Saturday, March 01, 2014

3/1 2nd Birthday Quickie

*Happy 2nd birthday to my swee' pea, Lucy. (Whew: The first two years of the third kid go MUCH faster than the first two years of either of the older kids.)

*Bummed to be missing the fabulous Sloan Sports Analytics Conference this year (here's my take on it from 2010), but thanks to GW's Sports Management program for letting me host a 1:1 conversation with Geoff Reiss, head of Sports for Twitter.

*Steph Curry remains in the Top 3 most must-see players in the NBA (LeBron, Durant). FWIW, Kevin Love is No. 4. I'm ready to put John Wall in the Top 5. (Anthony Davis is his main comp.)

*My father-in-law is in town from Gainesville today for Lucy's birthday, which means we'll get to watch the Gator basketball game together -- he's a die-hard fan, and that's always a treat.

-- D.S.

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