Thursday, August 01, 2013

8/1 (August Already?) Quickie

*Riley Cooper: LeSean McCoy is right.

*Alabama is No. 1: Does the rest of the poll matter? Heck yes, given that it influences who Alabama will play (hint: Anyone but Ohio State). The dominance by the SEC is the standard talking point. It is also a reminder that in this very month, we will see a match-up between two Top 10 teams, Georgia and Clemson, which is awesome.

*A-Rod: A lifetime ban is a fun, wacky idea. But let's assume they negotiate that down to the rest of this season and all of next season, which might as well be a lifetime ban, except for the Yankees, who will have to pay him all that remaining money.

*Buck Showalter: The whole "If the Yankees can dump A-Rod's salary, they will totally steal Matt Weiters from us in two years" thing was wildly refreshing in its candor. Is he wrong?

*John Wall: As a Wizards fan, I am totally comfortable giving him The Max. I think he ascends to all-NBA status within two years (standard caveats about avoiding injuries). Does a deal that big hamper the team's ability to sign other players to help him? Probably, if you're comparing it to Stephen Curry's bargain deal. And that's too bad. But the system is the system. Now go earn it, JW.

*Chip Kelly: He might downplay the "refs will slow-play the Eagles' offense" thing for now, but I'm betting that it is a huge problem. Frankly, it's a huge blow to the integrity of the league that it wouldn't ensure that refs work as quickly as any team wants to play. Why there would be a distinction between the refs having to play faster during the final two minutes than the rest of the game is ludicrous.

-- D.S.

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