Sunday, March 18, 2007

NCAA Tournament Round 2 Day 2 Live-Comment

UPDATE: Well, sort of on the "dramatic," but not nearly as much as Saturday. Nevermind that I was basically eating the couch cushion for 38 of Florida's 40 minutes against Purdue. More of the same: Favorites continuing to roll.

UNLV over Wisconsin was an upset in name only; some of us foresaw Wisco going out in this round (yet some of us also foresaw Georgia Tech bouncing them, so go figure...).

Also, I have decided that 5-over-4 games in the Second Round (see: Tennessee over UVA) are the equivalent of 9-over-8 in the First Round; it's just hard to get too worked up that it's an upset, except...

USC over Texas! Given the OVERLOAD of hype for Kevin Durant and UT heading into this tournament, his exit in the first weekend is extremely notable (and not just because it busts any bracket that had the Longhorns, say, beating UNC and advancing to the Elite Eight. D'oh!) And to get worked over as badly as they did? The Longhorns are the Dud of the Tournament. I don't care how young they are: If Rick Barnes can't win with this much talent, he can't win, period.

Complete Sweet 16 coverage coming Monday morning. My bracket is pretty broken right now, but here's food for thought: If you used the "National Bracket" to make your picks, you'd be beating 90 percent of all individual brackets out there.

ORIGINAL POST: We can only hope that today's games match yesterday's for dramatic finishes -- with maybe one or two upsets thrown in for good measure. (If everyone -- um, me -- doubted UVA and they advance to the Sweet 16, does that count as an "upset?")


Unknown said...

Tennessee-UVA was one worth watching until the end! Wow. Also, even though Florida losing would make me set my bracket on fire, I can't help but root for Purdue!

Unknown said...

Where are the upsets. OT games and last second shots are nice but if the favorite always wins, it makes for a boring tournament.

Then again, maybe having all the top seeds still alive will make for a more exciting Sweet 16 and Elite 8

Jayhawk 4 Life said...

Better games today so far...

TJ said...


Upsets are fun for the first few rounds, but in the absence of a true Cinderella like George Mason, having top seeds duke it out makes for a better final 3-4 rounds. Think back to all those great late-round games from the '05 tourney.

So really, close games and buzzer beaters that send the top seeds on to the regionals is really the best of both worlds.

Johnny b said...

So because of Dan I tend to avoid watching any Florida games because they drive me crazy and today was the first time I've watched them all season

Does Noah always clap like an idiot every single time somebody fouls him and how is that not taunting

Kevin said...

Why did Florida have to get stuck in such a crappy bracket? Being the compulsive contrarian that I am, I had to pick against I took Wisconsin over Maryland to go to the final four. I was doing so well after the first round - 27/32 - but now I'm going to start slowly sliding back to the middle of the pack, unless all hell breaks loose again with the brackets...

The heroin sheik said...

The one thing I noticed about the gators today was how much faster they seem to be than Purdue. I never noticed how fast they really were. Of course maybe it is just that the big 10 plays a slower brand of basketball.

The SEC is really looking strong in this tournament. We might even get four in the sweet 16. Strong in football, strong in bball. Most dominant conference ever?

Not that anyone cares but Scott Kazmir threw six scoreless innings for the d-rays today. If only we could get another starter and a decent closer we might be ok.

Pakistan's cricket coach died. My dad said he was heartbroken over losing to Ireland who really suck at cricket.

TJ said...

Oh God, please no "SEC speed" arguments.

@jonathan: pretty much yeah, he tends to clap like that when a call goes UF's way. I've never seen that sort of thing called taunting. In fact, i cant think of what would constitute taunting in NCAA BBall--a lot more than clapping, I think.

Big D said...

And my annual bracket implosion begins...

Wisco to the Final Four. Oops. The first game I miss in the MidWest region, and I lose my Final Four representative. Figures.

At least I can take solace in the fact that Flodia looked awful human for about 35 minutes, meaning Butler has a legit shot at up-ending them next week.

That would be nice.

Mega said...

I'll have to search for the quote, but I seem to remember natsfan calling SIU extremely overrated. They're now in the Sweet 16. Overrate this!

pv845 said...

@ Johnathan
Yea, Noah is pretty much an overrated whiner. I doubt they would give him a T for taunting, but you would think that his coach would say something. Of course, I am waiting for the swipes at someone on the sidelines in the NCAA for him as well.

Jayhawk 4 Life said...

Wow...If Rick Barnes doesn't get the ball in Durant's hands every single possession from here on out, they shouldn't even let him on the team bus before giving him his pink slip...This is killing me!

TJ said...

Wow... Texas in the final four? What was I thinking? I blame Bill Simmons...

The Big Picture said...

it's already shocking to see texas getting rolled, but my USC!

didn't think the trojans had it in them. revenge form the rose bowl two years ago i guess.

pv845 said...

It would be worth me not having a single pick correct if Billy Packer and Jim Nantz could be banned from calling games ever again.

Tortfeasor said...

This is the live comment you promised? Weak.

Accounting Ph.D. said...

Texas suuuuuuucks! go Trojans!

(of course, we are dead against UNC)

divisadero said...

Food for thought from Bruins Nation:

ACC: (1) 7 teams ->(2) 5 teams --> (3-Sweet 16) 1 team

Big 10: (1) 6 teams -- (2) 5 teams -- (3-Sweet 16) 1 team

Big 12: (1) 4 teams -- (2) 3 teams -- (3-Sweet 16) 2 teams

Big East: (1) 6 teams -- (2) 3 teams -- (3-Sweet 16) 2 teams

Pac-10: (1) 6 teams -- (2) 4 teams -- (3-Sweet 16) 3 teams

SEC: (1) 5 teams -- (2) 4 teams -- (3-Sweet 16) 3 teams

Etc. (Sweet-16): Horizon (1), MWC (1), MVC (1), C-USA (1)

Conference Performance (by % of teams remaining from 1st round to the Sweet 16, then by number of teams in the Sweet 16):

SEC 3/5 (%60)
PAC-10 3/6 (%50)
Big 12 2/4 (%50)
Big East 2/6 (%33)
Big 10 1/6 (%16.67)
ACC 1/7 (%14.29)

Percent of teams from the total conference that are in the Sweet Sixteen:

Pac-10: 3/10 - 30%
SEC - 3/12 - 25%
Big 12 - 2/12 - 16.67%
Big East - 2/16 - 12.5%
Big 10 - 1/11 - 9.09%
ACC - 1/12 - 8.33%

PB at BON said...


Dan, there's no one more frustrated than me right now - believe me - but it's not fair to toss Barnes under the bus like that.

As much -talent- as there was in Austin this year, this was the youngest team I've ever seen with lofty expectations. Even Carmelo's relatively young team had important senior contributors. Texas has four freshman and a sophomore. Blaming Rick for everything isn't fair. The guy's track record is outstanding.

If Kevin for some reason decides to return and Texas flames out NEXT year. . . well, then he'll have no excuse. But this year, I think we all got carried away. Texas lost for lots of reasons today - including Barnes - but jumping from "Rick is flawed" to "Rick will never win" isn't instructive.

Daddy Rosee said...

Barnes got his team to the Final Four in 2003, so actually he can win.