Tuesday, July 03, 2012

07/03 (Hawks) Quickie

Working through some Quickish CMS issues. Apologies in advance for the lack of Quickish updates today.

Meanwhile, Danny Ferry won Monday: He offloaded Joe Johnson's monster contract and Marvin Williams' bloated contract to turn the Hawks into a lean, mean, we-have-tons-of-cap-room machine. If Dwight Howard and CP3 want to come to Atlanta next summer, the Hawks can accommodate. (I think the Magic would trade Howard for Horford -- it's unclear Howard wants a homecoming enough to sign long-term with the Hawks. I think it's worth the risk for Ferry.)

And the Nets are well-positioned, too: Joe Johnson is a good 2nd piece (and a great 3rd one). Deron Williams and Joe Johnson in a backcourt (with Jason Kidd off the bench?) is the gold standard in the NBA. Add in Gerald Wallace, and you probably have three players versatile enough to give the Heat a tough series in the playoffs. (Brook Lopez would be a bonus, as would this mysterious Bosnian stretch-4 that they plan on signing, and who could take the NBA by storm.) The question is: Can they pull off a deal for Dwight Howard? Even if they don't, the Nets are a formidable playoff team.

Olympics: What a waste that they didn't have that run-off last night. And what a shame Dara Torres fell .09 seconds short of making the Olympic team in the 50 free.

More later. But a fun day of offseason intrigue in the NBA.

-- D.S.

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