Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday 07/22 A.M. (Very VERY) Quickie

Two words: Willie. Harris.

Catch you tomorrow a.m.


Matt T said...

Best. Quickie. Ever.

Melbye said...

Sergio with one of the worst collapses in Open History. So again the question has to be asked, did Padrig Harrington WIN the Open or did Sergio Garcia lose it?

Unknown said...

Yanks won 21-4 after knocking out 17 runs yesterday. You have to feel for the Devil Rays even as a Yankee fan.

Great weekend in the Tour. Vinokorov puts himself back in contention in yesterday's time trial after crashing in the first week. Then today rides himself out of it in the mountains. Levi Leipheimer of Montana moves up to 4th place. Realistically he won't win but a podium is still possible.

Mark Esposito said...

I'm also a Yankees fan and that was just disgraceful. I feel bad for the Devil Rays but let's face it.. that's what the Yankees are SUPPOSED to do with their payroll.

Trayton Otto said...

Three Words x2:
Caught. Stealing. Twice.
God. Bless. Yadier.