Sunday, November 06, 2011

11/06 (LSU!) Quickie

Couple of quick thoughts:

*What a win for LSU -- that Alabama team was ridiculous, particularly the D. And to do it in Tuscaloosa? It's a testament to the seasoning LSU went through earlier in the season, with Oregon and Mississippi State and West Virginia.

*I can't believe the folks on Twitter killing the game for being "boring." This was as elite level of defense as you'll see. The Oklahoma State-Kansas State game was full of offense; those guys couldn't stop at a red light. We've seen this: Oklahoma averages 50+ ppg and Florida shuts them down. Ohio State averages 40+ ppg and Florida shuts them down. Alabama throttles Texas. LSU throttles Ohio State. The defense is at another level, and if you didn't realize that when LSU contained Oregon, you realize it now -- and will realize it in January.

*I still think Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma and Stanford loses to Oregon. I have no idea what happens at that point (I think an LSU-Oregon rematch has as much traction and appeal as an LSU-Alabama rematch), but I'd certainly like to see Boise get a shot at LSU. If Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma and Stanford beats Oregon, it looks like Oklahoma State gets a shot and Stanford gets shut out. I think LSU throttles Oklahoma State.

*Tentative BlogPoll Top 5: (1) LSU, (2) Stanford, (3) Alabama, (4) Oklahoma State, (5) Boise (which isn't exactly dominating lowly UNLV). Oregon right there. Arkansas right there.

A word about Penn State and this scandal: It's horrifying. It's appalling. At this point, I'm OK if you told me Penn State was getting the death penalty. That won't happen, but I do think it indelibly changes our perception of Penn State as a program and Joe Paterno as a legendary coach. The AD should be fired. The president of the university should be fired -- if he won't resign. Joe Paterno should resign. I don't add that last one lightly -- ultimately, you can't give JoePa a pass. You can't say he did his best or that he at least did the minimum asked of him. You can't even lean back on the idea that he's been an empty figurehead for a decade and not responsible. He IS responsible. I don't say that with anything but sadness. But I have no sympathy for Paterno. None. I save my sympathy for those poor victims and their families.

-- D.S.

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