Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday 08/05 A.M. Quickie: Bonds 755!

Barry Bonds hits No. 755, tying Hank Aaron's all-time record for career home runs.

(For those in the anti-Bonds contingent who wanted to see the accomplishment minimized to whatever extent possible, you couldn't have asked for more than the Saturday night timing. There is no moment less prominent on the sports radar than an early-August Saturday night.)

But 755 was always sizing up as merely a rest-stop en route to 756, which could come as early as today. Despite the low-profile timing of 755, rest assured Bonds will be the dominant story of the rest of the weekend -- and most, if not all, of next week... up until he hits 756. Then we can all go back to other things.

Two other notable details:

Clay Hensley gave up the shot: Oh, the irony!

Bud Selig was there, but didn't clap. (Is that like smoking without inhaling?)

(Oh, and A-Rod hit 500, becoming the fastest player to 500 HR. On the same night Bonds hits the top of the list, we are reminded that he could be eclipsed within 6-7 seasons.)

-- D.S.


Qwagmire said...

Barry, get it over with so you can fade into Bolivian.

Unknown said...

If Selig was going to stand there with hands in pocket and show no emotion at all, he shouldn't have shown up. It would have been better that way.

k said...

Mostly, I got the impression that Bud Selig is a jerk. Show up and don't clap and what? I thought it was offensive.

bird said...
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pv845 said...

Selig looked like a tool. I agree that it is poor to be there and only stand. He didn't even look like he was watching the game.

As for A-rod and the Yankees, looks like they showed how good that trade for Dotel turned out.

Poseur said...

If you are outraged by Barry's probable steroid use, I have one simple question:

Why do you still watch the NFL?

Geoff said...

Because no one cares about NFL records being tainted.

jhawkjjm said...

I hope he'll hit on Monday (figuring he won't play today) so they can stop showing every single giants game on TV. That team is awful.

As for the Royals the Dotel trade, he hadn't exactly been lights out(when healthy) either and Soria has actually been better in the closer role this year. Might as well try and get something for him when people will still pay for the name.

Kevin said...

Woohoo...going to the Giants game on Monday! Planned this trip before the season started, too...awesome timing by Barry.

Paul L Carter said...

Jayson Stark has a brilliant article about A-Rod's chances to pass Bonds someday. The gist:

Has A-Rod positioned himself the best of any player in history to own that record? Yes.

Does he play a position that can keep him healthy? Yes.

Can he keep up this kind of production into his late 30s and even 40s? History is against him.

Ironically, the two men currently tied for the record are among the least likely to ever own it looking at their stats at 32. Of all 500 HR hitters, the man who owned the record outright for 33 years was the least likely of all to own it.

Even better, the best likely to own it a few years ago "is now a walking HMO" (Junior Griffey.)

Conclusion: stay tuned.