Sunday, July 01, 2012

07/01 (July) Quickie

Trying to write this while having no power in the house/neighborhood/city from the DC storms...

Penn State email revelations: The Jerry Sandusky "guilty" verdict might have made people forget that the Penn State administration was complicit in his horrifying crimes. This is a good reminder.

NBA Free Agency begins: But, first, Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando (for Brooklyn), claiming the Magic "blackmailed" him (ha) when he signed that one-year extension last spring.

Meanwhile, the Nets are trying to deal to get Joe Johnson and Luis Scola and OJ Mayo... and it feels like everyone else, in order to put some talent around Deron Williams (if not Dwight Howard).

The big winners? Eric Gordon is looking for a max deal (from the Hornets, or anyone else), and I suspect he'll get it (the Hornets are on the verge of a dramatic turnaround). And Nicholas Batum reportedly has a huge deal from the T'wolves, who are desperate for a good SF.

Kevin Garnett re-signs with Celtics for 3 years: Totally reasonable.
Steve Nash has huge 3-year deal on table from Toronto: Again, totally reasonable.

Both guys -- but Nash in particular -- are freaks who will out-perform their age (which they already have). I think Nash will be the most productive 40-year-old player in NBA history, and easily worth his contract.

Texas A&M and Missouri join the SEC: Enjoy the rough reception.
TCU and West Virginia join the Big 12: I actually think both will be very successful -- like among the Top 4 football teams in the league.

July already?

-- D.S.

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