Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2/25 Trout Dirk Kansas Quickie

*Mike Trout is a bargain at $30M a year. And Trout is loving life to be hitting free agency at age 28. (Expect the Nats to pay Bryce Harper something similar -- without the free agency at his peak. If they have to pay a premium to tack on a few extra years, so be it.)

*That Dirk shot was awesome.

*Do you buy Kansas as a Final Four contender? Absolutely. There are 7 teams in the KenPom Top 30 for both adjusted offense and defense: Louisville (17/7), Florida (9/10), Kansas (5/27), Wichita St (16/13), Villanova (8/20), Syracuse (22/9), Pitt (25/22). (Arizona is JUST on the outside: 32nd on offense, but No. 1 on D.)

If I had to pick 8 teams with the best shot at the Final Four, Kansas is among them -- along with Florida, Wichita St, Syracuse, Arizona, Louisville, Michigan State (13/34) and either Wisconsin (6/40) or Virginia (43/4).

UVA feels too nouveau riche this season and will eventually run into a superior defense that they can't score on. Still: Would a Hoos fan really turn down a trip to the Sweet 16?

March starts in just a few days....

-- D.S.

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