Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Ads: Final Analysis
"You" Trump the Experts, Again

Super Bowl Ads: Final Analysis. There were very few (if any) "wow" ads. Bud Light had a few funny ones (not unexpected). Coke went all-out on the animation on that take-off on "Grand Theft Auto." There were some clever, if not laugh-out-loud, individual moments.

But here was the breakthrough:

The "You" Factor.

First, Doritos' two ads created by users
both made my Top 10. The first (car accident) was was a Top 5 ad, and the second one (check-out line) included the most subversively risque line of the night. (So much for the pricey fees usually paid to ad agency "creatives.")

Second, YouTube meets the Super Bowl: USA Today's "AdMeter" might get first dibs this Monday morning, but I predict it will be displaced by YouTube's effort to let anyone watch -- and rank -- all the ads. It'll be a much more authentic (even accurate) result. Here's the link.

In both cases, we continue to see the erosion of traditional "expertise," displaced by the power of user-generated content, collaboration and critical analysis... and that's not just a powerful thing, but a great thing.

-- D.S.


FreKy J said...

I have to give some love to the "Connectile Dysfunction" commercial. That was a really good play on the old ED commercials.

Anonymous said...

What's up with people paying 2.6 million to play an ad they've been playing all year. Wouldn't you only buy time if you had a fresh new ad? For example, Dan one of your faves, the Coke ad has been playing for weeks. This is like the 30th time I've seen it so it loses all the "wow" factor for me. I just think it's dumb to waste money on ads you've been running for a fraction of the price for months.