Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday 12/01 A.M. Quickie:
Eva, Kobe, WhoDey?, LSU, Zito, More

Tony Parker and Eva Longoria got engaged? Here's the over-under of the day: What will come first -- the Spurs' next title or the TP-Eva divorce? I'll take the latter.

More on the top storylines of the day:

Bengals beat Ravens: I could imagine these Bengals playing the role of last year's Steelers in the playoffs: Get in as the 6-seed and make a run. The Bengals have an improving defense that stymied the "Billick Offensive Juggernaut" and an offense that always has the potential to put points up, but last night, against one of the league's best defenses, did just enough to win.

Kobe scores 52: So much for all the talk that his knee problems will keep him from being the same old Kobe we know and talk about the morning after a scoring binge. (Even more impressive is that he did it against the NBA-leading Jazz. And even more impressive than that is that he had a 30-point quarter, which matches his best quarter from the 81-point game. Amazing.)

LSU to Rose Bowl? This is GREAT on one level: It's a chance for the SEC doubters/haters in the Big Ten (Michigan fans, specifically) to get a taste.

This is IFFY on two levels:

Good "Iffy": If Florida loses to Arkansas, then the Rose Bowl becomes an optimal "3-vs-4" matchup.

Bad "Iffy": If Florida loses to Arkansas, how can the Rose Bowl pass over a 2-loss Gators team that BEAT this 2-loss LSU team head-to-head? (And since the BCS has an out-dated rule that each conference gets a max of 2 spots, the Gators will be shunted off to the CapOne Bowl.)

Forget the Rose Bowl talk (and, for that matter, the SEC championship game): The most important, must-see game of the weekend is Rutgers at West Virginia. A win for RU would put give them the Big East title, put them in the BCS (Orange Bowl) and complete a Cinderella season. (Honestly, if Rutgers wins, I'm not quite sure why the Rose Bowl wouldn't pick Rutgers to play against Michigan.)

Bama coaching search: Spurrier in or out? He says he's staying at South Carolina. Alabama must have really screwed up the offer.

Wade can't lead Heat past Pistons: As long as Shaq is healthy for the playoffs, it's an empty win for Detroit.

(If Joe Dumars was offered Orlando's entire roster for Detroit's entire roster, straight up, do you think he'd make the deal? I'd ask the same thing of Pat Riley. The Magic's 5-year outlook seems much better than the Heat or Pistons' 5-year outlook.)

MLB Hot Stove: Zito-palooza! It's gotten to the point where we simply add "palooza" to any premier free-agent pitcher's last name. (See "Pavanopalooza.") He met with the Rangers, who are like the "nouveau riche" version of the Yankees and Red Sox: They have the money to spend and interest in spending it, but can't seem to convert that into playoff appearances. I like the CW that has Zito joining the Mets.

Bud Selig to retire in 2009: Let's start the speculation now about who would be the best choice to replace him: Peter Gammons? Larry Lucchino? Bob Costas?

I've got an unconventional (if predictable) choice: Theo Epstein. Give him a 30-year contract and watch the New Golden Era of baseball begin.

College Football: Rules to be Central Michigan, which won the MAC championship game over Ohio. Bring on the... uh, GMAC Bowl?

College Hoops: Sucks to be Dan Monson, who resigned (read: was axed) from Minnesota after running the program into the ground. Wonder if he looks back on that Gonzaga program he left and says, ""

Final thought: I guess Eva's rumored fling with Mario Lopez didn't take. Or TP didn't have a problem with it.

-- D.S.


Brian in Oxford said...

As long as we don't get Rutgers-Boise State somewhere, the idea that 2 teams that want to show the most they belong, get stuck playing each other....

CMFost said...

Here is a big if for the Rose Bowl:

What happens if USC loses and Florida blows out Arkansas enough to move them into the National Championship Game.

Then Does the Rose Bowl take LSU or do they take the traditional big 10 - pac 10 match up and have the game USC vs Michigan

Jon said...

That would not be a smart move for Zito to go to Texas. They'll throw the cash at him, but he'd then probably turn into the Ranger's second coming of Chan Ho Park. He should go National.

TP-Eva divorce will come first. It's a Hollywood marriage. Those things don't last longer than a year or 2.

Is Cris Collinsworth the NFL's version of Tim McCarver?

How about George W. Bush for Selig's replacement? He'll be done with his presidency by then. He did wonders for the Texas Rangers.

For Seinfeld fans:

CMFost said...

How much was the weather a factor in last nights game?

Mikepcfl said...

It sucks when your team gets their ass kicked on Thursday night. We have to wait 10 days to play again and everyone focuses on last night's game til Sunday. It is almost physically impossible for the Ravens to finish with less than 11 wins (still play Cleveland and Buffalo at home), so I am not worried about the Division.

CMFost said...

Studs and Duds from yesterday:

Joseph - CB - Bengals - if only he knew how to catch
Bengals D - allowing one garbage TD

Bryant Gumbel - Is he the worst play by play guy in the history of the NFL
Ravens O - 7 points against the 30th ranked D

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

sheldiz...where you at? Who dey! Bengals need to stay focused and not look past Oakland. But at Indy for MNF, at Denver on a short week, Pittsburgh at home. That is the hardest 3 game end to a season in the league. If the Bengals finish at 10-6 and are on the outside looking will be an off-season of what if's (ie: SD putting up 42 in a half, the refs fucking them over vs. TB, letting the Ravens go up 14-0 after 2 minutes). And don't give me this shit about off-field issues. The Bengals are 7-5 because they have the hardest schedule in the league and their offensive line is makeshift.

I want to see Rutgers/Louisville vs. Michigan because I want to see just how good the Big East is.

Honestly...if you had to pick a player to take your last shot...I don't know how anyone could not say they'd take Kobe.

Paul L Carter said...

College Hoops: Sucks to be Dan Monson: His regime and dismissal will further fuel the speculation that squeaky clean=losing, cheating=winning. Remember, Monson was brought in to clean up after the Clem Haskins mess (after Haskins took a team to the Final cheating.)

Yup, Monson certainly cleaned it up, but barely could win a game in the Big Ten. And after the Clemson blowout, he had to go.

TJ said...

He says he's staying at South Carolina.

Oh, you're one of those Gator fans. You and the boosters I suppose.

Don't know why you hate Spurrier, but you must also think he's really stupid if you thought he would accept the Bama offer. Why in the world would he want to do that? I can't really think of a single reason he would want to coach at Bama. Not a single one. USC is a much better job in a lot of ways, especially for someone like Spurrier.

TJ said...

What happens if USC loses and Florida blows out Arkansas enough to move them into the National Championship Game.

Then Does the Rose Bowl take LSU or do they take the traditional big 10 - pac 10 match up and have the game USC vs Michigan

Tehy would--for sure. My guess is this is the only situation in which the Rose Bowl rescinds its "offer" to LSU.

Jon said...

I agree about Gumbel. That guy is horrible. NFL Network needs to reevaluate their booth and hire some new blood.

marcomarco said...

@ jon

That Kramer clip was great.

Big D said...

@ jon:

That "Lost Episode" of Seinfeld... ridiculously funny.

That's the new Viral Video of the month - it's only got 7,500 hits right now. Let's see where it's at next Friday...

Anonymous said...

Shanoff, you really should read your own blog. Alabama didn't "screw up" their offer. Spurrier didn't want to go to begin with. I don't know how many different ways Spurrier can say "I don't want the Alabama job," before you media types will actually LISTEN.

Sheldiz said...

oh shit, i got called out! :)

i'm here... just woke up. the ravens were straight up outplayed and outcoached last night. we came into it cocky and unprepared. that game took us down a few pegs, but i think the next ten days will be spent circling the wagons (and getting yelled at by billick).

i was so hoping for, at the very least, a good match up.... but i have to admit there were times during the third quarter that i was checking in w/ grey's anatomy.

as far a cincinatti -- i've never had any doubt they're a great team, that can definitely make a run of it, and have showed that the past two weeks in a big way.

cmf -- the weather was a factor, but shouldn't have been. its the f-cking NFL, learn to play in the rain.

as far as bryant gumbel. he's a pretentious ass. he reads a play by play like he's performing (poorly) in masterpeice theatre.

so, i've babbled enough now.... not a great night for the Ravens, but a little wake up call never hurt anyone. and i have to hand it to the bengals, they definitely had our number.

Jon said...

At least you got a Villanova win last night.

Brian in Oxford said...

Geez, I wasn't going to rag on the play by play....The best part was the general lack of "coming up on 60 minutes" or "this week on House...."...but then, I only watched about a quarter's worth.

Unknown said...

LSU v Michigan will be a heck of a game. But let's be real, LSU is the only SEC team that would hang with UM, or beat them.

Florida? Please.

I realize that Mrs. Shanoff withholds the sex if you don't root for the SEC, but cmon.

Kobe scored 52...did the Lakers win? (honestly...i didn't watch)

I'm glad that teams have learned that you need to spend tons of money and have huge payrolls in order to compete in the MLB. Just look at Minnesota.

Sheldiz said...

yes... go wildcats!... i love seeing Sumpter on the board.

Unknown said...

Did I miss the ACC title game? GT is in the Orange already?

Jon said...

No, Vince. I think that honor unfortunately belongs to Paris Hilton.....Eva is close though.

Jon said...

It would have been better seeing Sumpter on board last year....then we wouldn't have had a Gator national championship.

Sheldiz said...

oh jon, now you've done it.... its about to get real gainsville around here. :)

yeah, nova would have been sick w/ the addition of Sumpter last year... but i almost think it would have messed with the chemistry of the 4 guards. they were kind of forced into that role and made it work. who knows what would have happened if we were leaning on Sumpter the whole season.

but yeah, we really need to stop losing to the eventual champs. that's getting old.

Anonymous said...


I think people are thinking Ball will be involved in an accident prior to the game. Nothing serious, just enough to keep him from playing. I know I am.

CMFost said...

Jon I agree Paris Hilton is the most overrated star in Hollywood. My top 3 most overrated is:

1. Paris Hilton
2. Lindsey Lohan
3. Nicole Ritchie

Jingoist said...

TP and Eva sounds like it could be a scene with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, a la Pretty Woman.

TP: I saw you talking to Lopez.

Eva: We were just talking.

TP: I didn't like it.

Eva: We were just talking.

TP: I didn't like it.

All that's missing is Eva in a Beverly Hills hotel room and, oh... wait. Scratch that.

CMFost said...

I know I said that the Cincinnati was a stud but I have to thank them for giving up that last minute TD pass. I has McNair in as my QB for Fantasy and that saved his day from being compelete crap. Yes, I know why would I have McNair becuase my other QB's to start the season sucked or got benched

Anonymous said...

Honestly, if Rutgers wins, I'm not quite sure why the Rose Bowl wouldn't pick Rutgers to play against Michigan.)

Ahh, maybe because it would be the most one-sided victory in Rose Bowl history. Did you see the Cincinnati game??? Rutgers would get destroyed!!!

Jon said...

Losing to the eventual champ in the Sweet 16 or Elite 8 is much better than bowing out in the first round to Old Dominion.

Unknown said...

The #1 Story of the Day is.....

Kobe Bryant: Slam-Dunk Giant
I think it may be official: Best Scorer of All-Time

After the 81-point game last year, which was the greatest scoring preformance ever, (even better than Wilt's 100, Kobe said he could never have 100 points in a game. But i don't think that's true.

If he had one of "those nights" I think he could do it.


Jon said...

Kobe needs to go back to wearing #8.

Giddy said...


I don't even know if I'd actually consider Paris or Nicole Ritchie "stars" or overrated as I would assume people agree they have no talent and aren't particularly attractive. okay, i need to stop - why even discuss these two.

I completely agree with your thoughts on Gumbel, though. Easily the worst commentator I've heard in years.

RexyBack said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
CMFost said...

Kobe Bryant: Slam-Dunk Giant
I think it may be official: Best Scorer of All-Time

Not a chance -
Wilt 14 Years Career averaged 30.1 Pts Per Game

Kobe - Now in his 10th season is averaging 23.9 Pts

Wilt through his first 10 season played 799 games, Scored 27426 for an average of 34.3 Pts Per Game

Kobe - in his 10th season has played 720 Games, Scored 17207 for an average of 23.9 pts per game

Kobe is not even close to Wilt. One or 2 games does not make him great. We have to get off all this instant history crap.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

I hope this doesn't jinx us, but...


Unknown said...

I will always hold out hope that Lindsey Lohan regains her form.

Gawd she used to be amazing... lol

Kevin said...

And since the BCS has an out-dated rule that each conference gets a max of 2 spots, the Gators will be shunted off to the CapOne Bowl.

This would make both teams in the CapOne bowl that got shafted by the out-dated BCS rule, since Wisconsin deserves a BCS bowl game too.

CMFost said...

Hey Wisconsin VS Florida/Arkansas loser would probably be one hel of a game. Probably better then some of the BCS games

Unknown said...



You gotta be kidding! Numbers don't matter and you know it. Kobe would've scored alot more earlier in his career if he wasn't playing with the MDE. Everybody knows it.


Does that make Karl Malone the 3rd best scorer ever?

Give me a break.

Kobe became the fastest player to 17,000 points beating Wilt's record anyway.

When I say best scorer ever, I mean if you give this guy the ball and ask him to score, he will be successful more often than everyone else.

Kobe didn't have the opportunities that Wilt did earlier in his career. There was this other guy, don't remember his name, kinda large...

Brian in Oxford said...

I curious to see how Glendale handles the logistics of two BCS games back-to-back. Will the place just be a swarm during the week, as one pair of teams leave and another set arrive? Will the actual Fiesta Bowl suffer as a warm-up bowl? This is the crap they throw us as to why the bowl system is better than a playoff....nobody wants to see bowls diminished in stature....I want to see that proven or disproven, and now we'll have a small chance to see it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a Michigan fan, I think LSU is the best opponent right now that isn't from Columbus. Looking at the last few weeks, they have been much scarier-looking than Florida. They might even be the second best team in the country. And YES, I know that Florida beat LSU some weeks back, but that does not necessarily make Florida the better team (witness: Oregon State).

Of course, I'm predicting that Florida will lose to Arkansas, so if they win that, they may win me over.

CMFost said...

Kobe became the fastest player to 17,000 points beating Wilt's record anyway.

Get your facts straight he was not the Fastest to score 17,000 points he was the youngest to score 17,000 points.

An actually I was really judging it on career scoring average not total points.

And if you look at the number was having Shaq really holding done his number?

Kobe's Scoring Average
01-02 w.shaq - 25.2
02-03 w/ shaq - 30
Last year w/Shaq - 24
1st year w/o shaq - 27.6
last year - 35.4
this year to date - 23.9

Stats and Facts can always win an arguement.

We all have this instant history thing going on and we forget about the past.


Anonymous said...

I'm going with Wilt over Kobe. He averaged more points and he had the largest scoring game ever. That's Greatest Scorer.

And Kobe will never lead the league in assists!

Unknown said...

I'm acualy not a big fan of instant history.

I just think that if you give Kobe the ball and the only instruction you give him is "Score!" he will succeed more often than anybody else.

Go to the front page of
On the right, where it says "Watch Video"
Click on Kobe's Pic or where it says "kobe bryant scores 52 points"

Watch that video, then disagree

Unknown said...


you have to read the John Hollinger article to understand why Kobe had the best game, not wilt.

Sheldiz said...

have we really gotten through 52 comments of kobe/wilt and no one has made a joke about "scoring" off the court yet?

Anonymous said...

Word from Stewart Mandel is, if LSU gets shafted this year from the Rose Bowl, that could shake things up like so:
1. BCS Commish is from LSU
2. Same guy is in favor of a plus-one game
3. One more year to bitch over will push him to act

That scenario creates a system where the #2 gets their shot at the #1 at the very end, be it Michigan or Florida or LSU or whomever. And, historically, there haven't been more than two legitimate contenders after the bowl season (including the #1 team), for whatever reason. Plus, the BCS would likely conspire to pit the four best teams together in the bowls, in such a scenario.

Although, it looks like LSU won't get screwed, so...oh well.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

NDYanks, check the link I posted above. UF's President lobbied some for it.

I think Florida for the most part is concentrating on the SEC Championship. We'll start lobbying if we win, although it might be too late.

To those who think LSU would be a better game. You do know LSU lost to Florida 23-10 right?

What I hate about this situation is everyone is crapping on Florida for being 11-1 and having a "bad offense." The problem is everyone was expecting Urban Meyer to step in and put together his unbelievable offense that no one could touch. I was a skeptic, it's not the Fun and Gun, but it gets the job done.

Lost in all this is how great UF's defense has been. No one has scored more than 27 on us. That 27 was Auburn and they scored 15 on a blocked punt, a safety, and fumble rec TD as time expired when we tried running a Cal/Stanford play. Outside of that we haven't allowed more than 20 points!

Joe (Dayton)

CMFost said...

The only way I see that LSU does not go to the Rose Bowl is if Florida is in the National Championship Game and then the Rose Bowl would be Michigan vs USC no question. And in that case they would have not reason to complain as USC as the PAC-10 champ automatically gets the Rose and Michigan would be #3 and from the BIG-10 which has a Rose Bowl tie in

Anonymous said...

ndyanksfan: That's what I hate about CFB.

Let's suppose that USC barely wins the title game and one-loss Florida blows Michigan out in a bowl game (if they even get the chance to play them).

Florida should be #1, not USC and certainly NOT Michigan. In this scenario, OHST lost their biggest game, Michigan choked twice and so we have USC and Florida as teams who won their biggest games and have one loss.

Well Florida lost to Auburn and USC lost to Oregon State one week later in the season. Who's the best team now? I'd say Florida. But since USC won the championship game, they'll get the nod.

That's why offensive style points shouldn't count. The computer rankings had to remove margin of victory, but somehow voters don't. The whole thing stinks, and I don't even care about Florida. It violates my sense of order and fairness.

I think the Colley rankings have it right. Colley

john (east lansing, mi) said...

I'm screamin', ndyanks... but nobody's listening anymore. And I think we all learned from the Manninghams, there's little to be gained from screaming the same thing over and over again.

Here's the thing about the BCS bowls... I don't want Michigan to play a team that I think is BS (Big East, Boise State, ACC), but I do want those teams to all lose to... I mean, play... teams from real conferences. A Big East/ACC matchup, or especially a Big East/Boise State game, would be the worst thing possible for the BCS to put together. The whole idea was disambiguating results that are based on a schedule lacking interconference competition. It's sometimes dangerous to pin a whole conference's merit on the success of the conference champ in a single game, but I say, if your best team can't get up for their biggest game, they must not be that good.

All that said, I would love love love to see the look on DS's face near the end of a UM-UF Rose Bowl. I'd like to know if your Gators can cash all those checks your keyboard wrote. Failing that, it would be a great exercise if the country got to see UM-LSU and Wisconsin-UF. Let's see how this SEC matches up with the Big Ten, up and down.

Unknown said...

Um yeah, I think Michael Jordan would have an argument in the 'best scorer ever' argument.

TJ said...

Florida blows Michigan out in a bowl game (if they even get the chance to play them).

That's a nice hypo, but no--UF has no chance of playing Michigan. UM will get the Rose Bowl and UF will get the Sugar Bowl (if they beat Arkansas). Just the way these things work. If you want to see Michigan and Florida in a bowl game against each other, then whether you know it or not you advocate a playoff system.

Which is what I'm saying. This is another year--if UF and USC both win this weekend--when a +1 "playoff" system would solve the issue.

Unknown said...

I get the feeling that the ESPN hypemachine will soon be attaching to USC.
This will bode well for an OSU win.

CMFost said...

you have to read the John Hollinger article to understand why Kobe had the best game, not wilt.

That is just one writer thoughts and it does not make it fact. For me unless Kobe scores 101 you can not say he had a better game.

And let also remember Wilt did his 100 without the help of the 3 point shot. Kobe in is 81 point game had 7 made 3's

CMFost said...

Anyone know that since the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll is no longer associated with the BCS if they have to Give there final #1 and name there National Champion based on the winner of the NCS or can if say OSU loses vote and name whoever they want as national champ.

Tony E said...

Cinci is going to the Super Bowl, they get the Raiders next week, then a tough MNF game with the Colts, followed up by the Broncos (whom they can beat, yes in denver too) and the sorry steelers. We all know the JETS will lose a trash game and KC could be upset by Cleveland this week.

Kobe 52 was amazing, 30 in the 3rd was more impressive, this guy is a machine, the Lakers look like the real deal this year and I hate saying that.

Mark my words... USC will lose this weekend, Flordia - "D" Ohio St - national championship.

Tony E said...

Also, I pray Z does not go to the Rangers, that would be the worst move ever.

Mega said...

Kobe MAY be a better scorer than MJ was, however MJ was better at EVERYTHING else.

Thats why MJ is still the best basketball player ever.

I think its hilarious that ND was denied to get into the Rose Bowl. Finally, someone in the BCS is waking up.

I think Zito would be smart if he went to the Mets. He would be pitching against far lesser talent in the NL than if he stayed in the AL, thus his numbers would look much better. Then again, he is going to be making huge cash, so why would he care?

And I think I was maybe 1 out of 3 people (out of about 50 total) yesterday that said, yes SAID, that Cincinnati was going to beat Baltimore. The Curse may apply to Dan Shanoff, but it does not apply to Dan Mega!

Unknown said...

Alright. I just read Scoop Jackson's article where he pretends he's the new NBA ball.


I'm in no position to say whether he's a bojangler or not, like Whitlock said...but damn he's an awful writer. Page 2 has a mix of humorous and serious writers...Scoop just sucks.

There, I feel better.

Mega said...

I agree with cmfost comparing the Wilt game versus the Kobe game. Plus, Wilt had a ton of assists and rebounds that game too, so it was overall domination. Not just guys giving the ball to Kobe, then Kobe driving and dunking every time.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

henry s -

fantastic. you tell him. sometimes those instant history goggles shut out the past, too.

Unknown said...


I think I let people down.

failure to execute that joke was inexuseable.

On MJ...

I think he would've scored more in this era but that he might not be considered the best player of all-time.

Someone said that MJ should obviously be considered for "Best Scorer" but no one mentioned him.

This is because Jordan wasn't on that level when it comes to scoring. He was however easily the best player ever.

Why is that?

It's because there are two sides of the ball. And yes I know the ball is round and there are no sides. I'm talking about offense/defense. Jordan was also the 2nd best defender of his era (The Glove being better).

But Jordan's D was based on what was deffinitly a whole lot of fouling according to today's rules. The guy invented the elbow tap. It was genious and legal cause thenadays it wasn't called.

Nowadays Jordan fouls out of every game if he plays like that.


CMFost said...

Just as a comparision between Wilt's 100 and Kobe's 81 here is each ones box score from the game.

Fg - 28-46
3 Pt - 7-13
FT - 18-20
Reb - 6
Assists - 2
81 out of the team 122 Pts - 72%

Fg - 36-63
FT - 28-32
Reb - 25
Assits - 2
100 out of 169 pts - 59%

Anonymous said...

Sure, MJ is the best ever all-around and he might have even been the best scorer ever if the Knicks and Pistons didn't exist and the rules were a little different - rules he took full advantage of on offense and defense, btw.

But things weren't different, so Wilt is the best scorer ever. On and off the

Does Kobe have the most talent ever? Maybe. It's more competitive than when MJ was in the league. Players are faster, stronger, better coached.

But you can't choose the era you live in.

NA said...


Perhaps it's when Kobe got caught, his first response was to say, "Well, Shaq always gets away with it." Or something to that effect.

CMFost said...

RE: Rutgers to Rose Bowl. LSU has already sold 32,000 tickets. Rutgers wouldn't sell half that.

There will be lots of tickets on ebay is USC loses and Florida makes the NCS game.

Anonymous said...

Just watch an old Bulls game on ESPN Classic. MJ was damn exciting to watch. And, yes, you must be a good defender to be considered the best ever, all-around.

RE: End of season rankings
I'd like to bring up that people are mentioning ridiculously hypothetical situations, and getting mad about them. If OSU loses small and Michigan loses huge, the reason it shakes things up beyond the system's ability to handle it is because it will defy everything we've seen this season if it happens. Any hypothetical that begins with, "If _____ gets blown out," is not worthy of any more than a moment's consideration.

First, let's let the games go down before we start getting angry about things that are exceedingly unlikely to occur.

Anonymous said...

Kobe is a jerk. Who else would shove a Hall of Fame center off of his team? Who else would feud with Phil Jackson? There's no defending Kobe. He's a first ballot Hall of Fame jerk.

I'm not sure there's been a better player with a worse reputation since Ty Cobb. Maybe Derrick Coleman, but he never performed while being a jerk. He never achieved anything to throw it all away.

Kobe is going to end up with, along with LA, at least 2 fewer titles than he could have had. And who would they have picked up if Shaq was still there? Not Glove and Mourning, but probably Ben Wallace, Steve Nash and Boozer. In the hands of Jackson, they might have won a record number of games. Kobe might have been presiding over a historic dynasty, not another lackluster team with one real star.

Of course, this is all speculation, but the Lakers were very nearly impossible to beat in a playoff series with Shaq and Kobe together and with a couple more years to put together role players for Jackson, they could have blown a lot of records away.

If not for Kobe's ego.

Anonymous said...

The "postseason" part of college football is completely mistifying to me. Shouldn't we be concerned with hypotheticals? Isn't the whole system based on hypothetical conjecture? The Big Ten is weak, but OhSt. beat Michigan and beat Texas and Michigan beat Notre Dame and...

Sheldiz said...

eric is a party pooper!

just kidding... is it frustrating that there are literally thousands of possibilities? sure. but that's part of the fun, i guess. consider the alternative.

Anonymous said...

I'm taking Eva on the over. She doesn't play. Apparently, she's getting an NBA player to close the deal. Kudos just for that. And remember when Tony got caught in NY with some chick? Eva went all the way to France to put him in check.

Lindsay Lohan is actually a good actress. Shame...

Kobe is arguably the best player in the league, but he is definitely the biggest a-hole in the NBA. I can't even watch the Lakers anymore. He makes my skin crawl. Yeah, I should probably get some help for my anger issues.

marcomarco said...

Sheldiz said...
have we really gotten through 52 comments of kobe/wilt and no one has made a joke about "scoring" off the court yet?

Sheldiz, It's only a matter of time before someone on this blog asks for your hand in marriage.

Aitch said...

Sheldiz actually looks eerily similar to my ex girlfriend. Just figured I'd point that out. lol

Jon said...

Going back to the Manny-Peavy rumor from the other post....

"Padres GM Kevin Towers on Thursday squelched the rumor that Boston wanted Jake Peavy and Adrian Gonzalez. "They've asked about them in the past," Towers said. "They probably know we wouldn't move them.""

Sheldiz said...

and here i am, sitting here, wondering if i could possibly parlay this site into a marriage proposal....

Jon said...

You mean you didn't go to Villanova just to find a husband??

Sheldiz said...
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Sheldiz said...
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Sheldiz said...

jon -- yeah, i was one of about six girls total that didn't go to villanova for my "M.R.S." :)

Anonymous said...

Party poopers are sexy. Wait, no they aren't. Damn!

Jon said...

Six? That's a pretty high number. I hope you at least didn't have to suffer through the Steve Lappas/John Celestand era.....I still can't believe Celestand has a championship ring.

Sheldiz said...

Only One Season of Lappas... thank god. He looks like a rat.

Kevin said...

Schmidtpalooza? Doesn't work for me...

Jon said...

He was a rat.....and a bad coach.

marcomarco said...

Mat-su-za-ka-palooza works... (say that 10x fast)