Sunday, December 03, 2006

BCS Results: Ohio State vs. Florida

Florida in. Michigan out. There's a few minutes left to analyze it before it's not worth it anymore and we need to move on to looking ahead to the actual games. Thoughts on the choice? The other BCS games? How it will play out?


Anonymous said...

The Gators had the toughest schedule based on win pct. The BCS finally got it right.

Anonymous said...

Really Florida is in so there is no reason to analyze it after a few minutes.... are you freaking kidding me if Michigan would of been chosen you would of been posting about how much of an outrage it was until Jan. 10... you are unfreaking real

Anonymous said...

Well, all of you SEC homers get what you wanted. Now if Florida gets creamed, I don't want to hear anything else about how dominant the SEC is.

SEC #1 v. Big Ten #1, on a neutral field.

Anonymous said...

Well, now the Big Ten gets to prove its dominance I guess. How the hell you can penalize Michigan for not playing the last two weeks is beyond me but so be it. The Big Ten will finish with 3 top 5 teams.

CorrND said...

I think it's a great matchup and also allows a traditional Big 10-Pac 10 Rose Bowl matchup. USC-Michigan will be a great game in its own right.

Personally, I'm very curious to see how ND matches up with LSU.

ryan glasspiegel said...

The fact that Notre Dame gets in over Wisconsin and Auburn is bullshit because they aren't in a conference and therefore can't be affected by the no 3 teams from one conference rule. That rule, with the expansion to 10 BCS teams, needs to be looked at and changed if no playoff will be implemented.

Kevin said...

What the hell is up with this "controversy is good for the sport" talk? Was the steroid controversy good for baseball? The reason it's controversial is because the system sucks, and people want to change it.

Trey (formerly TF) said...

Just like Miami destroyed Ohio State in 2002? And Florida State destroyed Oklahoma in 2000? And like Miami destroyed Alabama in 1992?

You have to give Florida credit they are a good team and have a shot to beat Ohio State.

Joe (Dayton)

LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...
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LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...

I'll take Ohio State by at least 20, probably more. We're talking about a team who has to take their starting QB out of red zone situations.

Matt T said...

I'm laughing at the LSU fans who bought Rose bowl tix before the bowls were announced.

My questions is what happens IF UF and UM both win? Do they split or does UF win out right since they are already #2 in the polls.

There are a lot of good matchups in the other bowls. Looking forward to UGA/VT in the Peach (chick-fil-a, whatever) bowl.

TJ said...

Gators are 4 seconds away from losing at FSU right now... oh well, I guess we're a football school again.

TJ said...

My questions is what happens IF UF and UM both win? Do they split or does UF win out right since they are already #2 in the polls.

I think the UF beat OSU and Michigan lost to OSU argument would carry the day.

Kurt said...

On a College Basketball note:

So Dan how about your Florida Gators now?! Nice loss to mediocre Florida State.

I'm sure you'll use Corey Brewer being out sick as the excuse.

Eat crow fag.

TJ said...

One more thing: we all need to stop saying that the system failed. The system worked, it succeeded, it did exactly what it was designed to do. The problem is that no one actually wants what it's meant to do.

So instead of saying the system failed, say, "Well, it worked again, it made another tough decision in order to accomidate the ridiculous 1 v. 2 nightmare we're stuck in.

The sooner we admit that the reason to blow up the BCS is that it works, the sooner we get rid of the people who defend it by saying "It did what it was designed to do." Yes it did. And that's the problem. With any luck, Florida will be considered the last of the pre-legitimacy national champs.

Go Gators.

Anonymous said...

"All we can do now is sit back and watch Florida lose by 3 touchdowns then have everyone say "Oops... the BCS screwed up again."

- Actually I think people will then say Ohio St. obviously deserves to be the Champs!!!

Trey (formerly TF) said...


I am a UF alum and lifelong Gator fan. I don't care what Dan thinks, I care what I think.

That basketball game sucked, without Brewer and Noah playing limited minutes because of a respitory infection really hurt in the end. That being said this team needs to suck it up and play like they are capable of playing. Tonight they walked out there with the arrogance of being a National Champion. While they did make a comeback from 15 down in the last 5 mins it wasn't enough. No excuses, this team needs to forget last season and play their game. Not the crap I saw tonight.

Joe (Dayton)

LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...

At least we have one sane columnist. Gene Wojciechowski

"I know Florida's Urban Meyer doesn't want to see a rematch, but he's not exactly an impartial observer, is he? And if Meyer were in Carr's Nikes, I guarantee you his objections to a second Ohio State-Michigan game would have disappeared."

Josh said...

I just don't get why you people who don't like Shanoff keep reading him and posting here.

Trey (formerly TF) said...


Sorry I don't bet on my own team. I also won't deny that I believe on paper Ohio State is the better team. However, don't underestimate the Gator defense.

Christian Thoma said...

I think y'all are missing Dan's point. He's not saying don't discuss the matchups, he's saying that the debate between UF and UM is moot now.

And really, he has a point. We've done about 500 posts on it over the last couple days.

And that's a nice segue into ...

Christian Thoma said...

Predictions on EVERY Bowl Game (winner in Bold):
Dec. 20 Poinsettia Bowl: TCU vs Northern Illinois
Horned Frogs versus Garrett Wolfe. I'm going with the Frogs.

Dec. 21 Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs Oregon
That Oklahoma game karma is still stomping on the Ducks

Dec. 22 New Orleans Bowl: Rice vs Troy
I'd be a hypocrite if after all my grandstanding about the bowls and school size if I didn't support Rice.

Dec. 23 USF vs East Carolina
Tough one, because as a general rule I support all of the non-Triangle Carolina schools. But the Bulls are tough to pick against based on how I've seen them play. So while my heart is with the Pirates, I gotta go with South Florida.

Dec. 23 Armed Forces: Utah vs Tulsa
No real interest in this game, but I'll go with the Utes.

Dec. 23 New Mexico: San Jose State vs New Mexico
Unless I have a vested interest, I usually pick against the team the bowl is named after.

Dec. 24 Hawaii: Arizona State vs Hawaii
See above

Dec. 26 Motor City: Middle Tennessee St vs Central Michigan
Go gotta with surprise school in this one

Dec. 27 Emerald: UCLA vs Florida State
This is a typo, right? These schools can't possibly be playing this early, right? I'm going with the Bruins, because the Noles have been lousier this season.

Dec. 28 Independence: Alabama vs Oklahoma State
I also like to pick teams who have fired their coaches.

Dec. 28 Holiday: Texas A&M vs Cal
I watched part of the Cal-Stanford game. Love this game, though.

Dec. 28 Texas: Rutgers vs Kansas State
You may have noticed over the course of the season that I support Rutgers

Dec. 29 Music City: Kentucky vs Clemson
Still bitter that Clemson came back against Wake Forest.

Dec. 29 Sun: Oregon State vs Missouri
Oregon State is the only team to beat Hawaii in Hawaii this season. And you might have heard they beat USC.

Dec. 29 Liberty: South Carolina vs Houston
Oh I'm Proud to Be an American, where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me
And I'll gladly stand up! next to you and defend her still today
'Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land ... God Bless the USA

Dec. 29 Insight: Texas Tech vs Minnesota
Don't bet on this game. I can see the Gophers either winning by 20 or losing by 30, depending on which team shows up. Since the expected result is losing by 10, I choose the Red Raiders.

Dec. 29 Champs Sports: Purdue vs Maryland
Maryland is a mediocre team that benefited from some lucky breaks and easy scheduling. Purdue is slightly less mediocre.

Dec. 30 Meineke: Navy vs Boston College
BC Sucks! BC Sucks! BC Sucks!

Dec. 30 Alamo: Texas vs Iowa
How the heck Iowa qualified for a bowl this year is beyond me.

Dec. 30 Chick-fil-A: Virginia Tech vs Georgia
Go with consistency. Am I the only one upset that this game isn't being played on a Sunday?

Dec. 31 MPC Computers: Miami vs Nevada
See Independence Bowl

Jan. 6 International: Cincinnati vs Western Michigan
Jan. 7 GMAC: Southern Miss vs Ohio
Why are these games after New Year's? Do they honestly think they're more likely to get people to care?

BCS/New Year's

Jan. 1 Cotton: Nebraska vs Auburn
I totally see Auburn choking in this one.

Jan. 1 Outback: Penn State vs Tennessee
PoSU is a team that knows exactly where it belong this season; they beat teams worse than them and lose to teams better than them. Tennessee is worse than them.
And I think it's ridiculous Outback doesn't open for lunch. Who's with me?!?

Jan. 1 Capital One: Wisconsin vs Arkansas
This game will have 400+ yards rushing. Wisconsin is fortunate to get the ball last.

Jan. 1 Gator: West Virginia vs Georgia Tech
Nothing like going back to the site of a recent heart-wrenching defeat to
play another big game, huh?

Jan. 1 Rose: Michigan vs USC
See above. Also, Michigan is going to be pissed about being snubbed.

Jan. 1 Fiesta: Oklahoma vs Boise State
See my diatribe in the other thread about coaching making up the talent gap. While BSU's coach seems for all intents and purposes to be an excellent coach, I don't think he's better than Bob Stoops.
However, if Adrian Peterson plays, all bets are off because then the Sooners would no longer have the Ewing Effect going for them.

Jan. 2 Orange: Wake Forest vs Louisville
Wake Forest is like those Martial Artists that use your strength against you. I have the feeling Louisville is going to outgain Wake Forest by a 2-1 margin and still lose by 10. Go Demon Deacons!

Jan. 3 Sugar: LSU vs Notre Dame
The genius loses in another big game.

Jan. 8 National Championship: Ohio State vs Florida
OSU is not only a complete team, it's a well-coached team. That's why comparisons between it and Coker's UM team that lost to tOSU are not valid.

TJ said...

When UF gives OSU a hell of a game, it'll be the best argument for a playoff yet. It'll show that not even 13 games of regular season can do the impossible job of whittling 119 teams down to the obviously worthy 2. I guess I'm just biased, but I'm 100% positive the Gators can play with any team in the country. But I guess having UF labeled the huge underdog will work well for motivation.

Christian Thoma said...

Only two teams from a conference can get in.

We know the rule, we just think it sucks.

Anonymous said...

no other sport can generate this much controversy and garner the ability to have debates that last forever.

Somebody please explain this "logic" to me. You know a controversial way to determine the best team in the country? Have all the AP guys vote on the hottest cheerleaders. Then you can have all the controversy & debate in the world.

Who fucking cares about controversy and debates? That somehow makes the BC$ okay? The point is to determine the best team, and the ONLY way to do that is to decide it on the field.

College football is a complete joke until they institute a playoff.

Christian Thoma said...

For those of us who love the Poll Map:

OSU 73%
UF 27%

Kentucky is off by 1%! I'm heartbroken.

SEC States are the only ones in support of UF, although SC and AK have defected to OSU support.

Funniest part of the poll: 93% of Michigan residents think OSU is going to win. But only 92% of Ohio residents think so.

Christian Thoma said...

College football is a complete joke until they institute a playoff.

Some of us love jokes.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it in this final post: if Florida loses by more than three points, then Michigan should have made it in. If they lose by less than three points, or, gasp, win, then damn it, Florida deserved to be there.

Unfortunately for Florida, I think the game is already over. You've got a complete team against a team that can't keep up on offense.

And, if Florida loses by more than 14 points, the SEC never gets to utter the phrase "tough conference" AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

Hey just noticed something.

Michigan-USC: one team, many feel got screwed out of the National Championship. Other team can legitimize the BCS and its Championship game with a win.

2007 Rose Bowl? Nope, 2004 Rose Bowl.

So I'll just cite history and say 28-14, Michigan.

Christian Thoma said...

And, if Florida loses by more than 14 points, the SEC never gets to utter the phrase "tough conference" AGAIN!

Let's be fair. Just because #1 in one conference beats #1 in another doesn't mean the entire conference is better. Or do you think the Eastern Conference was better than the Western Conference in the NBA last year?

What it does do it put a lie to the whole "we beat each other up" argument that so many have argued. SEC is playing for the championship, it's time for them to put up or shut up.

Christopher G said...

Michigan was not penalized for being idle since November 18th. Think about it: if USC beat Notre Dame and Florida won the SEC championship game on that same weekend, they both would have went ahead of Michigan right then and there.

Christian Thoma said...

College football is a complete joke until they institute a playoff.

Some of us love jokes.

And some of us love to have a true national champ.

Meh. I can do without. And since the University Presidents agree with me, I take comfort in knowing I'm not railing against the unassailable.

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying, chrth, is that Florida thinks they are better than they looked this year because they played in a tough conference. Well, if they play OSU the way they looked in, like, four of their last six games--and I am counting their I-AA "game" as a game--the validity of that statement will have been disproven.

(What I'm really saying, though, is that I've heard that phrase about one thousand times too many and just want to see it disappear)

Anonymous said...

oh, and just to make things clear, I am not saying that Florida losing means that they have a weak conference, just that the whole point is overblown.

ryan glasspiegel said...

it doesnt matter if notre dame wins or not it doesnt mean that they truly deserved to be there given the rest of the season...

Christian Thoma said...

Why playoffs suck, by Me

I watched two games this weekend in which an underdog team shocked a team that is considered one of the best in the country.

Now USC has to come back to the same spot its national title hopes fell apart upon in a month. How's that for bittersweet?

Indy? Well, they'll still go to the playoffs. Heck, they might even win the Super Bowl. And three weeks from now no one will care that the Titans beat them on a 60-yard field goal.

And people wonder why I oppose a College Football playoff? What more evidence do you need?

Anonymous said...

Every time someone vouches against a playoff, using empirical reasoning, my heart smiles.

//everytime someone vouches for a playoff using glib cliches, my heart cringes.

Christian Thoma said...

@eric: Uh, I hope I was the former. (You'll note I didn't use the "every week is a playoff" line. I'm as tired as that as I am the "Jesus is the reason for the season" line)

Anonymous said...

You read me correctly--your example was not only legitimate, it was original!

Also, you mentioned a good (meaning bad) cliche. Another one I like is:

"Let them decide it on the field."=="Don't let them decide it on the field in the regular season."

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching figure skating on New Year's. At least that's a sport where there honest about their subjectivity. "Nobody wants to see a rematch". Seriously? That passes for logic now?

Liam said...

I just heard on ESPN that some voters actually voted the Gators 5th!! I wonder who did that. I'm sure it's posted somewhere out there.

The heroin sheik said...

I guess it depends on where you live with outback. I know the one closest to my place in winter park is open for lunch but there are abunch of businesses right near there. However the one by my buddies house in st pete doesn't oopen til 4. Maybe it depends on whether or not it is a corporate store or a franchise.

As for the bowl games I am really psyched about some of them. I really can't wait to see boise state play oklahoma as well as the traditional rose bowl matchup. The sugar bowl should be a lsu romp. I have no opinion on the orange bowl as I have only seen louisville play one game and havent watched wake all year. My buddies wife is a wake alum and he went to a few games with her and he says they are for real so I might watch to see how good they are but could care less who wins. As for the title game I think it will be close. Most likely coming down to a field goal which is shitty if you are a gator fan. My dad thinks we should hypnotize hetland into thinking that jan 8th is his bday so that he might make his kicks. Of course my dad is convinced they will figur eout how to reinstate marcus thomas for the big game. Another thing I was amazed at was the fact that 8 SEC teams made bowls with only the mississippi teams and vandy not getting in that has to be some kind of record right? Does anyone knwo the most teams one conference has put into bowl in one year.

Josh said...

Yes, where can we find the coaches votes? And the AP votes?


TJ said...

If any voters actually voted the Gators 5th, that's bad. But it's still not as bad as voting them #1. The only way I could maybe excuse that one Harris Poll voter is if he is a blind devotee and worshipper of the Colley Matrix computer. And even then...

Mo Johnson said...

Ohio State v. Florida: The BCS Got it Right!

Much of the country is in the midst of the first real cold snap of the season. But you’d never know it from the hot air coming out of Michigan. Lots of upset people blowing a lot of steam over nothing.

The final computer and human rankings were thrown into the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) cauldron and low and behold a live Gator was pulled out. By the way, it was the human voters who saved the day because the BCS computers had the Gators and Wolverines dead even.

I don’t know what the computers were thinking, but anyone who saw Florida come from behind to beat Arkansas 38-28 Saturday night to win the SEC Championship knows what I’m talking about. What a thrilling game? Florida showed its tremendous team speed, talent, and ability to make big plays when it needed to. Talk about going for it? How about that 4th and 10 fake punt -- from its own 15 yard line while trailing in the 3rd quarter? That takes guts! That was the play that earned the Gators a trip to the National Championship game to face the Buckeyes on January 8th in Glendale, Arizona.

Florida is a conference champion with a 12-1 record. Michigan is the runner-up in its conference with an 11-1 record. It’s difficult to understand how anyone could possibly think a second place team (with one less victory) should go to the National Championship game over all the other conference champions.

And we are not talking about a dominating conference in the Big-10. I mean, nothing against the Big 10, it’s a fine conference. But it is clearly no SEC. Just take a gander at the BCS final top 20. 5 teams from the SEC; 3 from the Big-10. How about bowl bids? SEC – 9 bowl bids (most of any conference). Big-10 – 7 bowl bids.

How about non-conference schedule? The SEC was an amazing 41-7 versus non-conference opponents in 2006. This .854 winning percentage blows away any other conference. (Check out for more information on SEC football). So, Florida is the Champion of the toughest conference in the nation.

Florida had the toughest schedule in the nation (opponents winning percentage of .643). The gators had 4 quality wins over Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, and Arkansas. Michigan only had 2 quality wins – Notre Dame and Wisconsin.

How boring it would have been to see Ohio State and Michigan for a second time this season (104th time overall). Instead we have two great conference champions from different regions of the country. Florida and Ohio State will be playing against each other for the first time in history. I can hardly wait.

Certainly the BCS system is flawed. College football needs a playoff. No doubt. With the current system there are always more than two teams at the end of the year that can make a strong case they should be in the National Championship game. Someone always feels jilted.

But, if you have to pick only two teams to play for the National Championship – this year those teams have to be Ohio State and Florida. The only thing I don’t understand is why there is even a controversy. It would have been a disgrace to pick Michigan over Florida. So, at least for this year, the BCS got it right. It was easy choice.

Mo Johnson, a long-time SEC sports fan, is the author of this article. He is publisher of

Unknown said...

Doomsday Circumstances

Florida beats Ohio State by 1
Michigan beats USC by 20
Boise State beats Oklahoma with Adrian Peterson by 20

Profiles after bowl games:

Florida (13-1)
Wins: at (#13)Tennesse by 1, (#9)LSU by 13, (#8)Arkansas by 10, (#1) Ohio State by 1
Loss: at (#11)Auburn by 10

Michigan (12-1)
Wins: at (#2)Notre Dame by 26, Wisconsin by 14, (#5)USC by 20
Loss: at (#1)Ohio State by 3

Ohio State (12-1)
Wins: at (#2)Texas by 17, (#24)Penn State by 22, at (#13)Iowa by 21, (#2)Michigan by 3
Loss: (#2)Florida by 1

Boise State (13-0)
Wins: Oregon State by 28, Hawai'i by 7, (#8)Oklahoma by 20
Losses: NONE, and thats the main thing

So, look at those situations. There's a clear national champion here? Where? I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of a playoff system is a joke. At first I thought it would be a good idea, but thinking more about it, how would it make things better? There still would be controversy who would get in (and all those mid-major teams would more than likely get shut out). And even then, you're stretching out the college season by making those teams play 2, possibly 4 more games. Shouldn't college distinguish itself from the NFL?

I would stop watching every Saturday, because everyone would know that they can wait until the playoffs come around (as long as your team is ranked high enough to begin with & plays well). That's why I normally don't watch the NFL unless it's a big matchup (Indy vs. New England, etc.) And I would hate it if I had to lose that Saturday tradition of College Gameday the mania week in and week out simply because I lost interest in the regular season.

Besides, the bowls make HUGE amounts of profit and the hype surrounding big matchups (maybe not this year, but 2006 USC/Texas, 2004 LSU/OK, 2003 MIA/OSU, 1999 TENN/FSU) make up for the controversy. Without the BCS, we wouldn't have seen the 2 most exciting games in recent CF history (MIA/OSU and USC/TEX). Stop complaining, because you will all be glued to the TV watching these games (almost) every year.

Who did Florida play in the Championship game in basketball? I honestly can't remember. I don't want that to happen to this sport.

Christian Thoma said...

I don’t know what the computers were thinking

Uh ...

Anonymous said...

I'll have some kind of comment later this morning with the Pre-Bowl CFB Ladder Rankings. After I get to work and actually input this weekend's games. I'll be posting both a Top 25, and the full 119-team rankings.

Anonymous said...

Good god, the spelling on this comment thread is atrocious.

Natsfan74 said...

If someone can honestly tell me that the 4 best basketball teams in the NCAA at the end of last year were Florida, UCLA, LSU, and George Mason -- then I will believe a playoff is the right thing to do.

Until then, I think that the BCS does a better job than any other sport at putting the two best teams (albeit sometimes a controversial pair) against eachother for the national championship.

On a side note -- did anyone notice that the AP article yesterday when the poll came out immediately mentioned the three SEC teams in the top 10, but didn't say anything about 3 Big 10 teams in the top 6?

Natsfan74 said...

On a side note -- I love the ACC/ Big 10 Challenge in basketball and am glad to see one in Bowl Season:
OSU vs. Florida
PSU vs. Tennessee
Wisconsin vs. Arkansas
ND* vs. LSU

When the Big 10* (plus one, plus one) goes 3-1 in these games, will the SEC finally shut up about how tough they are?

Christian Thoma said...

On a side note -- did anyone notice that the AP article yesterday when the poll came out immediately mentioned the three SEC teams in the top 10, but didn't say anything about 3 Big 10 teams in the top 6?

Or that the ACC has the same number of ranked teams as the SEC does?

Big D said...

I'm not surfing throught 90 comments this morning, so if this point has already been made, I apologize...

What happens if Florida/Oklahoma/Louisville and Michigan all win their bowl games, and we have SIX 1-loss teams? Obviously, Florida is the de facto champion for winning the NC game, but there would be one hell of an argument...

Christian Thoma said...

What happens if Florida/Oklahoma/Louisville and Michigan all win their bowl games, and we have SIX 1-loss teams? Obviously, Florida is the de facto champion for winning the NC game, but there would be one hell of an argument...

Since Florida beat the team that beat Michigan, you have to put Florida > Michigan.

Since Boise State would have no claim whatsoever with one loss, they go last. Florida > Michigan > Boise State.

Michigan beat Wisconsin, so you can't move them past. Florida > Michigan > Wisconsin > Boise State.

Ohio State lost to Florida, so it'd be tough to put them over Florida, but you can't drop them below Michigan either. Florida > Ohio State > Michigan > Wisconsin > Boise State.

Louisville is the wild card. Their hurt, though, by the fact that they'd have beaten the lowest ranked team in their bowl. I doubt they'd go above even Wisconsin. Florida > Ohio State > Michigan > Wisconsin > Louisville > Boise State.

While someone could attempt to argue for a different result, the fact that Florida > Ohio State > Michigan > Wisconsin can be determined simply from head-to-head means that there wouldn't be much of a debate.

Big D said...

@ chrth:

"Dec. 30 Meineke: Navy vs Boston College
BC Sucks! BC Sucks! BC Sucks!"

Aw... sounds like somebody went to BU... :)

Christian Thoma said...

All you big10 guys are probably right, OSU will beat UF, but if it was michigan, wouldn't you all be predicting OSU to win?

Yes, except for the Michigan fans. Your points about the game are valid, but they'll ignore that just to focus on "3 point loss as a visitor" as a claim to having a chance. Any other Big Ten fan knows that Carr will be even more outmatched once Tressel has a month to prepare for him.

Christian Thoma said...

Aw... sounds like somebody went to BU... :)

Yep. Although to be honest, I always thought it was pretty lame. Except for Hockey, BC doesn't care that BU exists. It's like Venezuela trying to annoy the US. Maybe it makes Chavez feel all big to act like that, but at some point you have to realize they just don't care.

The one negative about living down Tobacco Road way is that I can't wear my Boston University hockey jersey any more. Since all it says is "Boston", I didn't want anyone to think I was a Boston College fan. The infamy!

CMFost said...

Anyone who is saying the OSU is going to blow out florida has not watch Florida play this season. Do not be surprised when this is a close down to the wire game. OSU is a good team but they are not head and shoulders above everyone else. If the line on this game is higher then 7 points take the Points and Florida and watch the cash roll in.

Oh and for all you Notre Dame fans thank the BCS for having a stupid rule that no conference can have more then 3 teams in the BCS otherwise there is no way you would be in the Sugar Bowl. Even though they did you no favor by making you play a LSU basically at home.

Big D said...
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Christian Thoma said...

Anyone who is saying the OSU is going to blow out florida has not watch Florida play this season.

I've watched Florida in 4 games this season, including 3 of their final 4. And yet I'm still saying OSU is going to blow them out.

In fact, it's because I've seen them in those games that I'm saying it. Maybe if I hadn't watched them I'd be more willing to believe Florida can keep it close.

jhawkjjm said...

sheik- Big 12 put 8 teams in, and a ninth was eligble at 6-6 but didn't get invited.

I love ND, I have family who went there, but they are in trouble against LSU. Too much speed against their weak defense and ND's lack of a running game will kill them. LSU by a couple of TDs.

Mich-USC.. USC rolls as Michigan says "screw this BcS"

Lousiville rolls Wake.

OU beats Boise St in a good game.

OSU loses on a phantom pass interference call in the end zone... ok that's not going to happen but I think it would be beautiful karma.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rutgers. Really. If Michiganders can claim a 3 point loss makes them equivalent, how does losing in triple overtime in Morgantown and getting ranked 5 points down strike you?

Way to reward a potential new college football market, NCAA.

Christian Thoma said...

If Michiganders can claim a 3 point loss makes them equivalent, how does losing in triple overtime in Morgantown and getting ranked 5 points down strike you?

Keep in mind that I support Rutgers, but remember, WVU was playing with their backup QB (Brown, instead of White. Is their third string named Blonde?). If it had been Slaton and White that Rutgers took to 3-OT, I'd be more willing to support your argument.

Christopher G said...

It would have been great to see Michigan lose not once, but twice to Ohio State in one season. Going to Rose Bowl may have kept Lloyd Carr's hot-seat a bit cooler for now.