Saturday, February 10, 2007

Saturday 02/10 A.M. Quickie:
Obama-Arenas '08! LeBron vs. Wade! More!

How is Barack Obama like Gilbert Arenas? The answer came yesterday. Click here (or scroll down) to read the post that everyone is talking about.

LeBron's Cavs top Wade's Heat
: Yeah, but Dwyane still holds the edge in rings.

Dwight Howard had the 2nd sickest finish to an NBA game this year. (The first was David Lee's tip-in with 0.1 left on the clock.)

Carmelo named an All-Star: I imagine that David Stern's policy was less "forgive and forget" than "It will look really bad for me if I don't do this."

Josh Howard an All-Star, too: Yet another exhibit that the draft-rankings process is an inexact science.

Celtics fans must have breathed a sigh of relief that the team could bring back Paul Pierce, yet still continue on its losing march to Oden/Durant.

Wisco gives CFB coach Bret Bielema a 5-year extension: He earned it solely off of his brilliant use-the-new-clock-rules-to-run-out-the-clock kicking strategy.

NASCAR Toyota Watch: Making its debut in the Bud Shootout.

Pro Bowl preview? Nah... zzz...


The heroin sheik said...

I was wondering when the Pro-Bowl became irrelevant. I know back when I was younger I always watched the game with my dad. I even remember the last one I watched was the 93 game because I was in CO and it was the only thing on the public tv at the lodge I was staying in. Now I don't even want to watch the game if only to get three and a half hours to myself. Are the rest of y'all similar or did you just never like the game in the first place. Maybe they need to change the format and include some alternative things like how the nba has the 3point and dunk contest and the rookie game. Maybe they should have a game where every player has to have a felony arrest on his record. They could have a kicking contest where defensive players get 15 yards away and have two seconds to get to the kicker and block the kick most fg's wins and you go back 5 yrds each round. I wish they would bring back the national champ versus the nfl game. Obviously I am too young to have ever seen any of them but the stories I heard from my grandfather made it seem that it wasn't as one sided as it might be now. I still think that a college team might have some success against certain nfl teams for one reason. Teams that win the natl champ. are typically well coached with premier athletes who most likely will go on to play on sunday. The worst teams in the nfl typically have lesser nfl talent and shoddy coaching and personnel decisions. I think it would level the playing field significantly and this in turn could give a college team a shot to win. Im not saying they are going to win every game but they do have a shot to pull off the upset once in a while.

Kurt said...

Bleh, I'm still not sold on Florida. Kentucky makes some free throws or 3 pointers and they win. I'm not worried, Florida will get whats comin to them in the tourney.

Kevin said...

Geez...if Florida closes out games like that, they won't be repeating any time soon...