

More later. Check out Quickish -- great day of NFL analysis ahead!

-- D.S.

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