Sunday, July 28, 2013

7/29 (Monday) Quickie

Been unpacking a ton of boxes -- particularly books that I have bought and carried around for close to 20 years -- and I will say that in addition to some really out-dated business books and a few dalliances with both trendy fiction and interesting-sounding-at-the-time Gladwellian books attempting to explain life (none of which I will ever read again, but still I feel compelled to hold on to), I have a ton of sports books and most have (and will) stand the test of time. Anyway...

(1) US Men's National Soccer Team: A Gold Cup title means that I think we have reached "World Cup knock-out round or bust" territory (if we weren't there before).

(2) Yasiel Puig: Yup.

(3) Derek Jeter: That he hit a HR on his first pitch back from the DL was... cliche? Obvious? No, not obvious. But definitely cliche.

(4) Johnny Manziel: With every new absurd off-field thing, I like him more and more.

Book I unpacked that gave me the biggest tug of nostalgia -- An autographed copy of "High Hopes," a book that Gary Barnett and then-St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Vahe Gregorian wrote after Barnett led Northwestern to the Rose Bowl in 1995. Yes, Barnett is a pariah in college football coaching, and there are many reasons I should dislike him, but I can't. He got the Purple to Pasadena, a mere five years after strolling into Welsh-Ryan Arena the day he was hired and telling all the (appropriately cynical) students that he would do just that.

-- D.S.

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