Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NFL Week 10 Rankings:
Colts Are New No. 1

After inexplicably skipping last week, here are this week's NFL rankings, as always, submitted without further analysis or -- let's face it -- insight.

UPDATE: Uh, did I miss a few teams? Uh, yes. See what happens when I take a week off? (Even worse: I left out MY OWN TEAM, the Jags!) Anyway, I've updated it, with apologies...

1. Colts
2. Broncos
3. Bears
4. Pats
5. Saints
6. Chargers
7. Ravens
8. Giants
9. Chiefs
10. Jags
11. Falcons
12. Seahawks
13. Bengals
14. Eagles
15. Panthers
16. Jags
17. Cowboys
18. Rams
19. Vikings
20. Jets
21. Redskins
22. Dolphins
23. Bills
24. Steelers
25. Niners
26. Packers
27. Lions
28. Bucs
29. Titans
30. Browns
31. Raiders
32. Cardinals

Comments Question: If the Colts are a unanimous No. 1, who is No. 2? Have the Bears created some doubt about who the NFC's best team is? And do you give an out-sized bump to the Dolphins for winning at Chicago?

-- D.S.


Sheldiz said...

i like that the ravens have fallen back into your good graces.

(ps: in other news, donald rumsfeld is resigning.)

Worldwide Reader said...

I guess we'll find out if Dan actually reads his comments section, and corrects the error.

Anybody else read Football Outsiders? Far and away the best football site out there.

Anyway, they have the Colts 7th, Pats 8th, Saints 13th. And the Eagles 2nd.

Stew said...

OKAY, my Niners have been pretty bad but they do deserve to be on th elist!!!!

Kevin said...

How do the Dolphins jump to 21 after one good (lucky) game?!? Just becuase Rex Grossman can't throw to his own team doesn't mean that the Dolphins are better. The way Chicago played Sunday just about any team in the league could've beat them. The Dolphins scored 3 touchdowns while only traveling 43 yards...

Mike said...

...for the record, there are 3 of the 4 teams in the AFC West are in Dan's Top 10.

Where's all the talk about the big and powerful NFC (L)east now?

Anonymous said...

I can't agree that the Bears are ahead of the Pats. Especially after Vinateiri screwed up 2 kicks at Boston. We have to put Indy first, whatever we think about their playoff history. Then the Pats (who could have run the ball on Indy anytime and will figure this out). Then Denver, still, despite their D being exposed, now Plummer is back on track. Then maybe an NFC team, but I like the Ravens at #4, too. If you have to have an NFC team, I pick the flaky Giants waaaaaay ahead of the flaky bears team. And I'd maybe put the Eagles after them, but I know their record stinks. I think McNabb still has a couple playoff runs in him.

And I'm going to take a minute to say I called how weak the NFC is, and the Bears have proven me right.

CMFost said...

Think the Bears are way to high, they lost to a 1 win team last week in the dolphins and they barely beat a 1 win team in Arizona 2 weeks before that. I think Mr Grossman is going to cost them any chance at the Super Bowl. I would actually rank the Bears 8th or 9th

Pete said...

Never thought I would see the Bills ranked ahead of the Steelers this season...

Brian in Oxford said...

with some of the names hiding under the lining of the hat, never to be picked....

Worldwide Reader said...

Umm, Dan? You do have 32 teams listed now, but the Jags are on there twice, and the Texans are still nowhere to be found.

Sean said...

Jags at 10 and 16?!?!?

That's quite a GAP!

Put the Texans in the 10 spot...for laughs...

The Big Picture said...

i'd keep the pats at 2. tom brady had one of his worst games against indy, and the pats still had the chance to tie the game on the last drive.

come playoff time, if there's a rematch, who do you bet on?

Anonymous said...

Dan, use this link and then write the teams down:

yeesh. Or copy a list of NFL teams from into a spreadsheet. Do you want volunteer editors?

Jared said...

That page isn't showing up for me, but give Duke a break... Nifong, inexplicably, just got reelected.

Anonymous said...

So, according to your reasoning, should the Dolphins be #2 or should the Bears be #23? I'm not saying you're statement is wrong, but your reasoning is flawed. In polls, the question is, "who would be favored if these teams played (again)." Personally, I think the Ravens are really hard to rate right now anyway, so I wouldn't put too much stock in anyone's opinion.

And, speaking of missing entries on your poll, Dan, you didn't intend to drop West Virginia from your Blog Poll, did you?

Mr. Manic-Depressive

Jon said...

It's not a's a torn ACL.

Mikepcfl said...

I know that things change and sometimes it is ok to rank a team ahead of a team that beat it. But Dan, the Ravens crushed the Saints just 2 weeks ago. I can see moving the Chargers ahead of the Ravens because that was a close home win for the Ravens several weeks ago. But the Saints got their asses kicked at home by the Ravens and you have the Saints higher?

Big D said...

Nice, the Jags come in at 10 AND 16, but the Texans still can't make the list.

You must really be a Jax fan... :)

By the way - my top five (since I know you're all holding your breath in anticipation) looks like this:


Actual reasoning and analysis available over at The Best Seat in the House.

chipp said...

Are the rankings supposed to be a snapshot of right now, or a prediction of where we're headed? If it's a snapshot, then team records should be the first basis of ranking (IND, CHI, NE/BAL/DEN/SD/NYG/NO or OSU/MICH/LOU/BSU/RUT then others). If it's about who is thought of to be the best team (this year's champ) then the rankings should only change if a team starts to plummet or rise. Also, futre games should be brought into consideration (if you think CHI will beat NYG, the Giants should already be lower in the ranking based on that prediction - and LOU or RUT and OSU or MICH should be dropped lower). Which makes sense?

Kurt said...

Good to see Dan doesn't read his comments, he still hasn't fixed the order. It's pretty tough to read two comments from the top and see it was missing the Texans and Niners not the Jags.