Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday 01/26 A.M. Quickie:
Gilbert Arenas' Version of "The Surge"

It's pretty rare to have any intrigue in All-Star voting. (Rory Fitzpatrick was an exception, but that was a gimmick.)

That's what makes Gilbert Arenas' selection as a starter for the East in the NBA All-Star Game – surging ahead of Vince Carter at the last moment – so amazing.

Arenas' final surge was nothing short of jaw-dropping spectacular: Arenas was more than 200,000 votes behind as recently as TWO WEEKS AGO. He finished 3,000 votes ahead. I've never heard of that kind of swing in the NBA – and maybe All-Star voting in any sport. (Maybe MLB?)

Next, it is the official coronation that Agent Zero* has arrived as a top-tier NBA star. It's been unofficial all season: First came the love from the bloggers. Next came the various crazy don't-call-them-quirks that humanized Gil in a way that no other NBA star was. Then came the scoring binges. Then the surprising success of his first signature shoe. And, now, the validation of the masses: A starting spot in the All-Star Game. (And not just any All-Star Game, but the greatest All-Star Game in the history of sports, if only because it's in Las Vegas.)

Meanwhile, there's a second angle that makes this even better: He displaced Vince Carter, who long had a lock on the All-Star starting spot, simply off of one dunk contest a long time ago. Since then, he has steadily lost cred among fans, but maintained a mysterious populist grip on that All-Star starting spot. But even VC couldn't stop the ultimate populist NBA hero: Agent Zero.

Oh, and as Gil himself pointed out: Thanks to the Sixers for trading the leading vote-getter among guards in the East, Allen Iverson. That moved everyone else up a spot and allowed Arenas the chance to pass Carter.

(Want merely the latest reason that fans love Arenas? On his blog, he was referencing the mission he's on to score a ton on the USA Basketball coaches who snubbed him last summer. Mike D'Antoni joked earlier this week that he'd hate to see what Arenas would do against Coach K and Duke. And so Arenas said on his blog he'd score "84 or 85" against Duke. I would pay a minimum of $1,000 to watch that on pay-per-view. We're quickly getting to the point where there has never been a player in NBA history as uniquely entertaining – combining on-court and off-court performance – as Arenas.)

(* - Please, mainstream media, start crediting the Wizznutzz for that nickname)

More NBA All-Star: Nice to see Chris Bosh join Arenas with the regulars Shaq, LeBron and Wade in the East starting lineup. The West is the same-old-same-old: Yao, KG, Duncan, Kobe, T-Mac. The only drama was whether AI would displace T-Mac. He didn't. That's a shame. (Who should replace Yao as the starting center in the West? My vote: Amare.)

Aussie Open: You're either a Serena man or a Maria man. (But I absolutely don't want to shut out the women readers: You're either a Serena woman or a Maria woman.) And I'd like to know which.

College Hoops: Duke edges Clemson...barely. It took a layup at the buzzer, but the bigger story was the way that Duke blew a 5-point lead with 13 seconds to go, necessitating the need for the buzzer-beating bail-out. (Oh, wait: Go figure -- Duke basically cheated their way to the W, using a friendly clock-operator to steal the win. Via Deadspin and Fanhouse.)

NBA Last Night: Hey, look: The Clippers are back at .500 after Cat Mobley's 3 beat the buzzer to beat the Nets.

NFL: The Garrett-Watch. I am not sure why, but I'm fascinated by the Cowboys-Garrett situation. At the very least, he's the offensive coordinator, but I think it's fairly obvious Jerry Jones wants to elevate him to head coach as soon as possible. What kind of head coach would sign with his successor literally standing next to him?

MLB: The Red Sox will finally sign JD Drew. His place next season on the DL is inevitable.

Salisbury Scandal: Let's Wrap It Up. With the week ending, the Salisbury stake-out is almost over. When USA Today's crack sports media team finally gets to a story, you know that story has long since lost its sizzle

But not before USA Today's Sports Media Apologist Michael Hiestand can weigh in by ripping bloggers while offering Sean a virtually unfiltered platform to protest, which he continues to do (and, by the way, Sean has the absolute right to do).

Let me focus on Hiestand's coverage: Wouldn't balanced journalism – even for a columnist – maintain that it would be worth finding someone with the other point of view to weigh in? I'm just asking.

Because everyone who has listened to the tape agrees Sean said "Jew" (and certainly didn't say "chew"), and that all Sean had to do is plausibly admit that it was a verbal flub with no intent to harm.

Then again, Hiestand has ESPN talent on his speed-dial, but I've never seen him quote a blogger. No, that would offer a wee too much legitimacy for a medium that must scare the hell out of him.

After all, the best, most timely, most insightful sports media criticism is coming from bloggers, not from newspapers.

Wow, that last rant could signal this could be a feisty Firday...

-- D.S.


RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Dan...your blog is great and I enjoy reading it, but I have to say 1 thing about All-Star voting.

Yes, I agree the fans should be able to choose the all-stars, but I also think the coaches and other players should have a saying in the starters also (ala NFL). This year is just another example on why the all-star voting can be a joke. Shaq has played FIVE games. I love the guy, but come on! I know the east has a lack of centers, but this is embarrassing. It reminds me of those years that Grant Hill didn't play a single game and yet he was still voted as a starter. In baseball it's the same way...remember that year that Nomar was hurt and was the leading vote getter? Or when Mike Schmidt RETIRED and was still voted the starter? I think there needs to be standards set for all-star's, ie: minimum 35 games played, minimum 20ppg (or if you excel in defense/rebounding like Ben Wallace), etc. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Vince Carter is a phony and a hack, and I'm glad he's not on the starting team. We're finally getting to a point in the NBA where flashy dunks and selfish play aren't unfairly rewarded. That said, personality counts for a lot (obviously) ... but I never thought Vince ever really had any.


Want to win: Serena
Love more: Maria

Unknown said...

The minute bloggers are acknowledged by the mainstream..they'll become mainstream. then boring and passe. Fans will look for the next new avenue.

Jared said...

You respect Arenas for what he said about Duke? What a douche... Duke is A COLLEGE TEAM! Who gives a shit what you can do against them. How insecure can you get, that you're bragging about running it up against a college team? As a Cavs/Duke fan, I'm glad to say my teams have owned Arenas when it matters (playoffs, 2001 NCAA finals).

Anonymous said...

Arenas was great on PTI on Wed. "Hibachi!"

He's got the jordanesque skill of taking any slight as motivation and destroying people.

I've been saying this the past 3 years but the NBA is on its way back. There are a lot of great players, but now there are great TEAMS which is more fun to watch.

jhawkjjm said...

NBA All-Star game is a joke, don't waste time even talking about it. For fan's its nothing but a popularity contest, regardless of what sport it is.

Arenas calling out a college team because he wants revenge on the coach for cutting him? Absolutely weak. I'm gald he's off the USA team because listening to him talk its pretty clear he's not a team player, and that's what USA basketball needs. I hope some of the Trailblazer pull out some old Pistons tapes and smack Arenas' ass around the first time he drives in the lane on them. Here's to him blowing out his knee...jackass.

Ftrain said...

Re:Duke's Bigger Story

Wha!! A young team had trouble closing a game. Why I've never heard of that happening in any sport

Anonymous said...

I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to see the Dookies get some friendly time-keeping at the end of the game. The refs conveniently put on just enough time for that play to work.

Money well spent, Coach K.

Big D said...

First things first, Maria. Serena looks like she could probably body slam me, which is no small feat.

Now, about the All-Star balloting. It's funny to look at the contrast between the NBA and NFL All-Star games. In the NBA, many players feel slighted when they are "snubbed", and try to use it as motivation. In the NFL, most pf the top tier talents skip the game, but still collect their Pro Bowl Bonuses.

Personally, I think most All-Star games are ridiculous. The NHL game is a non-contact game? What the hell is that? The NBA game usually ends up 165-163, with most players using it as a personal slam dunk competetion. The Pro Bowl is a complete joke - 2/3 of the players haven't been in a game in a month, but now they're expected to play their hardest (and risk injury) while other players simply show up and enjoy the Hawaii weather from the sidelines...

At least MLB attached something of significance to their game, stupid as it may be. I can't even get worked up over the whole "Shaq only played 5 games but he's an All-Star Starter" argument. It's almost expected at this point.

Big D said...

Oh wait - I actually had a point with that little rant. Hang on a sec...

Um.... oh yeah, "the contrast between the NBA & NFL".

The NBA is the biggest "Me First" league in pro sports. Blows the NFL and their prima dona wide receivers out of the water.

It's probably because it's the smallest team size, with the fewest players on the field/court/rink of play at one time, where one player can absolutely take over a game and dominate.

Anonymous said...

jhawkjjm & crumbbum, are you guys serious? If you are, I feel sorry for the people that have to deal with your lack of a sense of humor on a regular basis.

Gil Arenas's attitude towards superstardom is incredible. I wish there were more athletes like him in professional sports and less like, say, anyone from the Cincinnati Bengals. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

Love Arenas. Hate Carter, hasn't deserved the All-Star vote in years. Arenas is a great player, and most importantly, fun to watch. I agree that the NBA is on its way back; all it's missing is a great rivalry. (Basketball is the perfect sport for rivalries. Peyton and Brady? Never on the field at the same time. Bird and Magic, now THAT was a rivalry.)

I'm too distracted by Federer to care about Maria and Serena.

Mega said...

We're quickly getting to the point where there has never been a player in NBA history as uniquely entertaining – combining on-court and off-court performance – as Arenas.)

Now this is just flat out incorrect. Dennis Rodman was more entertaining off the court than Arenas could dream of being!

Plus that name..."Gilbert" sounds'm at a loss of words here.

Mega said...

That bold statement above shoulda been in quotes, my bad.

mattie said...

Arenas is fun and it'll be good to see him in the ASG, certainly more fun than watching Vince Carter. I don't know if he's the most uniquely entertaining guy in the history of the game or anything, but I guess that's just the instant history shtick talking?

And as far as ASG voting in general goes, I'm with Simmons...who the hell cares? Let the fans pick who they want to see play and don't bother getting wrapped up in who's "deserving" of the "honor." Except *maybe* in baseball, where there was once a competitive tradition, I think that's what ASGs are for anyway.

I'm a Serena woman. If Dan can shamelessly root for Jewish basketball players, I feel fine rooting for black female tennis players. ;) I like Maria a lot though, should be quite a match.

On Salisbury, ITA with Dan. Just say it was a slip of the toungue and be done with it instead of classically protesting too much. This story would have been dead within five minutes if he and ESPN had just done that. I'm in the camp that think that "Jew" was part of the "nickel and dime" reference, but also think if he'd just handled it right, no one would have cared and we all never even would have heard about it. Whatever. If he can get away with other, much worse offenses (and works for the same corporation that isn't worrying about Isiah Washington) then it's truly a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Dan, please give up on the whole Salisbury thing, no one really cares about it. It's quite apparent that no one cares when no one is commenting on it (I realize I'm commenting on it so I'm defeating my own purpose). It wasn't that big of a deal, it'll all be forgotten by next week so why are you still trying to talk about it?

oasiserfede said...

Everyone should remember to bring their earplugs for Maria-Serena. It's gonna be a loud one....

Jared said...

I have a sense of humor, i just didn't find Arenas funny at all. He's bragging that he could beat a college team... congrats buddy. I could be the Babe Ruth of little league, but that doesn't count for shit. It's a stupid, arrogant comment. If it was funny or witty I could appreciate it, but he just runs his mouth without any thought.

Dear Gilbert,

Shut the fuck up, shoot better than 40%, pass the ball.


Anonymous said...

Because I'm not a fan of backne and 'roid abuse, I'm not and have never been a Maria fan. Here's hoping Serena humiliates her and makes her reconsider tennis entirely.

Here's Maria, in all her artificially pumped up glory.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

@ ma4tt and thehip04:

i don't speak for dan...but i think he DOES care about it b/c it's a possible slur toward jewish people. dan IS jewish. once again...i don't speak for dan or any jewish person for that matter.

what if salsbury said "he niggard them." not the same as using the nasty "n" word...but it could be viewed the same way. either way, racial slurs are not right! PERIOD.

Natsfan74 said...

Gilbert Arenas is great for the game. Don't take his rants seriously, because he doesn't. I think it is hilarious that he responded to the joke about Duke with his own take on the matter. Besides, do you think he wouldn't score 85 if he took every shot and used his team-mates like bumper pool to pass to, set screens, and get the ball back and such?

On the all-star game, if fans can vote for a no-talent ass clown like Rory to start and expect that to be considered fascinating, then fans can vote for Shaq to start because they want to see him in a line-up with Lebron and Agent 0 and D-Wade.

On media, bloggers will never overcome main stream meadia for a couple reasons. First and foremost is access. How many bloggers get to interview Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman in the next 2 weeks? The bloggers do a great job of providing spin/ analysis on stories we learned about through MSM. Dan -- were you at the BCS Championship Game or the Final 4, or do you talk about them from your tv clips and report what other MSM people say? The second reason bloggers will never beat MSM is time. Most bloggers also have other careers. That will keep them from having the time to dedicate to 24/7 sports, including the travel requirements to see things live and meet with the people who are the stories.

One interesting thing in DC (other than Arenas) is that the Caps are providing press-passes to sports bloggers. This is one way to overcome the access issue, but I don't see it happening on any grand scale any time soon. How many bloggers would apply for press credentials to the Final 4 if they could? The place would be packed with just bloggers....

Finally -- I think the run Gonzales has made to get to the finals in Australia is very impressive. He beat Australian Native and hometown favorite Hewitt, then the US favorite Blake, then #2 player in the world Nadal. His run is spectacular. Good for him and I look forward to seeing him play (i.e., lose to) Roger.

But I think Serena beats Maria. Serena is playing great tennis with a chip in her shoulder. But we'll see.

Unknown said...

maybe its me..but um...i see no backne on Maria there, R.A.
Steroids? seriously?

lol if one of the two would be under steroids suspicions, it would be Serena. She could body slam big D!

Anonymous said...

Dan- about SS and the comments- ok we all understand about the verbal flub by now but what about the story that he took pics of his junk and sent them around to the female staffers at the WWL? Where is that story in the mainstream media?????

Anonymous said...

Go Serena!

Barkley was/is HUUUUUGELY entertaining. Come on! Best all-time, any and every sport, worldwide. I'm sure Babe Ruth would have surpassed him if there was television, but that's why you can't compare eras.

I'm giving Arenas a pass on the silly "vengeance" talk because MJ took it so seriously for years, and somehow everyone took him seriously.

You shouldn't take All-Star games seriously, either. They're not one-year Hall of Fame inductions. So what if Shaq played only 5 games? Shaq is the reason a lot of people payed hundreds for tickets.

Favorite All-Star moment, any sport: Randy Johnson staring down John Kruk, and Kruk nearly running out of the batter's box with every 100 mile per hour fastball. That was awesome, and 9 times more memorable than any part of any of their games.

Anonymous said...


First, stop posting in all caps.

Second, T-Mac gets a lot of residual votes from the enormous Asian population that votes in Yao Ming. We should consider ourselves lucky that the entire Rockets starting lineup will not be starting the All-Star game.

Finally, it is a traveshamockery that Nash will not be starting in the All-Star game, or any other Suns player for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Whats the over/under on # of arrests of NBA players or their entourage during the All-Star weekend?

I say 4.

Anonymous said...

eric wrote:

"What is this "Aussie Open" and who are "Maria" and "Serena?" Sounds like a soft core porn movie title."

If you watch the match it WILL sound like soft core porn with all the grunting and moaning.

I've never liked the Williams sisters, but I also never liked Agassi until he dumped Brooke, cut off the embarrasingly thinning long hair and won the US Open as an unseeded player. Serena coming back from injury(or not caring?) and winning as an unseeded player would be an accomplishment...but I'm still rooting for Maria

On Arenas: I hate the NBA...hate isn't strong enough, loathe is better. I loathe the NBA, yet find Arenas intriguing. Plus, I've always liked when an athlete feels slighted and takes out revenge. He could just as easily shrugged his shoulders, collected his millions and enjoy his summers off. Even bigger plus...anyone that makes Coach K look like a moron is ok with me.

jhawkjjm said...

mwp... of course I wouldn't want more Bengals running around. But if someone with the initials of TO said he wanted to go back to college to score 6 TDs against xxxx then everyone would be blasting him.

How is this any different?

He can start talking and calling out teams when he can make a free throw in a clutch situation in the playoffs.

Tortfeasor said...

How come Salisbury's camera phone penis pics never hit the mainstream?

dawg gone round the world said...

Well, I 've got two things to comment on, both NASCAR related, and since I was in meetings for 13 hours yesterday, never got to chime in.

Toyota coming to NASCAR is absolutely nothing like the Yank's just showing up in baseball. They will have to have pretty much the same chassis and body design as the American cars. Their engines will likely blow frequently in the first year, as it isn't like the formula 1 cars, where they may have some experience. It takes time to learn how to build a NASCAR engine. Just ask the guys who have been doing it for 20 years.

The thing is Hendricks might actually build the engines that will be in the Toyota cars, as he builds a LOT of the engines in NASCAR, which means Toyotas will be running American engines till they get their know-how. So, unless they get a very good driver, and a lot of luck, they aren't going to be that dominant. Pit crews are extremely important, and working together for a long while is crucial to fast pit stops. That is another area where Toyota's team will struggle early.

The other HUGE NASCAR story you haven't touched on that I've seen is Dale Jr. possibly leaving DEI's team due to his fued with his step-mom. That would be the biggest story of the NASCAR year by FAR, well above Toyota, if that were to happen.

In a twist I've heard from some NASCAR circles, including the WWL(ugh, NASCAR Now? sheesh), is that as Toyota will have a HUGE budget for this, they may make a play for Junior to be their driver, which would then be one of the biggest stories in NASCAR history.

Unknown said...

why the hell would you want to see Salisbury's junk!?

Sheldiz said...

I'd like to see Serena win, i think. I think its going to be a great match, either way.

And it is going to be so loud! It may be a "watch it on mute" kind of sporting event for me. Maria drives me crazy with the grunting. And its not like i'm going to be missing any hard hitting commentary...

In NBA news... i really wish i could get more into the NBA, but i believe that ship has sailed for me.

Big D said...

@ ricks:

"Whats the over/under on # of arrests of NBA players or their entourage during the All-Star weekend?"

The better question is, how many illegitimate children will we see born sometime around September?

Unknown said...

Dan, I'm surprised you didn't mention the Oregon loss under your Parity Watch.

Anonymous said...

Isnt the Maria-Serena match sort of like Beauty and The Beast. And I know I always like to go with the Beaauty.

Anonymous said...

Can BC get Gilbert Arenas to play for them on Sunday at Dook? I mean, it's okay for Dook to cheat, right?

Unknown said...


For anyone who didn't see it, Clemson was down 5 with 13 secs left. They went for the quick 2. They were down 3 with 5 secs left. Duke threw away the inbounds pass and Clemson drained a 3. Tie game. After the play, the clock said 1.8 secs. They looked it over. When the ball went through the net it said 4.4 secs. That's what they put on the clock. Duke put up the winning layup after going full court with .1 secs to win.

The refs, strangely enough, did the right thing. Their job is to see when the ball went through and put that much time on the clock. Clearly the play didn't take .6 secs though. That was the clock guy's fault. It really took 2.6 secs and the clock should've been 2.4 not 4.4 secs. Unfortunetly if the clock does not start ontime, the ref has no obligation or authority to take time off. This happend last year in a Wiz-Bobcats game where the Bobcats made a buzzerbeater on a less than 1 sec inbound where the shot was off before the red light, but the clock didn't start on-time.

On another note....

If you didn't know the whole story, Gilbert's Duke comment was a joke response to a joke by Mike D'Antoni after he had been asked about Gilbert scoring 54 on his team and saying he was going to get the Blazers.

My NBA All-Stars:
East Starters:
G Gilbert Arenas
G Dwayne Wade
C Shaq
F LeBron James
F Chris Bosh
East 2nd team:*
G Michael Redd
G Vince Carter
C Dwight Howard
F Jermaine O'Neal
F Paul Pierce
East Random 3 spots:
Caron Butler
Joe Johnson
Jason Kidd (eventhough that disturbs me)

West Starters:
G Steve Nash
G Kobe Bryant
C Amare Stoudemire
F Dirk Nowitzki
F Kevin Garnett
West 2nd Team:*
G Allen Iverson
G Tracy McGrady
C Marcus Camby
F Tim Duncan
F Carmelo Anthony
West Random 3 Spots:
Ray Allen
Chris Paul
Shawn Marion

*-NBA Rules state that the All-Star team must consist of at least 4 gaurds, 4 forwards, and 2 centers, essentially saying that there must be a full 2nd 5 and that you can't pick 8 random guys.

Jen said...

solomonrex~ and what about Larry Walker putting his batting helmet on backwards when he went to bat against Johnson? That was great!

sheldiz~ I'm with you on the NBA...I check to see what the Cavs are doing and that's about it. Basketball is boring to me, unless it's March Madness and I have a kick ass bracket!

Big D said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Big D said...

Well, this makes me feel better...

Dean Blandino, a replay official in the booth this past Sunday, confirms that the Pass Interference in the End Zone penalty on Ellis Hobbs in the AFC Title game was, in fact, the wrong call.

I'm working on a link for this, but I suddenly have the urge to puke.

Big D said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Big D said...

Found the link (You might have to search the rumor mill for it - posted at 11:44AM)

Play happened on 2nd and 7. Would have been 3rd and 7, instead of 1st and goal at the 1.

Nice work, NFL officiating.

Chaddogg said...


I agree completely. How Salisbury's phrase can be conflated into anything resembling the Michael Richards/Isiah Washington/Mel Gibson tirades is absurd. The word "Jew" is just randomly (and obviously accidentally) thrown into a sentence WITH NO DERROGATORY CONTEXT at all! I mean, seriously, how does this even get one post?

Look, I'm a big believer in calling out people for making ignorant generalizations about race/ethnicity/sexual preference or using slurs, but this Salisbury thing is where the politically correct crowd start looking ridiculous. Dan, use your blog to go after real racial/ethnic discrimination (like those kids in Texas and their offensive MLK Day party, or the NCAA's horrible record in educating and graduating the African-American athletes that are making them billions) instead of a made-up story like this Salisbury one.

Sheldiz said...

re: front page right now -- i'm over kevin durant.

just sayin'.

Unknown said...


Apparently, he (don't ask) went on a cable access show in Chicago in the middle of the season called "Psychobabble" hosted by a guy who I think is Asian-American, and goes by "Chong" on his show (eventhough that isn't his real name).

the dialogue went something like this...
Chong: If you guys go to the Super Bowl, I'd sell my Harley to go.
Harris: You don't need to sell it, I would give you tickets.
Chong: You're serious? I have you on tape here!
Harris: (looks straight into camera) If we go to the Super Bowl, he's going.

Apparently, the guy came to the stadium to get his tickets and nobody would talk to him. Now, Harris' agent says that it is ridiculous for the guy to think Harris would keep that promise when he has 40 family members asking for tickets but currently only has 15 tickets.

I say he has to give the dude the tickets, or better yet the cash that tickets would be worth so the guy can buy his own ticket and he doesn't have to sit with 14 people from Chris Harris' family who want to kill him for taking up the seat.


Unknown said...

Sorry for the Double Post but I forgot something...

The added angle is that Harris either meant it, in which case he's a moron or serious, or didn't mean it, in which case he's a jerk or didn't believe in his team.

So Harris...
A. Is a moron
B. Has to give him the tickets
C. Is a jerk
D. Didn't believe in his team

Those aren't good choices.

Beetle said...

"We're quickly getting to the point where there has never been a player in NBA history as uniquely entertaining – combining on-court and off-court performance – as Arenas."

Umm...Sir Charles anyone?

Anonymous said...

Hey Daddy Rosee why are you such an ass sometimes?

Mega said...

The real question is- how many points could Arenas score versus the 85 Bears?

Anonymous said...

Daddy Rosee - i am still trying to figure out how we agreed on something but sometimes strange things happen.

As for the call I do not think anyone was really complaining about it more like stating some factual data that came out after the fact.

Big D said...

@ daddy:

I freely admit that, given the opportunity (both finacially and professionally) I'd leave this God-forsaken, frozen solid, democrat loving state and bolt for the West Coast (Or Vegas... close enough).

As for the "whining" by the Pats' fan... Hey, I've waited six days to make any comment at all about that game (in fairness, I was catatonic for the first five). But since the refs just confirmed what I was screaming in the Sportsbook in Vegas on Sunday - that Face Guarding is no longer a penalty in the NFL - I thought I'd share.

I was fully prepared to log on to my blog later tonight and write up a nice little puff piece about being over the Colts, being able to actually be happy that Peyton is getting a shot at a ring, and all that. But to have the NFL tell me now that they blew a call that directly led to the Colts getting four more points than they probably should have (TD rather than the 40ish-yard field goal... hmmm - didn't they win by four?), it stings a little.

I wish the NFL just kept their "mistakes" to themselves - unless they're going to replay the game from that exact point on, it does no good to tell the fans that there was a bad call - can't change it now, just move on.

Damn, now I'm all typed out.

Big D said...

@ daddy:

I've never been accused of being on the cutting edge of fashion...

As for the "Pats couldn't stop the Colts by then," well, maybe they couldn't. But the Colts couldn't stop the Pats, either.

Keep in mind, the Colts' final score was with 1:00 left on the clock. If that "penalty" never happens, Indy burns 40 seconds just getting to the line for the next play, not to mention close to another 40 if they attempt a field goal.

If they convert a first down, and are still held to a field goal, even more time is wasted.

And finally, if they eventually do score the touchdown, there's probably three to five fewer minutes on the clock.

The play (2nd and 7) began with 4:12 in the third quarter at the NE 19. On the very next play, from the 1 yard line, Manning hit Klecko on the tackle eligible for the touchdown, followed by the ridiculous 2pt conversion.

Less than 3 minutes later, the Patriots hasd already scored again, putting the score back to 28-21. Just imagine if it's 28-21 with 10 minutes to go in the 4th instead of 1:30 left in the third.

Just changes the whole dynamic of the game. I'm just sayin', is all...

Big D said...

And after all this, I kind of wish I hadn't brought this up at all. Now I'm going to be pissed off all weekend, and most of next week.

You know what, screw it - I'm done talking about this.

Um... so... how 'bout Curt Schilling for US Senate in '08?

Natsfan74 said...

Didn't see UFC last night, but it is a great sport. My friends here have great parties for the big fights on ppv.

Schilling in '08? Won't he still be pitching then? Guess he'll have to retire after this season. I like it!

If the PI is not called in the end zone, it does change the tone of the game. Maybe the Colts still score a TD. Maybe they get a FG. Either way, they probably burn more time in the process, unless they score on the very next play.

But, with 4:30 +/- left in the game, the Colts had a 3 and out and punted back to the Patriots. If there is 2:00 left at that point, they would have gone for it on 4th down. Maybe being in 4 down territory then, they pick it up and keep driving.

Maybe Peyton's head explodes at the end of the quarter. Who knows what would have happened next.

Bottom line is that the Patriots had the ball with 3:30 to play to hold the lead and got a STUPID penalty (without that, it's 1st and 10 instead of 3rd and 4) and then couldn't convert the 1st down. Then, with 2:00 to play, they couldn't stop the Colts O from going 80 yards.

Could Bill win Governor of Mass?

Big D said...

There are a few sports-type who could probably win Governor of Massachusetts right now, today, without even mounting much of a campaign:

Schilling (By the way - he is retiring after this season. Or so he claims. His contract is up, at least)

Brady - no brainer
Belichick - ditto

Bob Kraft - we've already got a raging drunk for a Senator, why not Governor too?

Theo Epstein - but only if they paid him enough and gave him "full control" - i.e. No State Senate or Judicial commitees to "override" his decision to trade the Elementary School Breakfast program for two crime bills to be named later.

Mo Lewis - OK, that's just cruel.

Not sure what that says about my state, but I'm sure it's not good.

Anonymous said...

Big D - No Matter how popular Schilling thinks he is, he would have absolutely no chance against Kerry in '08. The article in the Herald is such fraud it is not funny. The fact that he got 92% of the VOTE on an WRKO Poll does not mean it is real. Let us remember who the listeners of WRKO tend to be, All Repuglicans that is it which is a major minority in this state.

Aitch said...

@Big D, the call was wrong, but I don't think it is the reason we lost the game. I've read your and everyone else's points. I hear what you're saying about if they had held Indy to a FG in that situation they wouldn't have gotten the four extra points that proved to be the margin of victory. But on the flip side, if Reche holds on to that ball when he was uncovered, the Pats likely get a TD there instead of field goal. There's your 4 points. In another instance, if the refs had called the mugging of Reche in the end zone, the pats would have likely scored a TD instead of a FG. There's your 4 points again. So those points could have been made up at least once, if not twice. But the most important fact, as previously stated is that when the Pat's got the ball with 3 minutes and change, they took a dumb penalty, then couldn't convert a 3rd and 4. They convert that play, the game is likely over. They also mismanaged the timeouts at the end. I understand trying to save them for when you were closer to the end zone, but after 3 straight completions, you needed to regroup. Call th TO and get a better play together instead of rushing to the line and throwing the pick. So my long winded point is, that one call against the Pats, right or wrong, did not solely cost them the game.

@ Smitty, Marco, Am I gonna see you guys at L.A.'s tomorrow?

Aitch said...

I wouldn't pass up free booze either bro. lol

Unknown said... move away from a Blue'd want to move to the West Coast?

Good plan.


Could always move to Georgia