Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/30 (Tuesday) Quickie

(1) Peter Gammons is launching a site. I don't know whether it will be successful or not. I will say that:

(a) the conditions for an "indie" site like that are far tougher in 2013 than, say, if he had tried it in 2007 or 2008...

(2) it's a tough content category to crack, even with his name recogition...

and, most of all, (3) unlike Simmons or King or Silver, who have 100% backing (funding, resources, promotion, sales, etc.)

Gammons is trying to do it on his own (or even with a partner like Tru, who has managed to secure a launch sponsor, which is a pretty solid feat on its own merits).

That -- more than anything -- is the difference, what makes comps between Gammons and Simmons/King apples and oranges beyond "big name in mainstream sports media starts his own* site."

(* - "Own" is relative.)

I applaud anyone in media trying to be more entrepreneurial. But it's going to be tough sledding, however much I wish him the best. Keep an eye on his Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign as a barometer.

(2) I'm bummed about the Nats this season, but I'm down with the Rays taking it to Boston -- errant call or not.

(3) I think I haven't appreciated Adrian Peterson enough in his career, but I look forward to doing more of that going forward -- he has been on a roll with his candor (test for HGH, he'll break Emmitt's rushing record in a few years), and this photo is the best.

If you like the NBA, this is Zach Lowe at his best.

-- D.S.

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