Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/12 (Saturday) Quickie

This has been a week. If you haven't popped by Quickish -- or only come by intermittently -- I really hope you'll check out our Penn State stream to catch up on the very best commentary and analysis on the Penn State story. This is such a brutal story, I find reading really smart or poignant takes on it helps to process it.

I'm actually in Savannah for a family wedding, so I'll keep this brief:

*The aircraft carrier hoops game last night was the coolest visual I have ever seen for a sports event -- even better than what I'd say was the clubhouse leader, the first Winter Classic.

(UNC beat Michigan State, but it could have been my college intramural team playing, because the optics were so staggeringly awesome.)

*Belmont may have lost to Duke at Cameron last night (only by a point), but you just saw hundreds of thousands of fans filing away Belmont for at least a Sweet 16 run on their NCAA Tournament brackets. (Something they were capable of last year, by the way, save being given their absolutely worst match-up by the seeding committee, something unlikely to happen again this year.)

*I'm so glad college hoops is back. And with the NBA season seemingly on the brink of being lost for good (or, at least, until January, as has been predicted for a while), the sport's return has never been more welcome. It's going to be a great year.

*CFB Today: All eyes are on Penn State vs. Nebraska at noon, but the Game of the Day is Oregon at Stanford. This is no gimme: Oregon is a lot better than USC; don't discount the learning experience of getting beaten up by LSU to start the season (Stanford resembles an SEC team, albeit one with a world-class QB). Stanford has the motivation of last year's close loss in Eugene, not to mention the motivation of maintaining a perfect season and a chance at playing for a national title. I'm rooting for Stanford. I think Oregon is going to play the spoiler and win.

*Best news of the week: Wilson Ramos being returned safely to his family.

Updates at Quickish all day.

-- D.S.

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