Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday 08/15 A.M. Quickie:
Vick, Rizzuto, Cox, Offerman, Keepers, More!

Michael Vick: It's just a matter of time. He's going to cop a plea and go to jail -- or the Feds are going to slap new charges on him and he'll go to jail (for even longer).

The smart money says he takes a plea, does a year or two and hopes everyone forgets about him so he can return to the NFL after a couple years in the pokey. Hell, a few years in jail might even humanize the guy with fans and the league.

Now, if there are ties to gambling (which everyone assumes there are... you don't get into dog-fighting for the humanity alone), Vick will be done. A lifetime ban isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Speaking of copping a plea, Tim Donaghy reportedly will, too. (Perhaps with the pleas behind them, the Vick and Donaghy stories will finally, mercifully, fade from the foreground of fandom.)

RIP, Phil Rizzuto: Condolences to family, friends and fans. Scooter even enjoyed a moment as a pop-culture icon, via Seinfeld, when George lost his Phil Rizzuto keychain in the asphalt, then had to jackhammer it out.

(That episode is close to a classic, with Elaine moving into the janitor's closet in a neighboring building, just to get the exceptional flounder delivered from a local Chinese restaurant. One of the greatest subtle moments in Seinfeld history is when George, carrying a jackhammer and dressed as a construction worker, and Elaine, dressed as a janitor and carrying supplies, pass each other on the street, nod and continue along their way. Holy cow!)

MLB Stud: Bobby Cox sets the MLB record for ejections by a manager. Not quite sure why we would celebrate a milestone of such appallingly poor sportsmanship, but apparently, this is the Summer of MLB Milestones. Not sure if "Ejection 132" has the cachet of "Home Run 756" or "Home Run 500" or "Home Run 600" or "Hit 3000" or "Pitching Win 300."

Baseball Dud: Jose Offerman, who was arrested after charging the mound and smacking the pitcher and catcher with his bat. This was, of course, in an independent league game, which is why it's a "Baseball Dud" and not an official "MLB Dud." But pretty messed up all the same. (OK, where is the YouTube video?!)

NFL Concussion Watch: Who, exactly, is going to call the "Head-Shot Hotline?" (That's not the real name, but the NFL's concussion phone hotline needs a nickname.) Somehow, I imagine someone will call reporting an injury to the player "Amanda Huginkiss."

CFB: I'm not much of a fan of USA Today sports columnist Jon Saraceno, but how can I begrudge him today after he filed such a slurpishly good dual-portrait of the best college football coach and best college basketball coach in America? (Come on: You know exactly who I'm talking about.)

Tiger is going to create and design his own course in the U.S.

Lawsuits: I hope that Rutgers player wins her lawsuit against Don Imus.

Must-Read: Larry Brown Sports has a great interview with Brian from Awful Announcing. Here's the link.

Blog Anniversaries: Happy 6-month anniversary to the Ladies... (God, six months already? The Ladies... are best-known for two things: Being the most popular women sports bloggers online and creating the legendary Hot Bloggers Tournament. And I'm not just saying that because I was a No. 1 regional seed.)

Wow: The One-Year Anniversary is coming up in two weeks. Yikes!

Fantasy Football: I'm in over my head in the Kissing Suzy Kolber-sponsored Keeper League. I have the third overall pick in tonight's draft. Any specific suggestions as it relates to keeper-league draft strategy? For example, would I take Reggie Bush at No. 3 because I think he'll get even better as years go by? Or do I grab a guy like Stephen Jackson and just play to win now? All thoughts and advice appreciated, via the Comments.

Meanwhile, reader John is running a study about Fantasy Sports. Click here to fill out a survey he's conducting and help him out.

Meanwhile, have you joined up in any/all of the four football-prediction leagues I have set up? Use the links at the top-right, group name: Daily Quickie Readers. Come on: Join in!

-- D.S.


Matt T said...

Bobby has said himself he doesn't want it celebrated, and he had been going out of his way to make sure he didn't get ejected because of all the media hype last time.

And appalling sportsmanship? C'mon, last night's was a perfect example of why managers do this, The ump last night was all over the place, chipper got called on strikes started to argue, Bobby took over the arguement and got tossed so chipper wouldn't. Chipper then had the game winning hit.

Check the quotes from his players today, and it is the antithesis of bad sportsmanship. The players love him.

Everyone was slurping Lou because his little episode got the Cubs fired up.

Bobby doesn't even cause a big season, he says his piece, gets tossed and leaves.

Luke Bell said...

I think Joakim Noah's dumbass dance reeks of more bad sportsmanship than a manager taking hte ejection instead of a player. Maybe it is only bad sportsmanship if the jersey doesn't read Florida?

pv845 said...

I would say that more people know Phil Rizzuto for his call in the Meatloaf song, but probably didn't know it was him.

Nothing Michael Vick does could ever endear himself to the majority of NFL fans. He could cure cancer and people would still remember him as that bum that was into dog fighting.

RevScottDeMangeMD said...

Rizzuto will be known by my generation (25 years old) for 1.) Billy Madison and 2.) Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Never knew him really, but I'm sure he'll be missed by all fans. And since his name appeared in Billy Madison...


The Wedding Singer > Waterboy > Billy Madison > Happy Gilmore > Mr. Deeds > 50 First Dates > Anger Management > Little Nicky

Note: Reign over Me is his best movie by a million times over. Obviously there are a lot more movies he stars in...but these are my rules. Bite me.

Geoff said...

I hope that lawsuit against Imus gets thrown out. She has no chance of winning anyway, just frivolous and stupid. Just some idiot girl looking for a quick buck. Probably better off pouring some coffee on herself at McDonalds and suing them for burns.

4Cokes in The OZ said...

If Vick takes the plea and is guilty of betting...and subsequently banned from the NFL, would he still be elligible to play in the CFL? I can hear it now - "Now starting at QB for your Saskatchewan Rough Riders - #7 Mike Vick!!!"

As for the draft - take Brady I mean Bussssssssh!

Ken Dynamo said...

correct on vick.

i hate everything to do with the braves but i dont think anybody in baseball would call his ejection record 'apallingly poor sportsmenship'. thats ignorance dan.

couldnt be more wrong about the rutgers lawsuit. regardless of what you think of his comments, suiting him over libel and defamation is a joke. that would be exactly like brady quinn suing you for callin ghim a douche bag. an absolutely pathetic attempt by this rutgers women on extorting imus. i hope the judge laughs her out of the courtroom, tells her to read the 1st amendment and calls her a dumb bitch.

@revscott: i only know him as phil rirruto. Billy Madison #1 Big Daddy #2

Shuli said...

steven jackson won't be available at third overall. take addai.

Dr. Zoom said...

I'm not sure of the merits of (Rutgers player) Kia Vaughn's lawsuit -- particularly in light of her attorney's framing of it.

(Whoa. Sorry, I think I've been watching too much "Damages" on FX.)

Seriously, though -- what damage has been done to her character and reputation? Almost immediately, Vaughn and her teammates won the sympathy of the country and were portrayed (rightly so) as classy, intelligent athletes.

So where's the damage?

Now if she's suing because she hated constantly hearing about it in the news, well, sorry: this was a national incident that promoted some vital discussion.

nikbask said...

Cmon Dan,

Everyone knows that Rutgers lawsuit is a joke. Imus is a jerk and a moron, but his comments definitely fall under free speech. Even her lawyer admitted it was for the money to create some b.s. scholarship focusing on the use of foul language.

As for Vick, a lifetime ban would be the most appropriate, I mean he did commit a felony and everything.

Anonymous said...

1) Michael Vick... His ONLY football talent right now is his ability to run. That only decreases over time. He misses this year via ban. By the time this mess is over and he begins serving his time, it sets him up to miss a couple more years. A few smackdowns in the clink. He comes out. He can't run as fast. He's never been able to throw. Yep, he has no NFL future.

2) Bobby Cox... I hate the Braves and one reason is Cox's incessant whining. For a decade, Smoltz, Glavine, and Maddox each got an extra foot on both sides of the plate. And Bobby still whined. He's still whining. No one has benefitted more from shaky umpiring.

Unknown said...

Addai all the way @ no. 3! SJax won't be there, way too high for Bush...

Matt T said...

Never done a keeper league before, so I'm not sure how it works totally, but what about Frank Gore at 3?

Or wait till much later and go with Adrian Peterson/Marshawn Lynch as keepers.

The Mark Show said...

I swear Dan posts some stuff just to get us riled up and talking. He can't possibly be so ignorant to think that managers getting thrown out of baseball games is appalling sporstmanship, right?

Anyway, I also think that the Rutgers lawsuit is frivolous and doesn't stand a chance in court. I can't stand Imus but this just reeks of someone trying make some quick money.

Wedding Singer #1? Terrible choice. Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Big Daddy top three.

Bucktown Skins Fan said...

I'm with Trishula on that. sJack is going second.

The question is whether or not to bank on the LJ contract coming through. He's still supremely talented (although his o-line is suspect).

I think LJ, Peyton, Addai or Bush are your choices at 3 if sJack is gone. Personally I might go the Peyton route, but I think it depends on your QB scoring (my league also plays 2 QBs).

RevScottDeMangeMD said...


big daddy > wedding singer > the rest.

forgot about big daddy.

Unknown said...

Other "players" like to come down with concussion problems:

Hugh Jass
I P Freeley
Al Koholic

And don't forget that new guy from NFL Europe, Jacque Strapp.

Unknown said...

I'd be damned disappointed if Vick and his fellow scumbags get 2 years or less in prison.

In my opinion, they should all go away for MUCH longer...even longer than 6 years...unfortunately that's the most they could possibly do.

The details of what they did disgusts me and makes me furious.

Honestly, I hope Karma catches up with them all and they suffer much worse fates than a little jail time.
Maybe a long, drawn out death by prostate or testicular cancer at the age of 45 would suit me just fine.

Oh, and there's NO DOUBT Vick's into the gambling- aside from being sociopathic pieces of shit, it's the only other reason to get involved in dog fighting- if he DOESN'T get a lifetime ban from the NFL I'll call Goodell's new "Get tough" regime a sham.

the great bambi said...

Appalling sportsmanship? Taking heat off players so they don't get ejected, thereby making sure the team doesn't lose a valuable player AND making sure fans get to see the best players out there is appalling sportsmanship? Heck he got ejected from the dugout, people didn't even know it happened. Do you think before you type or do you just act like Noah and find the dumbest things to do/say and go with that?

And that lawsuit is completely frivolous and a waste of time and court space. Nice job today, way to bring the "A" game.

verbal97 said...

I didn't know USA Today cared about Northwestern football and thought so highly of them...oh, right, it's Florida, how could I forget.

verbal97 said...

Oh, and Big Daddy isn't even in the top 5...

1. Happy Gilmore
2. Billy Madison
3. The Wedding Singer
4. Punch Drunk Love
5. 50 First Dates

honorable mention: Spanglish...and though it's TV, The Cosby Show.

Boomhauertjs said...

How did Dan miss this Vick story?

South Carolina Inmate Hits Michael Vick With '$63,000,000,000 Billion Dollar' Lawsuit Alleging Al Qaeda Ties,2933,293268,00.html

bkelly126 said...

re: vick
while listening to Mike & Mike this morning (after a crappy segment of greenberg trying to be cool), they brought on roger cossack (pretty good legal analyst) and he said if vick gets a year he has the greatest defense attorney in history. i think it's going to be minimum 2 to 3 years esp. if 6 was the max with the initial indictment. as long as he doesn't admit to gambling he has a chance to return to the NFL where some crazy GM will take a chance on him

CMFost said...

MLB Studs - Lester and Kazmir in a great pitching dual of 23 year old lefties last night.

bkelly126 said...

forgot, with federal cases there is little chance for parole.

CMFost said...

If Al Davis is still alive and running the Raiders when Vick gets out of jail and is reinstated by the commish he will play for the Raiders

chitown italian said...

Bobby's a fucking wife beater. Screw him.

Chremdacasi said...

Too early for Bush, he is still in a split backfield and you need some production now at the 3 spot. Definitely not LJ, he rushed over 400 times last year, his entire offense is getting older around him and retiring in the process (other than the 1st year starting QB), plus LJ is starting to get up there in years for a RB. If you go RB Addai is the man, I like Gore better this year, but Gore is too risky in a keeper league due to his injury issues. I personally think Peyton Manning is the way to go. In a keeper league there is no more sure thing than Manning year after year. At RB, you are lucky if the guy is good for 2 straight years. Do a little research on the top 10 RBs for the last three years and you will find little consistency. Whereas Manning is always the #1 or #2 QB.

Chremdacasi said...

Oh and S. Jackson is definitely the choice if he is there, but there is about a 1% chance of that happening. The top 2 picks should be LDT and S. Jackson.

Melbye said...

MLB Stud: Matt Garza for the Twins. The dude has give up only 6 runs in the past four games and is only 1-2, but the Twins finally scored last night to support him (7innings of shut out work).

Major Dud: What the hell is wrong with Offerman? Why can't he just play his remaining days out in the Golden League like Ricky...

Did anyone mention how fucked Vick is? He is going to Federal "Pound Me in the Ass" Prison.

Unknown said...

Tired of people who never even cared about dog fighting all of a sudden bitch and moan about Mike Vick. You all really think Vick going to jail for 6+ years is going to stop it? There are some many bigger fish than Mike Vick doing this, but as soon as he goes to jail nobody is going to give a damn (because this is a fad). Yes, Vick deserves to go to jail for his crimes, but the people saying that he should be locked away for life just hate the man Mike Vick and not for the crimes that he performed.

The Rutgers b-ball player lawsuit to me would actually be valid if Don Imus WAS NOT fired. But since he paid the price for his comment, the lawsuit is unnecessary.

I understand when managers argue with the umps to protect his players. I think appalling sportsmanship is when the benches clear when someone get hits by a pitch but no one does anything because they are straight punks. And if people do through punches, none of them connect.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

So Vick has to be the worst Madden cover jinx in the history of the game right?

Dan are you able to carry on conversations with people with Urban and Billy's nuts in your mouth?

pv845 said...


A source with knowledge of the Mike Vick investigation has shared with us some previously unknown details about the situation.

Here's the kicker, in our view. The feds' initial search of Mike Vick's house in Virginia turned up Falcons coach Bobby Petrino's private phone number. The implication is obvious -- Vick goes to the property, and had been there this year, because Petrino was hired in January 2007."

pv845 said...

Sorry, that was from

Natsfan74 said...

Vick is so screwed.

Big Daddy > Billy Madison

On the Imus lawsuit, it really depends on if being a college basketball player in the final 4 qualifies her as a public figure. If I go on the radio and say that the guy in the office next to me is a d-bag over and over, and people start calling him a d-bag to his face and clients call him that and refuse to work with him, then he can sue me. If I can prove that he is a public figure, then I will win. Dan can call Brady Quinn all the names he wants because he's a public figure, even if every fan in Cleveland holds up a sign saying "Dan says you're a d-bag". But if he says that about Quinn's nextdoor neighbor, then the neighbor can sue. The first amendment, as interpreted in these cases, only goes so far. So, is a college basketball player a public figure?

Anonymous said...

I not only hope that the Rutgers player loses her lawsuit, I hope she has to pay Imus's legal fees - and I have never liked or listened to Imus. Frivolous lawsuits and ambulance chasing attorneys are far more of a threat to our country than some racist jokes from an aging bigot.

Darklawdog said...

If the lawsuit with Imus continues I will consider Imus right and this "lady" is a nappy headed hoe just trying to make a quick buck.

Travis said...

MLB Stud: Jon Lester. 7IP 1R 2H in his return to Fenway Park after fighting cancer late last season.

MLB Stud: Daniel Cabrera completely shutting down the Yankees.

MLB Dud: The all mighty New York Yankees offsense which got just two hits and 0 runs last nite, one of the hits was an infield single.

Say what you will about the Boston offense, but atleast when they dont show up we have pitching that keeps it close and atleast gives us a chance. If the Yankees offense don't show up there toast and thats not good considering the schedule they have through the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Phil Rizzuto

Now what I really want to write about - Phil Rizzuto. I grew up in the 70's listening to Phil Rizzuto broadcast Yankee games. I think he did innings 1-3 on TV when it was televised, 4-6 on the radio and then back to TV for the last few innings. Of course most games were only on the radio.

I never knew him as a player, but every Yankee fan I knew could agree on one thing. We all loved Rizzuto. He was an institution.

On ESPN classic last night, they replayed his acceptance speech to the Hall of Fame. I forgot why I loved him. He could just talk about anything, and you were interested. He was naturally funny and good humored. He was also an optimist. In addition he was never afraid to make fun of himself or take anything too seriously. He wasn't just doing a job. Phil loved baseball with a passion and he also loved the Yankees. He was over 50 years with the same organization.

I guess I spent a lot of time listening to games on the radio so he was someone who I associate with my youth. I was truly choked up watching the rebroadcast. He was a true American original and we may never see a broadcaster just like him again.

Rest in peace Phil and thanks for all the great memories.

danwise1856 said...

Why should the gambling of dog fighting warrant a lifetime ban where being the financieur not? To me being the financieur is much worse then gambling. Replace Dog Fighting with Horse Racing and no one has a problem.

This Rutgers lawsuit is just plan stupid. No one knows who this girl is even now so how can she claim it is still effecting her? If anything it is brining more attention to her and making it worse. Reverse Discrimination.

bkelly126 said...

well first horse racing isn't illegal and second the horses aren't fighting each other to the death.

Anonymous said...

Even as a Yankee fan, I have to agree. The Yankees starting rotation is still very shaky at best. Their bullpen is also suspect. They can beat up on mediocre pitching and even a good pitcher on occasion. Their lineup is scary. However when they run into a top flight pitcher, they have troubles winning the low scoring games.

I was telling my father last night that the Yanks won't pass Boston just based upon the relative strengths of schedule. I could see the Angels as being the team left out of the playoff hunt right now if Seattle can pass them. It also looks like the AL central will get in one team.

Anonymous said...

Can we please not glorify ejections? Please?

I umpire, and honestly couldn't care less if somebody wants to argue. I'm sure the MLB guys are fine with it too. That's because we're adults. Watch a grown man scream and swear at an 11-year-old, though, and then tell me ejections are cool.

Are arguments a part of the game? Absolutely -- by all means, let managers have their say. But small children are being screamed at because a bunch of middle-aged imbeciles think berating and swearing are parts of baseball.

The result is that a lot of younger umpires quit, hurting officiating as a whole.

As the Varsity Dad, Dan, it's good to see you calling ejections 'appallingly poor sportsmanship'.

Beetle said...

Dan, you are on the wrong side of the Imu/Rutgers argument.
The Don Imus debacle is one of the worst things to happen to American Media ever. Freedom of speech?? Out the window! So, why was Imus held to a different standard than Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony, both shows do nothing but spout racist (and hilarious) jokes all day.
I think everyone is realizing that the Imus situation was handled completely improperly, which is why the following has happened or will happen.
1. CBS settled with Imus for presumably big bucks.
2. Al Sharpton stated that he is not opposed to an Imus return to the air.
3. Imus returns triumphantly within three months.

MLB stud - Jon Lester. 2 hits over 7 innings in his return to Fenway. (So what, it was the D-Rays).

Anonymous said...

(The CFL banned suspended NFLers from playing this season. Call it the Ricky Williams Rule.)

Unknown said...


But the horses are being forced to race, and you will be surprised how many horses die/are put down at race tracks.

Beetle said...

I believe that the Bobby Cox record should have an asterik. After all, a rule change was put in place a few years ago making it an automatic ejections for arguing balls and strikes. This clearly inflated Cox's ejection numbers.
Ironic that Cox always gets tossed for arguing balls and strikes when Maddux and Glavine made a living of an improper strike zone (note to NL umpires of the 1990s, 6 inches off the outside corner is NOT a strike)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BudFanCubsMan said...

Not sure if everyone else loves as much as me, but check out which batter is most like Hall of Famer, Phil Rizzuto
It's none other than today's Baseball Dud, Jose Offerman. How Rizzuto is a Hall of Famer is a joke. You gotta love the East Coast bias.

Oberon said...


It would help to know the rules of your keeper league (every league is, unfortunately, different). If it is a points per reception league (PPR) Bush is a fine choice at #3. Otherwise, Addai is the choice. No way Jackson is there, but if he is, grab him.

On the way back, try to grab Palmer. QBs are much more valuable in keeper leagues because they play longer. Palmer is younger than Manning and is just as likely to put up as many points. Don't be fooled - last year was the first year Peyton was the #1 fantasy QB. He's consistent, but Palmer will be, too. Then I'd look at young RBs or Gates. Peterson, Maroney, Norwood, etc. In later rounds, look at guys like Turner, who'll be a starter somewhere next year.

Take a kicker last, but don't be afraid to get Balt or Chi defense (or even SD or NE) a little earlier than normal, because consistent defenses can be pretty valuable in keeper leagues.

Finally, don't worry so much about WR. No position varies more over 3 year periods. Obviously, the "studs" for the next few years are guys like Roy Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne, Lee Evans, and possibly Braylon Edwards.

Good Luck.

ndyanksfan05 said...

Everyone just calm done - last night was an aberation for the yanks because it wasn't a starting pitcher that lost - it was Karsten who was filling in for the suspended Clemens. Down the stretch they are going to pitch Clemens, Wang, Mussina, Pettite, Hughes. Karstens is going to the bullpen. The bullpen still has solid pitchers in Villone, Vizcaino, Brower, Joba and Mo...they had one bad game and they all of sudden are awful again? They are still playing the best baseball in the league and have a very solid starting rotation and a decent bullpen along with the best offense in the game. One night doesn't destroy everything that they've done.

Brian in Oxford said...

Cox is coming up on being ejected from a whole SEASON'S worth of games. I still have a 1978 baseball card of him as manager of the Braves.

When non-sports related NEWS happens to people who play sports, it should NOT be in the SPORTS coverage. The only Vick shit we should be discussing is whether or not Joey H. can salvage the Falcons' season in the new Petrino offense.

verbal97 said...

budfan, I'm guessing Offerman never won an MVP award, had 3 seasons cut down because he fought in a war, or is considered one of the best defensive SS of his generation and one of the best bunters of any generation. It also doesn't hurt that he was on a team that won several WS. Plus, it's not like he was voted in by the knuckle-dragging baseball writers.

Beetle said...

Perhaps the 44 years old Clemens should be wise enough not to get suspended during a pennant race.
I hope the Yanks miss the playoffs by a 1/2 game.
BTY, Roger collected about 1 millon bucks to sit on his oversized posterior last night.

verbal97 said...

It's impossible to lose any race by 1/2 game.

patrick said...

Have to throw these MLB Duds out there...

Byung Hung Kim - 1/3 IP, 4H, 4R (3ER but the error was his throwing error), 1BB. 17 pitches thrown.
Joe Kennedy - 1/3 IP, 3H, 6ER, 2BB. 37 pitches thrown.
Josh Byrnes - The GM stupid enough to claim the two off of waivers throwing $1.8M away as they both should be done with the Dbacks.

Tino said...

If the Yankees miss the playoffs by 1 game to Seattle, it won't be because of Clemens. It will be because of the worst umpiring call of the season on May 7th.

And by the way:
Punch Drunk Love > Wedding Singer > Reign Over Me > Happy Gilmour > Billy Madison > A steaming pile of dog crap > the rest of Sandler's movies

The same steaming pile of dog crap > bandwagon Florida Gator fans

Ken Dynamo said...

worst sandler? little nicky? 50 first dates (never actually saw that one)?

and i think we should all remember sandler's cameo as the devil in Dirty Work, one of the greatest works in American cinematic history.


Anonymous said...

Dan Patrick is on today for the first of his last three days on ESPN radio.

His guests: Billy Crystal, David Stern, Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, and others.

Anonymous said...

Two more guests: Wayne Gretzky, Rick Reily.

Mr. D said...

in honor of Seinfeld (since you mentioned it)...

MLB Stud - "Oh its got cachet baby...its got cachet up the ying yang!!"

Big D said...

Just a builder on the keeper fantasy draft information...

Sitting at the #3 pick in a keeper league right now is just about the best place you can be - you're guaranteed one of LdT, Gore or SJax. Not one of them would be a bad choice at the 3, and considering LdT is the oldest of the three and has the most mileage, he might actually fall to you there.

Couldn't agree more with eric's analysis on wide receivers - unless you get one of the young studs like Fitz or Roy or Anquan, you might as well just save them for rounds 5-8 and rebuild the corps every year.

And Carson Palmer would be my first choice at QB, followed by Peyton, Leinart, Brees, Rivers and Brady. VY could fit in there too, depending how much credit running QBs get in the league, though running QBs have a shorter shelf life in general. Never know when one of them is going to blow out a knee.

Or get thrown in federal prison...

starkweather said...

I keep telling people not to be so sure Vick to go away for a long time (if at all). Everyone is assuming the pleas that his friends copped are going to burn him but don't you think they might have been counciled by Vick's team just a bit? Sure he's the big fish in this case (and, by the way, who is the "bigger fish to fry" that I hear referenced? Is there some kind of corporate structure to dog fighting? Some guy running things from on high? Give me a break - the only "big fish" in dog fighting are celebrities involved in it. Vick IS the big fish no matter what Emmitt Smith thinks) but it's no sure thing that he's going to jail. Where is the precedent in this case? Some federal case that ended with the ringleader going away for 6 months? Not sure where the 2-3 years idea comes from. Maybe it's correct, but I'd like to see a clearer line drawn. In any case, I still don't expect to see him on the field again.

Not A Gunslinger said...

How many players do you get to keep, and what do you have to give up to keep them? Do you give up your draft pick for the round you took them, or do you just get to keep say 4 or 5 players then do a draft regardless of which players you kept. In the second situation you always draft best talent available, in the first it's more tricky. You're number 3 pick isn't really the 3rd overall pick, it's your first round pick for the next few years. Honestly, I'd use the pick then for manning, and wait till rounds 2 or 3 to take your first running back. Maroney, Reggie Bush, Jones-Drew, Brandon Jones, and Cedric Benson are all projected 2nd round picks in standard leagues who are 25 years or younger. And you might even look at fitzgerald and bouldin and such. Remember, no position in the NFL is as punishing on players as running backs, and tying yourself to one in a keeper league is a biiig gamble.

Brian in Oxford said...

Hey....with suicide pools coming soon.

Is it better to have everyone pay their $5 at the start?

Or should I offer $2 a week, and if you want to keep playing, you have to keep paying....I mean, the people who stay alive pay more....but less smart people are more likely to play at first for the cheap price....and if they survive, they're hooked in. Maybe even a $1, $2, escalator price each week? Would you pay $9 with three people left, or fold? At that point it's mostly your own money coming back if you win!

Anyways, any thoughts?

CMFost said...

Brian I like the way the suicide pool I am in is run, $25 upfront and you have to survive the entire season to win. If everyone gets knocked out you can rebuy in for $25 and try and keep going. Makes for a very high pool in most cases.

Jen said...

brian~ When my fam had a suicide pool (presuming this is the same as the "Winners Pool", right?) we all had to pay up front.

Gambling is the reason I love football season even more...suicide pools, pick 'ems, squares. There are so many different ways to gamble for football!!

Jen said...

I forgot the ever-obvious fantasy leagues!

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Leave it the motherfucking Orioles. Up 3-0 on the bitch Yankees and Bedard is pitching a beaut at Yankee stadium. What happens score is tied in the 10th. Way to go O's and of course Boston is down 6-5 in the 9th to the piece of shit Devil Rays.

Jen said...

future...sounds like the Indians!!!!

ndyanksfan05 said...

Yanks blew it.

Still Shelly Duncan is the MAN

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

keeping track of the Yankees/O's game this is a line:

Rodriguez to 2nd on fielder's indifference.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Yanks fan they did not blow it Baltimore almost did but were able to recover. If the Yanks blew it they would have led for the whole game then crapped the bed in the 9th.

Beetle said...

Fielder's or defensive indifference
is when a baserunner takes an extra base because the team in the field does not care about him and does nothing to prevent it. (1st baseman not holding runner on, pitcher not pitching from the stretch, catcher not throwing through, SS and 2nd baseman not running to cover the bag)
Usually happens in the last inning of a game that the team in the field is winning by a decent margin.

Brian in Oxford said...

I used to proclaim defensive indifference when my boss proclaimed he was "stealing" a pen from me.

Brian in Oxford said...


if everyone gets knocked out, everyone buys back in? I had it once where the last two people both died the same week, so they got to keep going, but only them...

Anonymous said...

Defensive indifference can be called on any steal when the catcher doesn't make a throw. In "Is this a great game or what?" Timmy says that this is one of the few things he doesn't like about baseball. Rickey Henderson lost about 20-40 steals because no one ever bothered to throw when they knew that there was no chance of getting him. It does happen to be called most of the time when nobody bothers to go cover the base but holding a runner on does not often preclude it from being called.

Kevin said...

@ nikbask (on vacation so this is late)

So, comitting a felony now warrants a lifetime suspension from the NFL? That probably eliminates 10% of the players in the league...Jamal Lewis did time, and nobody even mentions it.