Friday, September 30, 2011

09/30 (Weekend Preview) Quickie

Gainesville, Fla. -- Yesterday night was a welcome break after Wednesday's late-night mayhem.

But now we're back to the most loaded weekend of the sports year: The MLB ALDS and NLDS series start (all four series playing on Saturday) plus NFL Week 4 plus a college football weekend that includes Wisconsin vs. Nebraska and Alabama vs. Florida. Pretty amazing.

A few notes:

MLB Playoff Picks:
Rays over Rangers, Tigers over Yankees. Tigers over Rays.
Phillies over Cards, Brewers over D'backs. Phillies over Brewers.
World Series: Phillies over Tigers

*Terry Francona out in Boston? Theo is saying he isn't going to be fired, but that might just be choosing his words wisely -- Theo isn't lying if they simply don't pick up his contract extension.

*Rays using rookie pitcher Matt Moore for Game 1 on the road in Texas today: As if the Rays weren't likeable enough, this is a wild move. Totally must-see.

*NBA Lockout update: Critical moment today/this weekend to get a season started on time? Who says the owners care about the season starting on time?

*Is Kobe going to Italy? He's interested. The teams are interested. And, in the absence of NBA, you're kind of interested too, right?

*CFB Last Night: South Florida -- a Quickie favorite -- upset by Pitt in a rout. That'll be all for South Florida in my Top 25 ballot.

*CFB Weekend Picks: Wisconsin will throttle Nebraska... Alabama will throttle Florida (ugh, I'll be there)... Virginia Tech is going to beat Clemson in Blacksburg... Arkansas gives Texas A&M a rude intro to life in the SEC... RG3 and Baylor go on the road and crush unbeaten Kansas State... Upset Special: Northwestern wins at Illinois (IF Dan Persa plays 10+ snaps).

*Favorite NFL Week 4 Storylines:
*Bills and Lions going 4-0: Bills at Cincy, Lions at Dallas.
*Games of the Week: Steelers at Texans, Jets at Ravens
*Must-Win: 1-2 Eagles at home vs. 49ers
*Cam Newton Watch: at Chicago -- tough draw.
*Suck for Luck Bowl, Part 1: Vikings at Chiefs
*Set your fantasy lineups!

More later. So much going on at Quickish today that I'm going to encourage you to do more than pop by once a day (which is typically enough in and of itself). I'd come AM, Midday and PM, plus late-night for MLB playoff game reactions.

-- D.S.

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MookieFL said...

Dan, assuming you're going the game, we have a fun, mostly family-friendly, tailgate set up in the Plaza of the Americas right in front of Library West (your wife will know the area if you don't). Fair warning: many of us are lawyers.

There are several TV's, good food, and various kinds of beverages. Just look for the blue short bus with the huge Gator head on the side.

We'll also be talking about the Rays all day, since I went to high school a mile from Tropicana Field.

If you're at all interested, send me an e-mail or reply here.