Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday 7/28 A.M. (Very) Quickie

Bonds 754! One more to tie. Two more to break. Could happen today.

Vick Watch: Nike suspends Vick and Reebok pulls all Vick jerseys out of available inventory. It's arguable that this marketplace signal is far more powerful than any version from the Commissioner or the Law. Money talks.

Or, perhaps not: Tony Taylor is reportedly going to flip on Vick. And, as PFT so elegantly put it: "Vick is scuh-rewed." I concur.

Donovan McNabb cleared to play, practice: One of the Top 5 most anticipated "comeback" stories of the new season. (Portis comes to mind as another.)

On the other side, Randy Johnson's season is over. Next question: Is his career over, too?

NFL signings: Bulger signs. Tons of rookies are signing at the 11th hour before training camps start (as expected... what a lame dance the GMs and agents do about rookies). JaMarcus Russell still a hold-out, which is what you get with the No. 1 overall pick sometimes.

No naming names: Judge won't reveal names in Grimsley case.

What was a Royals player even DOING with a pellet gun in the locker room, let alone shooting it in the vicinity of a TV reporter's face?

Beckham: Another Galaxy DNP?

-- D.S.


badly drawn boykins said...

I think Vick was always screwed, especially since the Richmond court isn't particularly kind to defendants.

In the end, the marketplace is more powerful - the sponsors, not the protesters or network honchos, ultimately took Imus down, and it'll be the same for Vick.

Even if Vick is completely cleared (highly unlikely), it's doubtful major sponsors would want to touch him. Sure, Kobe managed to get his Q-rating back up, but the major differences are:
a) Pre-trial Kobe was severely lacking in street cred
b) Kobe is arguably the most talented player in the NBA, Vick is nowhere near his NFL equivalent
c) Vick can't exactly go out and buy a $4 million diamond-studded collar for his favorite pit bull.

Re: Beckham - it's only the Superliga.

Being healthy for MLS matches is more important, as the Galaxatives need to climb up the standings to make the playoffs. Also since MLS away matches are essentially the Beckham Roadshow and that's where the league needs him.

N.J.G said...

no thoughts on the simpsons movie shanoff?

I liked it a lot, especially that they put in things for fans of the show just random bits so you could remember and say

" Best. Episode. Ever" (thats your bit)

vick is screwed completely, but screwed is not the right word that implies that it will be unfair so vick is in trouble is more accurate.
I don't get SCS talking about 755 isnt 756 the one that matters?

Michael W said...

Dan, your second SEC preview was longer than the ONLY Pac-10 preview and you didn't post any sort of follow up? Pathetic.

Erik Tylczak said...

Of course. It isn't God's Gift to Football, Whose Shit Certainly Doth Not Stink, the Almighty Southeastern Conference.

I'm trying not to throw up after typing that.

Unknown said...

Closest top 3 finish of a Tour de France race ever! Also possibly the first time in 30 years that the top three guys were clean.

The American Levi Leipheimer was 3rd going into the time trial today. Cadel Evans the Aussie was second but took over a minute out of Levi in the first time trial. The Spaniard, Contador who is also Levi's teammate was first about 2 minutes in front.

Well Levi smoked the course and won the stage, Evans second but Contador crossed the line with about 20 seconds to spare. There is only 31 seconds separating the top 3 guys after 2000 miles of racing! Levi is in 3rd by only 8 seconds.

To make matters worse, Levi took a 10 second time penalty in an early stage for getting pulled by a team car when taking a bottle. Just this year they started cracking down a little on the formerly accepted practice. It turns out that penalty cost him 2nd place but honestly there is not much difference between 2nd and 3rd - both are on the podium.

Tomorrow is basically a ceremonial stage where they won't really race until they get into the circuits in Paris where the few remaining sprinters who made it over the mountains will battle it out.

The Discovery Channel team will finish 1st and 3rd overall. First in the team competition, 2nd and 3rd in the mountain competition and also won the young rider competition (under 25). That is quite a haul.

It seems fans are actually embracing the tour again since they feel the top performers where actually clean after they dumped the cheaters.

Unknown said...

Vick is done. No sponsor would ever touch him with a 10 foot pole any more. No team would want the liability either. Honestly, as an amazing runner as he is/was, he was not a QB who you could really win with. Completion % is far more important for a QB and he was the worst.

I saw a list a long time ago about estimated money lost by athletes because of scandals. Top on the list was Mike Tyson. I wonder if he is still the top loser because of his conduct.

I wonder if there will be run on Vick jerseys on ebay.

David Kippe said...

How do you not mention the possible retirement of the best DE of the last 14 years? Or is Strahan really just holding out? If he is retiring, thanks for pulling a Barry Sanders the night before camp. Giants would have done things differently in free agency had they known this.

Poseur said...

Want to second cyclingdan.

It really was both the best and worst of Tours. The ITT was one of the most exciting stages I have ever seen. for a minute there, I thought Leipheimer had done the impossible.

For all of the doping talk, this was an exciting Tour on the road.

Simon said...

Even with all the controversy and positive tests, it was a great Tour. The last ITT was thrilling. At least, the authorities and the Tour are trying to weed out the cheaters unlike the NFL which is full of steroids and has inadequate tests to catch their cheats.