Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday 03/20 A.M. Quickie:
There Are No Cinderellas Here

I spent yesterday affirming that, indeed, there are no Cinderellas in this year's Sweet 16.

7-seed UNLV? Not with that Top 10 RPI. 6-seed Vandy? I have a hard time with a 6-seed who finished second in a high-major conference being thought of as a "Cinderella." How about "name" Cinderellas like Butler or Southern Illinois? It's an offense to the concept of "Cinderella" that we would even CONSIDER that a 4- or 5-seed could be a Cinderella.

It's like a statistical correction from last year's run by George Mason. The Tournament has a way of evening itself out, and this year's result only shows how vital Cinderellas are to the process.

All-Tournament (So Far): Meanwhile, I quickly came to some conclusions about my All-Tournament Team from the First Weekend: Acie Law, Derrick Byars, Tyler Hansbrough, Al Horford, Julian Wright.

NFL: Joey Porter faces battery charge after cutting Bengals OT Levi Jones. Two points here: (1) Yet another embarrassing off-field incident for the NFL; (2) Finally, a Bengals player is on the OTHER side of an arrest.

More NFL Blotter: Police are investigating a rape report from the home of Patrick Kerney, who just signed a free-agent deal with the Seahawks. Kerney has not been named as a suspect. (Well... yet.)

NBA: Dirk says he gets nerves. "I think everybody who says they don't get tense, they're lying." Yes, but they don't TALK about it.

Meanwhile, don't look now, but the Hawks are only 4 games out of the playoffs in the East. Every game they win is putting more distance between the Suns and that Hawks' Lottery pick that PHX owns.

NAIA Tournament: Four OTs later, Concordia (CA) KO'ed top-seeded Robert Morris in the semis. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if a game like that happened in the D1 Final Four?

Women's Tournament: Upset City! 13-seed Marist knocks out 5-seed Middle Tennessee to become only the third 13-seed ever to make it to the Women's Sweet 16. (2-seed Stanford was upset, too, by Florida State.)

NIT: I guess it WAS a good idea to put Syracuse in the NIT. The Orange's Carrier Dome win last night in the quarterfinals was the largest NIT crowd ever.

(More: Kansas State was eliminated by DePaul. Their consolation prize is that between the arrival of Durant-like freshman Michael Beasley and the return of Bill Walker from injury, the Wildcats are one day closer to making the NCAA Tournament, not the NIT, next year.)

MLB Notes: David Wells has diabetes. Does that really surprise you?... Ken Griffey moves to RF. That will seem kind of strange actually... Dontrelle Willis (my favorite pitcher -- and perhaps player -- in baseball) will be the Marlins' Opening Day starter. Again: Does that really surprise you?

Varsity Dad: Gilbert Arenas joins the club! ("Daddy Zero?") His new baby boy already has a nickname, and it might not surprise you to learn Gilbert had endorsement deals in mind. Here's the post.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Cinderellas can be unexpected teams too, I think.

Ohio State in 1999 was a 4-seed...but cmon..Ohio State?! It was shocking that that team would be any good, let alone for them to reach the FF. But it was a one-time deal.
In those terms, I'd be alright with considering Vanderbilt as the Cindy of the tournament.

Unknown said...

Checked out TrueHoop on ESPN. I think the WWL is editing the comments. Seems like a lot of posts are missing...or the guys who usually comment to true hoop are normally disjointed like that.

The heroin sheik said...

Rafael it was like the gators in 1994. Sure they were a 3 seed and made it to the final four but I remember being at a party watching the UCONN game(greatest college bball game I have ever seen) and no one gave the gators a chance to win. The press down in tampa was treating the gators as a cinderella mostly because of their lack of a bball tradition. Like I said yesterday I feel the only requirement to be a cinderella is to have no one give you a shot in hell of winning.

God I can't wait for baseball to start. Best part is I will being the season living in orlando so I will be able to check out a few d-rays games before moving to chicago this summer and having a chance to visit all the stadiums in the midwest I have always wanted to go to. Do I start with wrigley or do I take the train up to milwaukee. I think I would rather watch the sausage race over a game at the friendly confines. Of course the house I am trying to buy is in wrigleyville so I figure im going to have to become an adopted cubs fan. I am used to suffering as I am a bucs, lightning, and d-rays fan.

justin said...

FWIW I thought I read the rape at Kearny's house happened to a family memeber of Kearny and he was being described as a victim. Of course that could be completely wrong, details are pretty sketchy.

Unknown said...

Griffey in right field. Junior is my all-time favorite player. If this will help prolong his career, then I'm all for it.

Though the experts that say he was somehow subpar in center field most of his career... I dunno...were they watching the games?!

Big D said...

No mention of the TrueHoop ESPN soft launch (via DeadSpin)? Wow...

Also, how about the person atop the national Tourney Challenge leaderboard only missing one game so far... and it cost them a Final Four team...(Wash St.)

I agree, there's no Cinderella to root for this year. Butler/So Ill are as close as it gets, but is it hard to get behind a "little guy" that was considered a top 20 team, or a UNLV team that, even as a 7-seed, had a respectable RPI and has a history of a couple of titles.

I'll be rooting for Butler this weekend, but only because I picked them to upset the Gators. Otherwise, I'm just going to enjoy future Celtic Greg Oden.

@ heroin shiek: "I am used to suffering as a bucs, lightning and d-rays fan."

Really? Didn't the Bucs & Lightning win championships in the last five years (one of each, I believe)? I'll give you the D-Rays; they've yet to be competetive.

Also... anybody else having problems posting comments... like error windows (http://www2.blogger.com/comments.do) and crap like that? Kinda annoying...

TBender said...

I agree. GT was a Cinderella when they got waxed by UConn in the Championship game. No one, including the GT faithful, thought they were capable of that.

The heroin sheik said...

Sure the bucs and the ning have won titles but I have been a fan for a combined 45 odd separate sport seasons so that is why I say I have put up with suffering. Cmon no team is historically more pathetic than the bucs. When another team pulls off a run of double digit losing seasons like the bucs did then you can complain. I guess it could be worse at least we have titles but does one title make up for all the anguish? I don't think I have agonized over a bucs season like this last one. It completely made me forget that we were champs so recently. As for the lightning they have usually put a good product on the ice. The d-rays are useless.

I think I have to root for the cubs just like dan is with the gators. The fiancee is a diehard cubs fan from the southside go figure.

Unknown said...

Has anyone noticed the lack of AM JUMP today?

It isn't on Page 2's page and if you type in the URL it shows the one from yesterday.

It could just be that whoever was in charge of it today, I think Mike Philbrick, didn't get it together or it could be something bigger.

verbal97 said...

I think the heroin sheik has just disproved Dan's theory about the Florida Marlins.

Teams I love to hate (my team):
MLB - Red Sox (Yankees)
NBA - the entire league (...)
NHL - Rangers (Penguins)
NFL - Cowboys and Redskins (Giants, duh)
NCAAF - Miami, FL (BC)
NCAAB - Duke
Soccer - Manchester United and AC Milan (Liverpool)

Johnny b said...

Teams I love to hate

NCAAF - Ohio State, Michigan (PSU alum), Florida (Dan)
NCAAB - Florida (Dan)
MLB - Yankees and Red Sox (both are pushed way too much down people's throats), White Sox (Cubs fan)
NHL - Devils (so boring to watch and Pens fan)
NFL - Colts (I just don't like Manning)
NBA - none

Danielle said...

TEams I love to hate

MLB - Yankees
NBA - The entire league (had to steal that one Verbal)
NHL - I guess Canadiens?
NFL - Colts!
NCAAF - Michigan
NCAAB - Duke

Luke Bell said...

All Wrigley has is the ivy and a century's worth of losing. The stadium itself is a dump.

My teams I love to hate (note: different than "rivals." I am taking this as more of a national basis and ignoring my usual rivalries):

MLB: Yankees (and recently, Red Sox)
NFL: Cowboys
NBA: who cares
NHL: ummmm
College FB: Michigan
College BB: Duke (and Florida, thanks to Dan)

m8r said...

Willis starts opening day again, is this the most opening day starts by someone so young? How many will he have before it's all over? I'm a Phillies fan, what do you people think, Marlins a lucky fluke, or young team to be scared of?


Roge said...

Here are mine:
MLB: Yanks, Red Sox (ridiculous media swamping)
NBA: Lakers
NCAAF: Michigan (Ohio State alum)
NFL: Cowboys

Anonymous said...

further reasons why gilbert is one of my two favorite players in the nba (juan dixon)

aaa were looking for some endorsements wow.

Anonymous said...

wait i hadn;t gontten to the kearny thing in that post my bad. Yah he went to my school and is like one of the most famous alums, and he spoke at like 3 straight graduations so our school will be pissed if this isture but they will probably never mention it. i am aware that that is completely irrelevant.

chitown italian said...

David Wells having diabetes is like saying newborns piss and poop themselves every three hours. It's inevitable the fat bastard but for some unknown reason the dude is comical.

As for Kerney, I know him personally. He's a stand up guy. His brother died in the line of duty in VA. I would be very, very, very surprised if he had anything to do with the deal. Story is his three female friends me three guys on amateur night (St. Pats) and one of those guys is the rapist. Stay tuned. I am interested in the outcome because I would be crushed to learn he had anything to do with this.

Patriots64 said...

Teams I love to hate :
MLB -Yankees,Red Sox
NBA -76'ers, Knicks,Nets
NHL - Bruins,Sabres & Flyers
NFL - Jets,Fins,Bills

CMFost said...

for me it is team that has New Yor on it's jersey and the Colts

ToddTheJackass said...

Teams I love to hate, in order of hate:

MLB - Yankees
NCAA BB - Duke
NCAA FB - Notre Dame
NBA - Lakers
NFL - 49ers
NHL - Devils (though I heart Gionta)

ToddTheJackass said...

Although some of you mentioned you hate the Red Sox, I'll post this anyway. But here's how I handicap the Sox closer race, who do you guys think will emerge?

Pineiro - 30% chance
Outside Candidate (Trade) - 25% chance
Donnelly - 15% chance
Papelbon - 10% chance
Tavarez - 10% chance
Snyder - 5% chance
Hansack - 3% chance
Corey - 2% chance

Really, Snyder and Corey are the only ones pitching well. Pineiro is getting paid to be the closer, so if no other candidates emerge and we don't make a trade, he'll get the job since Timlin hasn't pitched at all. Snyder right now would be the ultimate Dark Horse, considering he pitched well enough that they're already switching his role to the bullpen (short relief). His stock has probably gained the most, while Timlin and Hansen's chances are pretty much nil at this point.

If I had to make the call I'd right now either go with Pineiro or Snyder. But a trade wouldn't surprise me in the least.

verbal97 said...

hey todd, if I did the math correctly from before, you would have graduated from BC soon after I did...why is this relevant? I'm just curious if you were at Gionta's 5 goal period game against Maine. That's probably the most impressive thing I've seen live in sports.

Andy said...

Teams I love to hate:

MLB: Yankees, Cardinals, White Sox
NFL: Cowboys, Patriots
NCAAF: Ohio State
NCAAB: Duke, Florida (just in spite of Dan)
NBA: Who cares?
NHL: Again, who cares?
Soccer: Shut up. This is America. No one cares about soccer here.

Andy said...

Slow comment day....

ToddTheJackass said...

Verbal, you are correct in assuming I did miss the [good] Gionta boat. But I'm short, he's a BC alum, and I enjoy scrappy play. So Gionta gets a pass.

Totally wish I had seen the 5 goal period. Instead I got to see 3 years of Stephen Gionta, who I'm pretty sure didn't score 5 goals in his career...

Verbal, are you as surprised as I am that Ben Eaves didn't make a good pro? That dude was magic at BC.

Big D said...

Sure, why not chime in...

Love to hate (Reason):

MLB - Yankees/Mets (Red Sox/Braves fan)
NFL - Colts/Raiders (Pats fan)
NBA - Lakers (Kobe's a pompous fool, even if he's great)
NHL - Don't Care. Devils, I guess, or Canadiens.
NCAAF - Ohio State (Michigan fan)
NCAAB - UNC (Duke fan... commence mocking me)
Soccer - "Soc-cer?"

And by the way... @heroin shiek: "When another team pulls off a run of double digit losing seasons like the bucs did then you can complain." Duly Noted - I often forget just how bad the Bucs were, historically, after their past seven or eight years of competetiveness. Any team whose coach is "in favor of" their offense's execution... not a good thing.

@andy: Not a "slow day" - we're just all gearing up for a live fantasy baseball draft...

Patriots64 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patriots64 said...

Matsuzaka Watch site.


verbal97 said...

@andy and big d

You'd be surprised how many people like good (read European, NOT MLS!) soccer in this country.


I am a little surprised Ben Eaves didn't make it, though he isn't as naturally good as his brother Patrick or Gionta. I'm probably a little more surprised that Krys Kolanos didn't amount to much.

ToddTheJackass said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ToddTheJackass said...

Also, if someone has $3,000 and is looking for a new grill, apparently Manny Ramirez has one for sale:

Manny Ramirez' grill on Ebay

Either that's one hell of a photoshop job, or Manny has a grill to sell.

Regardless, this is pretty funny.

Unknown said...

Soccer/Hockey haters. tsk. if you can't say anything nice...

Teams I love to hate

MLB - Red Sox
NBA - You have to like someone to hate others right? Yeah..um..but I like LeBron's commercials.
NHL - Nashville (CBJ fan)
NFL - Patriots, Niners
NCAAF - Marshall (WE ARE..go fuck yourselves), Ohio University, Florida, Oklahoma (i dont know why..i just dont like oklahoma.)
NCAAB - Duke...yeah that's it.
Soccer - France (I only follow international play)

ToddTheJackass said...

Soccer is a niche sport in the US. That's not a crack at it, but it's just what it is. It's like hockey, in that there just isn't enough of a casual following here to make it mainstream enough at the moment.

Soccer has the potential to explode, but the problem is that the MLS offers an inferior product to what Europe offers, and people like myself, who will watch the World Cup, but that's about it, just can't get into it. Can you even watch most Euro soccer here? Or is it something that you have to get a subscription to?

The heroin sheik said...

nice quote big d maybe the greatest quote in all of football. God I miss both McKays. I never even thought about dan's marlins theory but yeah losing made me forget what little glory the bucs have had.

Teams I love to hate:

NFL pre realignment it was the bears but now it is the panthers.
MLB Yankees and Red Sox
NBA Lakers (and I grew up in LA during the early 80's)
Soccer ManYoo which is tough since they are owned by the glazers who own the bucs.
NHL Flyers
NCAAFL FSU and Notre Dame
NCAABB Kentucky

Your right verbal there are a lot of americans who do like the beautiful game. Granted I lived in scotland for most of my teens and my first match was the Old Firm in 87 at Ibrox. You go to that derby and you are a fan for life I think.

verbal97 said...

Re: Euro soccer: If you have DirectTV, I think you can get up to 7/10 English games per weekend with a few Italian, Spanish, French and German as well. I agree that it's just a niche sport here, but it has a larger following than most think. If you don't, you will likely get 4 English games, plus the Italian and Spanish depending on programming available. Anyway, I enjoy it, but I'll keep my comments about it here few and far between.

Heroin Sheik: Does that mean you're a Glasgow Rangers fan?

The heroin sheik said...

The biggest problem with soccer in the US is that the quality of play is no better than a second division in most european countries. In addition the games you do get on cable are generally only the most popular teams unless you get the setanta sports package|( that is what it is here in orlando) I had a friend out here who had an old school satellite dish in his yard. He had a package that was about 500 a year that allowed him to get every game from all the major leagues and cup competitions worldwide. We would show up at 4 in the morning on saturday and watch games for 12 hours. If is difficult to follow most teams if they aren't in the top four or five in their respective leagues so your choices are limited unless you want to shell out money only a diehard fan could justify. I seriously doubt it will ever be anything more than something we pay attention to every four years. Now if the US won a world cup all bets are off.

The heroin sheik said...

Nah I am a Motherwell supporter. Even have the amber and claret badge on my elbow. I like hearts also because in a roundabout way they are named after my favorite sir walter scott novel but my family is from the motherwell area. I actually got to see them win the cup in 91. I was only at the old firm match because my friend had tickets and I had never seen a football match. Im not catholic so I can't like a team of fenians and Rangers are the Yankees of the SPL.

ToddTheJackass said...

At the risk of bringing up a stereotype, but isn't the increasing Latino population a sign that Soccer really could get more mainstream support stateside?

Obviously not all Latinos watch soccer, but it seems like with ESPN Deportes and many of the Spanish speaking television stations, that there is a market there. (What games do they show on Deportes and the other spanish-speaking TV outlets? Are they Euro games or Latin-American games?)

The problem I see though is that there isn't one, unified league that is easy to follow for people in the US. It seems like every country has its own leagues, and there isn't just one standard product that shows off the best of the best worldwide, except for the World Cup. Am I right, or completely off?

BpL - Beacon, NY said...

Finally some love for my lady Red Foxes. Biggest win ever in any sport for Marist. I'm sure proud to be a senior there today.

mcam09 said...

Why not chime in?

Teams I Despise:

NCAAB: Duke, Florida (recently, mostly caused by Joakim Noah/Dan)

NCAAF: OSU, Michigan, Oklahoma, FSU

MLB: Red Sox (Yankee fan)

NFL: Redskins, Cowboys (Giants fan)

NBA: Lakers

NHL: Rangers I guess

Natsfan74 said...

MLB -- NY Teams
NFL -- NY Teams and the Packers
NBA -- Does NY have a team? Otherwise, the Lakers
NHL -- Blackhawks
NCAAB -- Duke
NCAAF -- All Florida Teams

Why can't Coors Light make a commercial about the offense execution.... I'm in favor of it.

If Manny Ramirez casually mentioned his grill on ebay during an interview (if it is his), it would sell for $30K. Imagine, having friends over for a barbecue and telling them that this was Manny's grill...

Unknown said...

Here's my $0.02

Love to hate- reason (my team)

In order:
New York Yankees- like I need to list them, still angry about the Jeffrey Mayer/Terry Tarasco incident (Orioles, Red Sox under enemy of my enemy is my friend clause, and formerly of the underdog clause)
Duke basketball- see "New York Yankees" (Terps)
Dallas Cowboys- "America's Team" label is moronic (Redskins)
Indianapolis Colts- Peyton Manning is annoying (Redskins)
Notre Dame football- not on the same level as the above teams but just annoying (Terps)
New York Knicks- many friends that are the annoying Knick fan plus I grew up hating Patrick Ewing and his ugly face (Bullets)

I'd like to point out that I have some of the most hated teams on the country on my list (see: Duke, Yankees, Cowboys) but all 3 of those are because I'm from DC/MD. Cowboys hate Skins, O's hate Yanks, and Terps hate Dukies.

Does this somehow mean something? The most hated teams being all hated by people from the same geographic location.

Connection maybe?

verbal97 said...


You're somewhat right on both accounts. I think it may be wrong to over-generalize the Latino pop. as a whole, but most Mexicans and other central Americans are into soccer more than other sports. I back that up by pointing out that in places like Mexico and Central America, soccer is king of the sports, and other places in Latin America (Venezuela, Cuba, Dom. Rep., Puerto Rico, etc.) baseball is the main sport. That said, I don't think MLS is doing enough to try to bring in the increasing Mexican population (naming the new Houston team something anti-Mexican at the beginning of last year didn't help). For the most part, I think the Mexicans follow the Mexican league through ESPN Deportes (which also shows games from Spain and the Champions' League). The Champions' League is a season long tournament that involves the best teams from all the European leagues. Which is a way of getting around the talent being dispersed throughout the top leagues as you mentioned.

I personally find MLS unwatchable, mostly because of poor announcers and confusing field set-ups (football lines in the middle of the field)...though going to a game or two live is a fun way to kill a couple of hours on a lazy Sat. afternoon in the summer.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Might as well join the fray about most hated teams.

NCAA BBall: UNC (Duke, all you regulars know were I stand on this.)

NCAA FBall: Texas, Oklahoma, ND (Nebraska, really hate that OU and Nebraska do not play anymore.)

MLB: Yankees/Mets (Red Sox)

NFL: Colts (Titans)

NHL: Red Wings (Predators, if I was a hockey fan)

NBA: Who cares!

Looney Toon: Speedy Gonzalez always thought he was overrated.

ToddTheJackass said...

Few questions:

1) What was the "anti-Mexican" name of the Houston team for MLS? What the hell were they thinking?
2) Is there a 'Yankees' of the Champions League?

Also, though I know very little about it, I hate the Tokyo Giants. Go Hanshin!

Luke Bell said...

Everyone else is doing it, so I can too. Sure, I listed these before, but they didn't include any "local bias."

Teams I hate:

NFL: 1. Vikings 2. Bears 3. Cowboys 4. Patriots
MLB: 1. Cubs 2. Yankees 3. Red Sox 4. Cardinals
NBA: I just hate players here, not teams
NHL: None
NCAA FB: 1. Minnesota 2. Michigan 3. Ohio State 4. Florida (owed to Dan)
NCAA BB: 1.Duke 2. Michigan State 3. Florida (Owed to Dan)
Soccer: I hate the channel that puts this on the air, unless I am trying to nap.

Natsfan74 said...

Well, if we are going to expand to Looney Toons (and I agree, Speedy Gonzales is way overrated), what else can we hate?

Animals -- Cats
Beer -- Fosters (Australian for "man, this sucks")
Comedienne -- tie between Rosie and Rosanne
Actor -- Tom Cruise (the new and improved version, not the old TC from Risky Business and All the Right Moves)

ToddTheJackass said...

Foghorn Leghorn was by far the worst Looney Toons character.

It's almost like a combination of Vitale and Tim McCarver that could only be conceived of from the deepest, darkest parts of hell...

The Roadrunner was also a huge bastard.

The heroin sheik said...

The usual suspects in the champions league are as follows

Scotland - rangers or celtic
England - chelsea, arsenal, Man U
Spain - Barcelona and real madrid
Italy - ac milan, inter milan, and juventus
Germany - Bayern Munich

These team are the real big spenders in europe. They are the Yankees of their respective leagues. Chelsea are the biggest spenders mostly because they are owned by a really rich russian oil tycoon. The italian teams are loaded but they fix games so they are pretty shady. I like arsenal because I thought the cannon was cool when I was 13 even though they sucked back in the 80's. Regardless if you like any of these teams chances are most people will look at you like you are a duke/yankees/cowboys fan. IF you want a really cool team to support go for barcelona. They have a really cool history that is tied into spanish politics and they have cool uniforms. Oh yeah they also have a bucktoothed magician named Ronaldhino

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Todd I always thought that Foghorn was one of the more underrated Looney Toons. I always loved his interplay with the dog and the chicken hawk.

verbal97 said...


Houston's original name was 1836 because that's when the city was founded. Unfortunately, that's also when Texas declared independence from Mexico resulting in a war that killed a lot of Mexicans. They've since changed the name to the Dynamo.

Heroin Sheik answered this, but to narrow it down, Chelsea and Real Madrid are most Yankee-like in their exhorbitant spending. Not that I can complain (Yankees fan) without being a hypocritcal d-bag.

Also, I happen to like Foghorn Leghorn. I always hated Tweety and Porky. I agree that the Roadrunner was an arrogant prick though. Couldn't Sylvester and Wil E. Coyote win just once!

ToddTheJackass said...

The 1836? Other than being offensive in context, that's also a really crappy name. Wow... what will these MLS marketing geniuses think of next?

Who knew Foghorn Leghorn had so much love? Huh...

Moving onto announcers though, McCarver has to be the most hated for baseball, and Vitale for College B-Ball, right? Who else do you genuinely hate as announcers?

The heroin sheik said...

The worst team names has to be in Germany where you have 1860 Munich, schalke 04, hamburger sv, and my personal favorite Borussia Monchengladbach.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

I'm with you on McCarver. I would add Joe Buck he is a pompous ass and him and McCarver are just so bad together. In college hoops I cannot stand Billy Packer he does not make the game fun at all and I have thought this even before Simmons wrote his article in the last issue of ESPN's rag.

I like Vitale to an extent, I think he constant slurping of Duke and Coach K is one of the biggest factors in all the Duke hating the last few years. I love Bill Raferty the guy makes the game fun to watch and I wish he would take over for Packer as the color guy for the Final Four. If Al McGuire was still alive he would be up there with Raferty.

Anonymous said...

Teams I love to hate (my team):
MLB - Yankees (Red Sox)
NBA -Lakers,Knicks (Celtics)
NHL - Rangers (Bruins)
NFL - Cowboys,Oakland,Colts (Patriots )
NCAAF - West Bleeping Virgina UCONN,Rutgers,Miami (BC)

I don't know what's worse a fan base in college football/basketball than West Virgina.

Andy said...

@shpiders: I'm not sure that most people aged 20-30 played soccer more than anything. I think baseball/softball would be it. I know that my hometown had a pretty big youth soccer program, but Little League was still much bigger.

As far as Looney Tunes, I hated Pepé Le Pew. He was so annoying with the French accent and crap....

Anonymous said...

I'll go one further than what Ryan said(West Virgina). Rutger fans annoy me more than ever.Okay congrats,You had one good mediocre season. Have fun while USF takes your spotlight this up and coming season.

signed,a USF fan.

chipp said...

@ guy:

I don't think hating the same teams is necessarily geographical. In some cases, certainly, but reading through the lists, almost all of them are organizations with traditions of winning (at least at some point). Nobody hates the D-Rays (MLB), Browns (NFL), Grizzlies (NBA), or the lower-tier hockey teams (NHL). Well if you're from Tampa or Cleveland you might hate the D-Rays or the Browns.

NCAA: Wazzu, NEB
HS: Pateros, WA

Luke Bell said...

Worst announcers? DAN DEIRDORF! This is generational--there is no better way to get my dad yelling at the tv than to have DD blubbering away.

I also hate Brent Musberger, but only because he is so obviously biased. You always know who Brent is rooting for when watching a game he calls.

Vitale is annoying, as is Madden.

Who else am I missing?

Anonymous said...

teams i love to hate

mlb yankees for all the above reasons
ncabb duke (maryland fan plus not a douche)
ncaaw (not a sport)
ncaa football alabama (i just don;t like them for no apparent reason)
nba knicks (living in the met area it is dreadful when they are good.)
nfl patriots patriots patriots (go colts)
soccer don't care

m8r said...

womens tourney, not a sport, get it off my tv


Trey (formerly TF) said...


You going to the Drays games in Orlando this summer?

Joe (Dayton)

The heroin sheik said...

I might go to the D-rays games in orlando if I am still in town. I love that stadium at WWOS but I usually only go to games with my brother or my best friend so if they don't go I doubt I would make it. I don't drive. I just wish they would fix up
(s)Tinker Field downtown. I think the Astros had a minor league team there last. The field sucks and it is in crack town but if the city could figure out something to do with that and the citrus bowl orlando might be able to revitalize that part of town but I won't hold my breath. If it doesn't involve disney this town doesn't seem to care.