Thursday, July 05, 2012

07/05 (Nash) Quickie

You can't begrudge Steve Nash. He wanted to be close to his kids. And he wanted to play for a good team -- a contender.

You can't begrudge the Suns. They were going to lose their franchise player with nothing in return.

You can't begrudge Suns fans for being a little bitter. It's not quite LeBron and "The Decision" with Cleveland fans, but they have a right to feel ticked.

You can't begrudge the Lakers. They have a small championship window -- which looked closed a few weeks ago when they were drummed out of the playoffs -- and this widens it just enough to make them much more interesting.

(OK: You can begrudge the Mavs for trading for Lamar Odom and freeing up a trade exception that the Lakers used to get Nash.)

I'm a huge Steve Nash fan, but I dislike the Lakers.  I feel like I can still do both.

Where does that net out? I'm excited to see what Nash can do side-by-side with Kobe and with post players like Gasol and Bynum to work with. It's fascinating. The NBA (and NBA fans) are better off for this deal, even if it stings Suns fans -- I hope they appreciate the good run they had with Nash.

-- D.S.

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