Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday 11/30 A.M. Quickie:
Oden, Naqi, Pujols, BCS and More!

Wait: So Ohio State lost last night at UNC, yet the Buckeyes should still be No. 1? How can I explain that? Two words: No. Oden.

The hot new NFL feud? Frustrated Giants DE Michael Strahan vs. intrepid ESPN reporter Kelly Naqi.

Strahan has her on height and weight, but Naqi clobbers him in reach: There's no way that a disgruntled NFL player will win a battle with a reporter asking what all fans would agree was a perfectly reasonable question about how badly his team is fractured due to sucking so badly.

Pujols is a whiner: Albert Pujols thinks that the MVP award should go to a player on a playoff team. It's a criteria that some voters choose to apply, but thank god it's not some sort of binding rule.

Pujols is afflicted with "Michael Jordan MVP Curse" (the idea that one staggeringly amazing player could be the MVP *every* year, but that voters would rather have variety than reflect reality). This won't endear Pujols to voters.

(By the way, LeBron James set a new record last season for earliest application of MJ MVP Curse. He was the best/most valuable player in the NBA, but he's SO good that voters discounted his candidacy.)

T.O. supports Vanderjagt. That should be the next fill-in duo for PTI.

Did the Red Sox sign Japanese lefty RP Hideki Okajima to grease the skids to sign Matsuzaka?

The BCS is OK if the Rose Bowl wants to pair Michigan in a rematch with Notre Dame. It's just the rest of us who will hurl.

I think that voters for the Walter Camp Award (for best CFB a very poor man's Heisman) should pick Hawaii QB Colt Brennan simply because that would be awesome.

Bill Cowher doesn't want the NC State football job. Well, no shit.

Speaking of the college football coaching carousel, I highly recommend the coverage on AOL Sports' Fanhouse, particularly the Alabama coverage. Jamie Mottram of Mr. Irrelevant blog-fame has created a collective that is absolutely sizzling right now.

NBA Mania: Jazz beat Spurs, prove ultimate legitimacy. Mavs win 11th in a row. Magic win 5th in a row. Knicks finish November on pace to win 29 games and shatter Larry Brown's win total from last season.

NBA First-Month Awards: I was going to save my NBA first-month awards for a separate item, but I'm going to put them down now:

MVP: Dwight Howard
Rookie: Craig Smith
Coach: Jerry Sloan
Most Improved: Kevin Martin

-- D.S.


TJ said...

It's a little depressing to me that Albert Pujols has come out over the past couple months as kind of a jerk.

Brave Sir Robin said...

But at least we know he's never taken steroids!

Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Re: Pujols
He's wrong, in terms of a debate of Howard vs Pujols (which he wins based on actual value/clutch numbers), but he would have been right if the debate was Berkman vs Pujols. It should be applied if candidates are in the same division. IMO, he does have a right to be mad simply because the criteria used in 2005 was ignored in 2006 (ie, RISP & K's).

Re: Rose Bowl
A UM-ND rematch frees up that night for me.

Josh said...

I'm with you for Coach and Most Improved, but I've gotta disagree with the other two picks. Smith's had a few nice games but Adam Morrison is already the #1 scoring option on the Bobcats and his teammates are already deferring to him in late-game situations. Howard's a gutsy pick for early MVP but if you just wanna go for a guy who's throwing up 20-10 games for a surprisingly good team, Boozer's got it all over Dwight. I'd still pick LeBron or Carmelo (or even DWade holding together that crapppy Miami team) over either.

Josh said...

Pujols is right in thinking he should be the MVP, but his reasons are all wrong.

CMFost said...

Which ever BCS Bowl that Notre Dame undeservably get into I will not watch out of Protest.

Should ND really get a game in the BCS? Over say a 1 loss Louisville if Rutgers wins the Big East Title.

jhawkjjm said...

Didn't the Phillies win more games than the Cardinals? Using the whole "playoff" arguement is a joke when your team only finishes 2 games above .500. Now had the Cardinals won more games then Howard then maybe I could see using playoffs as a deciding factor. This destroys Albert's image as "a good guy" and "a team guy". All he had to do was say "I won the World Series". But instead he whines about not winning an individual award. Yeah, he's not a "me-first" guy. *rolls eyes*

Unknown said...

I think at this point, T.O. will do whatever he can to get under Parcell's skin. Tuna hates kickers? TO loves them!

Not sure about Pujols...imo, MVP is the guy that, if he was not on the team, that team would not have done as well as they did. As much as the Cards struggled throughout the season, obviously Pujols' stats didn't do much when up against St. Louis' expectations in the pre-season.

UM-ND rematch. Boring. Blowout. Though, to be fair, anyone ND plays will blow them out including no-offense Florida and little guy Boise State. :)

CMFost said...

Can we bring back an old quickie chat Favorite?

Studs and Duds from the Previous day.

I got 2:
Stud - Dudley - BC - 30pts 10rebs in a win against Michigan State

Dud - Paul Pierce - for throwing up an absolutely stupid 3 pointer when 30 seconds left and the team down by 2.

Big D said...

Curt Schilling just voluntarily called in to WEEI to voice his support for J.D. Drew and shout down Bob Ryan's comments yesterday.

Gee, now I feel much better...

Anonymous said...

First-time poster.. been reading for awhile... DS - get your facts straight before you bash the Irish at least. There is no rematch.. it will be LSU-UM.. Plus ND is 10 in the BCS so if they finish in the top 10 then they do deserve a BCS bowl since there are 10 spots.. it's not rocket science

CMFost said...

Do to league tie ins if Notre Dame gets a BCS game someone who is ranked above them will be left out. The ACC Champ automatically gets in and they are not currently a top 10 team and ND is the weakest top 10 team there is and do we really want to watch them get blown out against a top team again.

Anonymous said...

Here's why we CAN be concerned about a Mich-ND possible rematch:


This is why the bowl system makes college football an illegitimate sport. Matchups are decided by money, not wins and losses or even rankings. Why should the SEC winner get a loser like ND (#12), when they could prove themselves against Michigan? Doesn't anyone want to know how good the SEC really is?

Brave Sir Robin said...

With regards to the Pujols thing, I'm with Bill Simmons on the MVP's. The only one that REALLY matters, to me at least, is the NBA one.

NFL- Players only play one way (usually). I don't know how you can really say someone is the most valuable when you only play one side of the ball (Of course, Lebron only plays offense, but at least he has to be out there for defense. It's not like Shaun Alexander has to cover a receiver making a double move)

MLB- Your ability to contribute is too limited to chance and your teammates. You really can't get RBI's if no one is on in front of you. HR's can be slightly inflated if the pitcher doesn't want to pitch around you. And, on defense, you can only defend when the ball is hit to you.

Anonymous said...

But in the BCS top 10 we have 3 teams from the big 10 and 3 from the SEC, which means that the 3rd team is ineligible for the BCS (so for eligible teams, right now we're in the "top 8", excluding those 2 inelgible teams).

I do agree though if Rutgers wins the big east that Louisville deserves a spot ahead of ND in the BCS since they will only have 1 loss..

UM-ND isn't happening.. there are already reports that LSU will be in the rose

Anonymous said...

I know Mike and Mike In the Morning covered this but I thought it should be thrown out there. Strahan comes off as the biggest puss in the world after that tirade yesterday and it has nothing to do with the fact that he chewed out a girl.

He talked about how someone should look you in the eyes when they make stuff up - but guess what, when you say something, be a man and stand up and stand behind it. Strahan clearly called out Burress - the reporter was NOT stirring things up out of nowhere - he was ON THE RECORD as saying it ON THE RADIO.

I have lost all respect for Strahan another one of those supposed "good guys" who was afraid to stand up for what he said and now he has to attack a female reporter.

Strahan wins my A-Hole of the Week Award.

Oh by the way - Jared Dudley vs. Gary Forbes on Saturday night in Amherst will be a great battle. I'm calling it here first.

Brian in Oxford said...

I had to go dig up the BCS rules...As long as ND's in the top 14 (and wins 9 games, which it has), then it's eligible to be picked. They ALWAYS will get picked if they're eligible. And although they could conceivably drop a spot or two after this weekend, they sure as heck aren't dropping to 15.

Because the Big Ten and Pac 10 champs are destined to the BCS championship game, the Rose Bowl could conceivably pick any 2 at-large teams, not even Michigan. But of course they'd take Michigan, but I don't think they're *required* to. The Rose Bowl has been so Big10/Pac10 exclusive for decades now, but I think they'd jump at the chance to bring ND back for the first time since 1925 (yeah, I looked that up, too).

And for the love of God, can they please re-name the MVP award to simply be the player of the year, so that the team's finish objectively has no impact on the voting? Why should Albert Pujols even be rewarded because St. Louis isn't anywhere near New York, so that his team didn't finish 10 games out? Would that have made him less valuable?

TJ said...

The BCS is OK if the Rose Bowl wants to pair Michigan in a rematch with Notre Dame.

Me too! Come on, Dan, are you that confident that UF is going to beat Arkansas this weekend? Or do you already have tickets to the Citrus Bowl? I would really like to go to a BCS Bowl this year, and I'm already stressed enough about school to put all my eggs in the SEC Championship basket.

enjoyncwine said...

You say Cowher dosen't want the State job like it was a no brainer. If the timing was better then it would be a definite consideration. He has always spoke very highly of our program and wants to be a part of it in the future. With that said, hopefully NCSU can hire a coach to where they can win on a consistent basis and ultimately don't need Cowher.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

I agree Troy. Go Gators.

Anyone see the Bama blog Dan put up where Spurrier has agreed to sit down with their AD to talk contract?

Sheldiz said...

I'll go with the "stud/dud" idea, cmf...

Stud: i wholeheartedly agree on Dudley.

Dud: Georgetown. 2nd loss to an unranked team AT HOME. how's that final four lookin' now, dan?

Sheldiz said...

...and let's wait until the weekend games shake out before deciding on monday AM's #1 in college basketball.

CMFost said...

If Florida beats Arkansas on Saturday the ROSE BOWL better be Michigan vs Florida.

Come on let see a game that is 3 vs 4

As I said yesterday I think the BCS Bowls should be given strictly based on ranking and forget the conference tie ins.

Have it this way:
National Champ Game - 1 vs 2
Rose - 3 vs 4
Sugar - 5 vs 6
Orange - 7 vs 8
Fiesta - 9 vs 10

jhawkjjm said...

I agree with getting rid of the MVP label to the award. If it truly means most VALUABLE player, then, as I've said before, it would be Jason Veritek this year. It's not coincidence that when he got hurt is when the Red Sox collapsed.

I agree with others above. Pujoles is an MVP and should have won it in the past instead of Bonds. I would have been happy if he won it this year over Howard. I'd argue that by him whining about it, it will cost him the MVP in the future.

BCS=$$$ enough said. And its not really that unfair that ND gets the money from a BCS bid. They aren't in a conference and don't get a piece of the pie that all conference teams get. (Is it only the BCS money that gets split or money from all the bowls?) How much money will teams like Northwestern and Ole Miss receive for being in the Big 10 and SEC which will each have 2 BCS bowl bids?

As of right now I'm tied between Pujoles and Strahan for the "Biggest Asshat Award".

CMFost said...

Strahan by a large a amount Wins the "Biggest Asshat" Award.

Just for the shear fact that he is a lying piece of fecal matter

Perks said...

G'Town DID lose to Oregon, who is always "decent" and currently undefeated.

UND has a clause saying that if they're in the top (8 or 9), they automatically get a BCS Bid. Couple that with the Top 14 thing, and yes- they're almost always in anyways.

DAN, WTF?!! I don't get the Ohio State- UNC thing. If OSU is hungier and all of that Oden stuff, put them #1 WHEN THEY WIN. It doesn't make sense to have them better than UNC if they lose to them! I don't care about the future. When the future happens, worry about it then. The NCAA hoops season is long enough, there will be time to put OSU up where you think they'll be. But for the time being, when they lose, they drop.

CMFost said...

How is it all about the money - five bowls = ten teams...ND is #10...ergo ND plays in one of the bowls. Simple math here people.

Except for the Fact that the ACC Champion Automatically gets a BCS bowl so that actually means that 9 out of the top 10 teams should get in. Meaning #10 should be left out.

Natsfan74 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brave Sir Robin said...

Hey NDYanksFan,

Look here:

Yeah, they changed that rule years ago... or after last year's game. And, if you notice, that is not like they're splitting the money amongst a confrence. Big 10 has to split things 11 ways. ND gets a third. Also, I think it's BS they get paid even if they don't make the bowl series.

TJ said...

If Florida beats Arkansas on Saturday the ROSE BOWL better be Michigan vs Florida.

Can't be--SEC Champ gets Sugar Bowl. Just the way it works.

And now ESPN is reporting that LSU will be offered the Rose Bowl. Meaning it's Sugar or Citrus for the Gators. Jesus Christ not another noon bowl game in Florida...

CMFost said...

Nooch I completly agree with you. Notre Dame as Played # teams currently ranked in the top 25 and is 1-2 against them. The schedule is littered with Cream Puffs and if it was not for the Name on the Jersey they would probably be ranked somewhere in the 15-20 range.

I looked at there next schedule and look out it is not easy, by November Notre Dame may not even be in the polls

CMFost said...

Acutally i was pretty much kidding ND has what I think should be an easy schedule next year

Sept. 8 at Penn State - W
Sept. 15 at Michigan - L
Sept. 29 at Purdue - W
Oct. 6 at UCLA - W
Oct. 20 USC - L
Nov. 3 NAVY - W
Nov. 10 AIR FORCE - W
Nov. 17 DUKE - W
Nov. 24 at Stanford - W

They have 4 games against teams that will finish this season in the top 25, looks like another 10-2 season and overrated again in the top 10

Sheldiz said...

i don't know about 10-2... 2007 could really be Duke's break out year...

Mega said...

Well since NBC/NCAA will ensure that Notre Dame gets into the top 10 before season is over to be BCS eligible, they will be in a BCS game. Not because they belong there, but because they have the biggest bandwagon in the nation and that means more money for the NCAA/network.

Oh and if GT loses again, they'll be out of the top 25. Meaning that ND will probably, yet again, be a top 10 team that hasn't beaten a ranked opponent.

Anonymous said...


Way to use the oldest trick in the blog world to spark a firestorm of comments and discussion: Just mention Notre Dame.

Damn people, every day we have to read this crap. We get it - alot of people hate ND and don't think they deserve a BCS bowl. The BCS sucks. We all agree on these things. Can we all agree to just disagree on ND.

At least can we wait until the bowls are officially announced or MORE IMPORTANTLY, until they are ACTUALLY played!!!

Trey (formerly TF) said...

Florida played a D-IAA team after playing 7 bowl teams in 9 weeks. Further it was an added game because of the addition of the 12th game. It won't be that way again.

I am sure the ND streak of Stanford, UCLA, Navy, UNC, Air Force, and Army is comparable to UF's midseason schedule of LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Vandy, South Carolina.

The mere fact that ND gets the preference and money after they have not only lost but looked like a TUNEUP game against teams that are actually top 10 caliber is stupid.

Hopefully we'll see you in the Sugar so we can be the 4th top 10 team in a row to just blow up your team.

Rant done.

Joe (Dayton)

Mega said...

I'll agree that Quinn is a very special player. Without him ND would be a .500 ball club. I think he'll translate into a fairly good QB in the NFL, maybe even great.

marcomarco said...

How "instant history" our memories are.

EVERYONE (including you Danny) whined with the same arguement when AROD won with the Rangers in '02. Biggest difference is that AROD had a gold glove that year too.

Howard is a defensive clod, and has more K's than Brandon Webb.

I'm going to find your quickie article complaining about this Dan-O. I'll be back.

marcomarco said...

Damn it, you started Quickie a month and a half later. I bet you whined about it tho.


Mikepcfl said...

People shouldnt complain about Notre Dame getting an undeserved BCS Bowl is the easiest wager in sports. Bet against Notre Dame in the bowl game and you come out a big winner because they are so overrated. Dont get mad, take advantage of the situation.

Eric Chase said...

Didn't the Phillies have a better record than St. Louis?

Shut up Albert

Jon said...

Wasn't Kevin Martin pretty decent towards the end of last season? I'd have to go with JR Smith as the most improved. Went from Byron Scott's doghouse last year getting no playing time to starting and averaging almost 20 a game.

It's going to take a lot more than Hideki Okajima to grease up Matsuzaka and Boras.

Let's not forget college basketball is NOT college football, so the rankings mean nothing. Ohio St did look good last night. If only ESPN would have scheduled more of their games instead of polluting the college basketball tv schedule with Duke. Anyway, UCLA should be 1 and Butler should be 2.

Anonymous said...

NDYanks, I don't care that ND is in a BCS bowl game. They should be, and they deserve the money and exposure because their offense is top 5 in FUN.

But as an emerging college football fan, it is UNBELIEVEABLE that they would be paired with a top 5 school when there are legitimate questions about who is the second best team in the nation.

If they win this weekend, Florida needs to play Michigan. Because they are ranked 3 and 4, and the fourth place team shouldn't get screwed out of the chance to advance in the rankings. If they could blow out Michigan (unlikely), they're probably ranked #2. They deserve that chance.

ND already got its shot at 2 of the best teams in the country. Shouldn't Boise St. get one chance before ND gets a third?

Jon said...

Notre Dame just needs to join the Big Ten, so that this whole debate can just end. With the one tough game out of conference (USC) that most teams try to play that would give ND 3-4 losses depending upon whether or not the Big 10 scheduled them with OSU, Michigan and Wisconsin. It sounds simple enough to me....too bad for their boosters who would never let this happen.

Traditions are boring, especially when they are Army and Navy.

jhawkjjm said...

Saying that you played 7 bowl teams means jack shit. The big 12 has 9 bowl eligble teams. So obviously the Big 12 is the best conference. Being bowl eligble means nothing when half the Div 1 teams make bowls.

Schedules carry very little weight as well. Watch this:
Georgia Tech (Non Conference)
Penn St
Michigan St
Boston College (Non Conference)
USC->Ohio State
Air Force->Illinios
Standford (Non Conference)

hmmm...looks like a Big 10 schedule with tougher non conference games.

OR how about this:

Georgia Tech
Penn St->Tennessee
Michigan St->Kentucky
Boston College->Alabama
Air Force
Duke->Miss St
Standford->Ole Miss

Looks like an SEC schedule... and no 1-AA's. Every team has a couple patsies on their schedule. It's just that every other team has theirs built in to the conference schedule.

jhawkjjm said...

jon- Notre Dame can't join the Big 10, they're a Big East school in every sport except football.

Not to mention the Big 10 wouldn't want to add another school because then (I believe) they would be forced to add a conference championship game.

Jon said...

jhawk ND can join whatever conference they want. BC, Miami and VT were all in the Big East too. Remember? And I am pretty sure that the Big 10 would make room for ND without much hesitation. They are a money maker and the conference would love that.

jhawkjjm said...

Like you said, yes they can join the Big 10, only after leaving the Big East. And after being raided, I'm not sure the Big East would make that easy (i.e cheap). So yeah, I should have said that they can't unless they leave the Big East. But Notre Dame Football (alone) would not be able to join the Big 10.

Using ND's schedule against them is a lame arguement. Every conference has 2-3 weak teams and 2-3 strong teams and the rest float in the middle. People point out UNC, Air Force, Navy, and Army and criticize the weak schedule. Look through every schedule in the country and you'll find that almost all of them have 3-4 crappy teams and 2-3 very good teams.

Anonymous said...

ND was given the chance to join the Big10 10-15 years ago...and refused, on the basis of lowering academics or some such rubbish.

However, I would think they'd be welcome to join nowadays (and leave the BigEast).

As for the patsies, if you have to play them (ie, conference) then there's no problem IMO. You cannot control your conference. It's when schools seek out these games (eg, a Nebraska dumping Houston for Maine), when teams should be rightly criticized for it.

Sheldiz said...

you don't have to be in the same conference for all sports, do you?

there are quite a few D-1 basketball schools that are D-IAA football.

Anonymous said...

Sheldiz: Most schools like that have a I-AA conference that is football only.

MVC teams (UNI, SIU, ISU, etc.) for example have the Gateway Conference.

Anonymous said...

List of I-AA football teams. Most conferences are the same -- the low- and mid-majors of other D-I sports

Unknown said...

ND is pretty happy in the Big East when it comes to other sports -- at least competitively -- and the B10 would never allow them to join just for football.

As far as the money goes, that's a big part of it. The university uses the football money to fund a lot of different things for the school. The money from NBC for example goes into the general student body's scholarship fund.

In regards to their schedule, would we be having this discussion if they were 12-0 instead and had beaten Michigan and USC? According to the NCAA this week, their schedule is somewhere around 24th while OSU's is about 40th, but since OSU won its two big games (Texas and Michigan) no one mentions the other lightweights on their schedule. Not a rip on OSU, mind you because they ran the table and are a great team, but I haven't heard much said by anybody about their sched.

BTW, I'm an ND fan and I don't think they should go to a BCS game just because they are ND. If the BCS polls put them in a position where they can go, that's one thing, but just on rep is another. I'd rather they go and play in a 2nd-tier bowl where they would have a better chance of winning and carrying that over to next year. The offense is great, the D is still too slow -- it's going to be another year or two before we can even think of saying they are an elite program again.

Sheldiz said...

Thanks, TB!

marcomarco said...

@ lenny

Also in the first quickie ever 'The Bandwagon' section:

1. Kvetching about the BCS (just let it go -- 'til next season)

How true.

Jon said...

The ND thing will just keep going in circles because mostly all college teams have weak schedules. Most teams who lost 2 games by 26 and 20 points probably aren't in the BCS discussions though.

So, how about that Villanova-Stony Brook match up tonight?

Sheldiz said...


Sheldiz said...

sorry, i got a little excited there about the rare villanova mention on this board....

CMFost said...

How about we BAN all Notre Dame Football talk until after the BCS Bowls are officially announced?

Who is with me?

ToddTheJackass said...


No way ND goes 10-2 next year. They'll lose a lot of their team, esp. Brady Quinn. Plus, you need to understand one thing, BC OWNS NOTRE DAME in football. BC has beaten them either 4 or 5 consecutive times. Remember when they were undefeated, and wore the green jerseys, then turned the ball over 6 times to BC? That was hilarious. Notre Dame Sucks!

Also, Jared Dudley is a total stud, and just has some ridiculous games. I was at BC when he single-handedly beat Villanova during BC's last year in the Big East. That might have been the most dominating CBB performance I've seen live. Well... either that or any game I saw Okafor destroy us over...

-Todd (Boston)

Jon said...

Seconded on the ND talk.

Sheldiz - If you liked the backcourt of Foye, Lowry and Ray, wait til you get to experience the 2 Coreys (Fisher and Stokes) and Grant with Reynolds. Jay Wright has done an excellent job at keeping that program going.

ToddTheJackass said...

Agreed on the Stud/Dud thing. That needs a rebirth, perhaps as it's own daily section... Dan offers his candidate(s), and we then post ours.

Just like the good old days.

For the sake of argument:

Stud: The aforementioned Jared Dudley. Won't find a guy who has a higher Bball IQ or plays with more passion.

Dud: Pujols. Dude, you used to be my man crush. He needs to some serious work on his PR skills, he's not doing well at all lately.

-Todd (Boston)

Sheldiz said...

jon -- i was really hoping the 2 coreys would be Feldman and Haim... that would make for some great basketball.

seriously though, i can't freaking wait until the season really picks up. Jay Wright is the man.

ToddTheJackass said...

The coolest box score in all of last year's baseball season came from a Texas Rangers game against the Orioles when the Rangers brought in Bryan Corey, followed by Scott Feldman. So the box score read under pitchers:

Corey 1.3 IP
Feldman 1.1 IP

Sheldiz said...

todd -- that is fantastic. absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

A better perspective on the Pujols "quote."

Writers never take something and run with it, especially if it's out-of-context.