Friday, December 01, 2006

NFL Week 13 Picks:
Who Else is Sick of Romo Mania?

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Chargers over Bills: LaDainian is going to shatter the all-time single-season TD record. How close can he come in a single game?

Bears over Vikings: Keep that Chicago snow on the field.

Chiefs over Browns: It's nice to know that Larry Johnson doesn't have a problem with either coach.

Jets over Packers: The "final indignities of Favre" keep piling up. The latest: Favre can't win on snowy tundra of Lambeau.

Colts over Titans: But I reeeeeeeally want to pick Vince Young to lead the upset. That would be a week late, though.

Rams over Cardinals: When does the Pete Carroll Era begin?

Pats over Lions: Avert your eyes.

Saints over 49ers: Another 300-yard day for Brees?

Falcons over Redskins: Vick plays better on the road.

Texans over Raiders: Is this the Brady Quinn Bowl?

Dolphins over Jags: Two teams going opposite directions.

Cowboys over Giants: I'm already sick of Romo Mania.

Steelers over Bucs: Not many teams have the honor of being worse than the defending champs.

Broncos over Seahawks: I've been saying it for more than a year: Jay Cutler is for real.

Panthers over Eagles: National TV debacle in Philly.

Whee: I'm already 1-0 on the week! (Bengals)

Comments Question: What are your most intriguing storylines of the NFL schedule this week? What are the X-factors to watch?


Anonymous said...

Jeff Silver has a good article on SI right now about the obsession with Tony Romo (notice that I refuse to turn his name into a new word out of protest). The gist is, he could turn out to be an Elvis Grbac, or a Tom Brady. Both started their careers impressively, and look where they are now?

My theory is, teams need to see a quarterback play a few games before they can adequately prepare for him. [insert something about tendencies here]. Let's wait a year or two at least, unless he wins a Super Bowl. I'm looking at you, Roethlisberger.

CMFost said...

Why is Brady Quinn everyone's consensus to be the number 1 pick in next year's draft?

Becuase he has been a successful Qb in a proven Pro Style offense that is quickly translatable to him being a starter in the NFL faster.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why he might be a #1 pick: Matt Leinart. They share a lot in common, and not all of it is statistics, fair or not.

CMFost said...

3 Upsets that I think will happen and one and scared will happen.

Bills over the Chargers - LT is due to have a bad game and the Bills defense is a team that might be able to do it.

Vikings over the Bears - Grossman loses is starting job after this game

Titans over the Colts - The Titans are good running team which is bad news for the Colts and I think the Colts get caught looking ahead to the division match against the Jags next week.

The one that scares me:
Everything points to the Patriots blowing out the Lions but I am scared that the Pats are due to lose a gam to the NFC and Roy williams against the Pats DB's scares the bejeezus out of me.

CMFost said...

My Lock of the week (which will probably lose)- the 49ers lead by Frank Gore beat the Saints

Anonymous said...

If Bears losing this weekend to the Vikings would just give Griese a *chance* to prove his mettle on the field, I'm all for it. I don't hate Grossman nearly as much as the average Bears fan seems to, but I do believe that they have another good QB on that team who might fit the role of "don't screw it up by taking chances" a little better.

Sheldiz said...

I'm saying the Redskins are going to beat Atlanta... the Skins have nothing to lose and they're at home (Right?). And i think the Falcons are still in their heads, and its going to show on the field.

but anyway, i like the Skins over the Falcons. I like a surprising Colts loss. And I like Drew Brees, regardless of how the game ends.

Perks said...

There's another ND quarterback who didn't fare so well. That guy Joe Montana

Brian in Oxford said...

I for one would love to see Romo planted to the turf a few times, and go 11-35 for 104 yards and 3 picks.

(But I'm an old-school Bledsoe guy back from the day...)

And I'd be stunned (not the Bob Ryan "shocked!") if Cutler actually looks that good in his first game.

Not many appealing-looking games though...

How much snow will there be in Green Bay, anyways?

Anonymous said...

Not a ND guy by any stretch, but the system Quinn is in IS run by, well, most of the NFL.

marcomarco said...

Romo and Brady should do a GQ spread together. The collective media man-crush is sickening, and i'm a pats fan.

Perhaps HHH and Burt Reynolds should weigh in on the situation.

Anonymous said...

You must be an established star to date a celebrity.

Man Law?

Anonymous said...

Quinn...overrated system QB???

I think Brohm is more of a product of a system - look at previous Louisville QB'S (LeFours, Redman). And don't even try to compare Stanton and Quinn.'re dislike for all things ND is showing through with that comment!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, I hope you realize Monday's snow game was not at Lambeau. If the Packers win this week in "snowy frozen Lambeau", you're going to look like a complete dumbass.

CMFost said...

The offensive system Quinn is a quality system that has one 3 super bowls and is used by at least 3 NFL teams. Dallas, New England and Cleveland. And probably Also in New York and Miami

Sheldiz said...

i demand that this thread not be about notre dame!

CMFost said...

Yeah, that is right. I thought we Banned ND talk until after the Bowls pairings came out.

Anonymous said...

Agree with cease-fire on Quinn.

Now let's talk about who should play OSU!

Anonymous said...

Agree with cease-fire on Quinn.

Now let's talk about who should play OSU!

CMFost said...

Everyone have a good weekend. Enjoy the football games and here is to hoping Notre Dame gets left out of the BCS.

Sheldiz said...

yep, i'm out too... everyone have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hold on! Jimmy Johnson sits at the Square Table!

Reynolds:"Who is this Romo guy? Has he starred in any football movies? mmm? Annointed a little early?"

HHH:"Hey, if the fans are chanting your name, you're a star already."

"How 'bout them Boys? Romo's gonna kill 'em on Sunday!"

Mr. Griffin:
"MMM, Romo Fever's got him too. The whole state is delirious and it's gonna kill Tony. Look what happened to Eli.!"

Jim Kelly:
"You don't need to win it all to get a little hype, come on."

"Ok, you cannot mancrush a QB prior to the playoffs! Man Law?"

Anonymous said...

Agree with cease-fire on Quinn.

Now let's talk about who should play OSU!

Anonymous said...

oops, weird refresh problem, disregard.

Anonymous said...

I like completely off-topic bashing as much as the next guy, but we should ban Notre Dame mentions from NFL threads at least until the season ends. Nearly every other Shanoff post is CFB anyway.

I agree that there's been a huge, premature outbreak of Romo fever. Why didn't Buffalo's Drew replacement do as well as Dallas' and NE's? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Here is a hilarious video of what will happen if we continue to worship Romo unabated. Be afraid.

/Don't worry, it's satire. I think.

Mega said...

As a guy who has Notre Dame hater-ade running through his veins, I will say that Quinn is the #1 reason why ND has a winning record. He is smart, capable, and has a good arm. Not a Kyle Boeller type of cannon, but good enough. Quinn will be a good NFL QB someday.

NDYANKS- I just saw that too, wow.

(I can't post URL links using the standard URL tags? I tried to post a link to this, oh well)

Mega said...

Oh and before anyone jumps on me about my Boeller comment, yes the guy can probably throw the ball farther than everyone but 2 or 3 guys in the NFL, but I didn't say he was great or anything.

Anonymous said...

Any one else see that the NBA players are suing the NBA over tight officiating and the new ball...WTF.

Lemme guess, they gotta feed their families?

Anonymous said...

Just read the story at ESPN...

It's kinda cute the players think they should have a say in Sternland.

Anonymous said...

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where the x's are the url and the z's are the text of your hyperlink. I broke it up because of the display problems on blogger, but wherever there is a new line, there is not a space. If you're uncertain, you can always preview to test it out.

Anonymous said...

oops, I'm dumb. I made a hyperlink which erased all of the code. Let's try again:

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marcomarco said...

How about this:

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it'll look like this:

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Steve said...

There is no freaking way that Brady clip is satire. Between Brady, Favre and Romo, at least a million American men have to question their sexuality every Sunday.

WuzUpG said...

Can Frank Gore go for the hat trick? Tear up the field throughout the game, then end the game with some sort of injury. (Concussion, then ankle. What next?)