Monday, February 24, 2014

2/24 Monday Quickie

*Jason Collins' return to the NBA -- this time as the first openly gay player in the history of major pro sports leagues -- is the biggest sports milestone of the year (and one of the biggest ever).

*Jadeveon Clowney running a 4.4-whatever in the 40 is so ridiculous that for all the talent at QB (and Sammy Watkins might be the most talented WR to see the draft since Calvin Johnson) that you have to put him in the mix at No. 1 -- whether or not he fits the Texans' needs, he is the most talented player in the draft.

*The Jim Harbaugh/Browns thing is fascinating. Bill Barnwell has the best analysis.

*So long, Sochi. Perhaps more than any other sports event, the Winter Olympics are a fun little quadrennial blip. It was enjoyable in individual moments, with the US hockey failures completing things on a down note.

-- D.S.

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