Monday, November 25, 2013

11/25 Thanksgiving Week Kick-Off Quickie

*Best way to start off the week: Diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. So basically I'm rolling with Nene.

*This is not just a good but a GREAT NFL season. Pretty amazing that over 7 days, the Patriots could be involved in two of the top 5 (top 3?) games of the season so far. Three other observations:

-- Gabe is a massive Carolina Panthers/Cam Newton fan, so the past 7 weeks have been kind of amazing for him (and for me to watch).

-- Mike Glennon: Offensive Rookie of the Year. Didn't see that coming.

-- We can debate his lack of ultimate (read: Super Bowl or even AFC title) success, but it's hard to think of a QB who makes the waning minutes of games more manic and fun than Philip Rivers.

*The Derrick Rose story is painful. The Kobe Bryant story is hilarious. The NBA will be so much worse for missing Rose this season -- but so much better with Angry Super-Paid Kobe the next two.

*My Football Four college football playoff ballot this week: (1) Alabama, (2) FSU, (3) Auburn, (4) Missouri. My protest abstention from listing Ohio State continues. They have a similar resume to Northern Illinois.

*College hoops is still ramping up, but Louisville ain't Louisville (clearly) and as impressed as I am with Duke's offense, the defense is going to keep them from winning the NCAA title.

*Nothing drives (self-)delusions of your child's exceptional athletic future like buying a pair of "youth small" wide receiver gloves.

-- D.S.

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