Monday, January 22, 2007

Quickie Jinx Reversed!!!
Revisiting My Preseason SBXLI Pick

In an unprecedented result, I predicted this Super Bowl matchup in the preseason. A reader reminded me: Back on August 30 in the Quickie, I predicted Super Bowl XLI would be between...

The Colts and the Bears!

I re-affirmed it in this blog post on September 7. Ohmygod. Does this mean that the much-maligned Quickie Jinx has been reversed?! Best. Prediction. Ever.

I couldn't resist posting this now and not saving it for later this week, yet it is highly likely I will continue to refer to this, oh, for the next two weeks ever. -- D.S.


RevScottDeMangeMD said... or not...I wish I could go to Bill Simmons' house and lick his tears. What a douchebag. I love it!

Mega said...

Look at the Bill "Boo Hoo" Simmons article on Page 2 today! He does just about everything to claim that the Pats lost and the Colts really didn't win!

"Bogus roughing the passer penalty" he says. Whats bogus on making the CORRECT call when Manning takes a shot to the helmet after he gets rid of the ball? Bogus my ass Simmons, and Pats fans are one to talk about bogus calls.

Boo-hoo! New England has lost and America has won! Go Bears!

Mikepcfl said...

I am anything but a Colts' fan (since I openly called for Manning to be decapitated by the Ravens), but the roughing penalty was not bogus. I actually thought there were a couple head slaps earlier in the game that could have been called against the Pats, but werent. Yeah, the slap wasnt that hard, but it's the rule (sort of like the "tuck" rule).

Unknown said...

I'm not sure about the Roughing the Passer but the Pick Play with Troy Brown call was insane. Sports Guy is right, that hasn't been called this century.

And the no PI on the Caldwell play in the endzone was a little past ridiculous.

Still, the Pats D lost the game, not the refs. The refs helped. The Colts helped. If I were to blame the loss on people it would be.

1. Pats D
2. Colts O
3. Refs
4. Caldwell
5. Colts D

marcomarco said...


credit for the Bears-Colts pick, but you should include all of the errant ones too. Throw some crap on the wall, a pile or two will stick!

Nick Saban COY is my favorite.

NFC Division Picks:
E: Giants; N: Bears;
S: Panthers; W: Seahawks;
WC: Vikings (N), Cards (W)
NFC Champs: Bears d. Panthers

AFC Division Picks:
E: Pats; N: Steelers;
S: Colts; W: Broncos;
WC: Bengals (S), Dolphins (E)
AFC Champs: Colts d. Pats

SB XLI: Colts d. Bears

MVP: Tom Brady
Rookie: Vernon Davis
Coach: Nick Saban

Mikepcfl said...

Speaking of Caldwell, what was he on? I have never seen eyes like that. They should have tested him right there for some kind of substance.

NA said...

Did anyone see this yet?

What is wrong with this team?

Just in case you can't read it:
Bengals cornerback Johnathan Joseph was arrested early Monday and charged with possession of marijuana, the ninth Cincinnati player arrested in the last nine months.

Seriously, 9 in 9 months... That's fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Gotta give DS props for this one - he has predicted roughly 100 incorrect things but this one is pretty good work.

I agree with the idea that most people were picking Panthers/Dolphins so to get both participants is a pretty damn fine job. So congrats DS I just wish it hadn't happened.

Unknown said...

Actually, I remember the pick being called a few times in the last couple of years.

The thing is...Brown was just too obvious about it. I'm a football official for high school (yeah, not big time..but same mindset) and the last thing an official wants to do is throw a flag and alter a game. But when it's obvious and in front of's really damn hard to not throw the flag.

Good job on the prediction Dan.
I thought Bengals v Seahawks would have been it.

Anonymous said...

Gee if the the Bengals put as much focus on there on field work as they do on there off field activities they would probably be Super Bowl Champions.

Looks for Cinncinati to win the Jail Championship Game.

Anonymous said...

good job on the prediction DS!!!
I predict AFC in the Pro-Bowl!

Anonymous said...

I predict Belichick gives the ball to LdT every play to try and kill him for his comments. Either that or LdT pulls out of the Pro Bowl.

TJ said...

Speaking of Caldwell, what was he on? I have never seen eyes like that.

Have you seen his younger brother Andre, the receiver for the Gators? Also has huge eyes. But Reche's are bigger, which is kind of hard to imagine until you actually see it.

Anonymous said...

That is impressive Dan, but the important thing is: did you put your money where your mouth is?

Unknown said...

I just read that Quickie.

Damn you Dan! For reminding me that the Reds were in contention for awhile. Ugh

Anonymous said...

Let's give DS HUGE props for not picking the Dolphins. Stupidest idea of the year, and BS was smart to point that out at the time, too.

Did anyone else think that O-linemen should get a penalty for trying to take out Freeney's knees?

Unknown said...

it was a legal block. So no.

Anonymous said...

rafael, I know it's legal. But something should be changed so that D-linemen don't fear for their livelihoods on every play. I'm not whining about the Patriots specifically, and it would arguably benefit them more than anyone. All the D-linemen have been complaining about this, legitimately I think.

The ESPNmag article about Albert Haynesworth (couple weeks ago, the stomping guy) was a real eye-opener. I know the scrimmage has always been a wild west area of the rules, but as the guys get bigger and bigger, the risks are growing.

Mega said...

nooch- I'm pretty sure that "America's Team" (a title given to the Cowboys by the media that blows the team) was far more hated than this generation's Patriots.

Unknown said...

He not only picked Colts-Bears but Colts over Pats in AFC conf. championship. That is pretty good. I'm impressed.

I am still not over the Pats-Colts game. For non-SuperBowl NFL playoff games, where does that game rank? I have to put it at #1. Biggest comeback, back and forth 4th qtr. Undecided until the Brady interception at the end.

But what really made it the game it was, was the history. The Manning-Brady angle. The Pats dominance over the Colts in the playoffs. Could Dungy beat Bellichick? That was one great game and the reason why I watch and love sports.

Now watching St. Johns beat my Syracuse Orange at MSG this weekend is the reason why sports are so infuriating.