Tuesday, January 23, 2007

OK, Now THIS Is Awesome:
Take That, P. King and B. Simmons!

Well, this just about made my year. I *knew* there was a reason I always liked the fine group at FanIQ. Peter King? Bill Simmons? Scouts, Inc? Bah! Know-nothings and posers!*

What? You've never heard of FanIQ? You don't visit regularly? You're not a member? You're crazy: This is one of the best concepts for a sports Web site I've ever seen. It's taking the "Wisdom of Crowds" stuff that I always raved about in the Quickie (and feel even more strongly about now as a part of the, ah, "Underground") and bringing it to the masses of sports fans.

I'm not raving simply because they recognized my once-in-a-lifetime genius -- a year from now, when they've gotten huge and been acquired for zillions by ESPN or Time Warner or CBS or Yahoo or Google, you'll say you were part of it way back when. Now: Behold the glory! -- D.S.

(* - Everyone knows I'm just having a little fun here, right?)


BLUE said...

shanoff is an "expert"?

mrmom61 said...

I hope you get the last pick right. Go Blue.

Anonymous said...

isnt another name for collective wisdom of fans..."mob rules?"

Gerard L. Callan said...
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Gerard L. Callan said...

read 'the wisdom of crowds' by james surowiecki ... i think you all may understand what Dan meant.

excellent read.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, "The Wisdom of Crowds" that votes for 453 Congresspeople on one day and then spends the next few hundred days calling them crooks and liars?

Gerard L. Callan said...

solo - i understand your disdain but i guess, ( and this is just a guess ) that the majority of political complainers are normally either

A -- 'partisan' and complaining about the 'other' party.


B -- those who didnt vote in the first place and just like to complain.

just a guess though

Anonymous said...

Wait, how is Simmons an expert? He picked his hometown team, as he usually does.