Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday A.M. Quickie:
Tournament Redemption

I'll just point to the final update post from yesterday night:
"Ask and ye shall receive! Now THIS was a great day of games! (Even if the favorites dominated... except for hardly-mid-major Butler and suddenly-Cindy-ish 6-seed Vandy!) Like many, I was sad to see VCU get KO'ed, but at least it was a dramatic game. At this point, that's all we're looking for. And, after waiting around for two days, we finally got."
If you love tight games and great finishes, Round 2 was everything Round 1 was not. At the same time, it's hard not to notice: The favorites continued to win: UNC, Ohio St, Georgetown, UCLA, Pitt, Texas A&M. 5-over-4 isn't much of an "upset," even if the winning team is mid-major Butler and the losing team is big-conference Maryland.

So thank goodness for Vandy. (When did you ever think you'd say that?) Only a handful of higher-seeded teams stands between the Commodores being the only Cindy of the Sweet 16. If that's not the case, it means that sometime today, the favorite went down. I won't hold my breath, but I'll hope.

Meanwhile, today's previews and picks:

5 Tennessee over 4 UVA
UVA wants to score? Vols can score.
1 Florida over 9 Purdue
Because if not, I'm wrecked for '07.
7 UNLV over 2 Wisconsin
I had GA Tech winning here. Same diff.
4 So. Ill. over 5 VA Tech
Hokies got their Tourney miracle in Rd. 1
3 Oregon over 11 Winthrop
Winthrop's goal was to win ONE game, right?
7 Nevada over 2 Memphis
I had Creighton winning here. Same diff.
1 Kansas over 8 Kentucky
KU's offense is clicking.
4 Texas over 5 USC
Day ends with more "Durant Show."

Live-comment coming later today.

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