Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday 10/29 A.M. Quickie:
BoSox Champs! A-Rod Opts! Pats Roll! BCS Yes!

Today's Names to Know: Boston Red Sox, Mike Lowell, A-Rod, Joe Girardi, Tom Brady, Ohio State and Boston College, NBA Awards and More!

Red Sox sweep Rockies for World Series Championship, Boston's second title in four years. Man, the Red Sox sure know how to suck the drama out of a World Series, don't they? Two straight sweeps, eight straight wins.

Anyway, congrats to baseball's Team of the Decade, the first to nab two championships in the 21st Century, doing it with an ideal combination of scouting and SABR, guts and gobs of cash, pricey free agents and home-grown youngsters. They are (gack) the model franchise.

Thus is won the first component of what could be known as the Grand Slam of the Apocalypse: Boston teams winning titles in baseball, college football, pro football and pro basketball -- all way too possible. If that happens, the rest of us might have to either quit being sports fans or force the Boston teams (and fans) to secede from the rest of us.

As for the Rockies, it was a "miracle" run that ended miserably. Was it that 8-day layoff between NLCS and World Series that turned the hottest team in MLB history into a limp, lifeless loser? It doesn't matter: Colorado's fantastic finish goes up there with the '95 Seattle Mariners, among others: Locally, fans will remember how amazing it was forever, but without the championship, it will be lost to history.

A-Rod opts out of his contract: The savvy observer might note that Scott Boras' announcement during the World Series that A-Rod would opt out of his contract is the closest A-Rod has ever gotten to the World Series.

Did Boras think he was doing his client a favor with that classless move? Sure, we're all talking about him today (as Boras would say is all that matters), but all people will be saying is how douch-ish it was to co-opt the World Series for A-Rod's personal gain. It was right out of the WWE textbook.

So: What next for the player presumably about to win the AL MVP – and more than arguably the best player in baseball?

Where: Will the Yankees go back on their earlier sentiments and try to re-sign him? Will he go to a would-be contender like the Angels? Will he go to a team that desperately needs a superstar (San Francisco)?

How much: Will anyone be willing to pay him the payroll-crippling $30 million a year that Boras is demanding?

You know where A-Rod is a perfect fit, right? Boston. And you just KNOW they're thinking about it. (It's not like they haven't before.)

But, as they proved last night, the Red Sox hardly need A-Rod: Why, when they have World Series MVP Mike Lowell playing 3B? What an amazing pair of symbols: Boras interjecting A-Rod into the World Series, while Lowell smacks a HR to lead the Red Sox to a Series title, just before Lowell himself goes into free agency.

I can understand the lure of A-Rod (the tantalizing prospects of him in the lineup must make the SABR contingent get very excited), but despite the massive payroll, the Red Sox won this title using financial brains, not just brawn. As much as I'd like to see the Red Sox sign A-Rod, if only for the entertainment value, unlike most every other team in baseball, they don't need him (even if they are one of the very few that can afford him).

Meanwhile, the Yankees are set to announce their managerial decision today, and speculation is hot that it will be Joe Girardi.

UPDATE: The offer's been made. I know you all think I necessarily must renounce all Northwestern-related interest, but I have to say that it's exciting to see a fellow NU alum get that kind of job. (My favorite NU Girardi story: In the football weight room, where all athletes worked out -- me, too...imagine that scene! -- there are lists of weightlifting records, and the only non-football player ANYWHERE was in the squat, where Girardi was the all-time king. Northwestern loyalty won't make me root for the Yankees (save your snark), but it's nice to see it working out for another NU person.

NFL Wrap: Pats roll on to 8-0, and it's arguable we have just witnessed the most dominant first half of a football season ever (including the '85 Bears, who would be my gold standard for a first half). Tom Brady accounted for 5 TDs (again), with 2 on the ground for himself this time. So for those of you who have Brady in your fantasy leagues, you might get those extra points for rushing TDs (not that you need them, with Brady -- is he having the most dominant fantasy season for a QB ever?)

UPDATE: There's definitely a lot of talk about sportsmanship and the "classiness" (or not) of the Pats seemingly running up the score. Screw that: It's the NFL. I think it makes the Pats infinitely more interesting that they are not just winning, but ripping the soul out of the opponents, the rest of the league and the game itself as they go.

NFL in London: It was a great piece of ambassadorship, if the story we wanted to export was "The NFL sucks." Makes it hard to argue that the NFL is better than the EPL when the game features roughly as much scoring as a bad EPL game.

Rams, Dolphins remain oh-fer-season: It's a race to see who wants the top pick in the NFL draft. But in a QB-heavy draft, neither team really needs help at QB, and both teams already have very expensive "franchise" RBs, so a draft featuring Darren McFadden doesn't help much either. I suppose they're both playing to draft LSU's Dorsey.

Chargers lift up San Diego's spirits with a blowout home win: As long as the Chargers are scoring 35 in a half, can I get at least 1 TD for Tomlinson?

Random Notes: The Colts' 7-0 start (3rd straight season of that) has been complete eclipsed by the Pats. Good thing we'll have the Game of the Year next week when New England goes to Indy... Is Derek Anderson headed for a Pro Bowl appearance?... So who's picking up Quinn Gray as a fantasy QB?... Welcome back, Drew Brees and Marques Colston. Is it too late for a second-half surge to the NFC title I predicted them to win?

CFB BCS Rewind: Ohio State, Boston College remain 1-2, with BC the computers' favorite and OSU and Arizona State tied for 2nd by the PCs, after all four BCS-conference unbeaten teams claimed "prove-it" wins this weekend.

Arizona State rides the PCs to No. 4, while Oregon gets more love from the human pollsters. Given that they play next weekend, something has to give. If ASU beats Oregon, I would eye them for the Top 2, but that's a huge "if" I don't think will happen.

Of intrigue, unbeaten Kansas is still stuck at No. 8; Georgia is the highest-ranked 2-loss team (No. 10) and look at that: Michigan is sitting there at No. 12. (I am much more bullish on UConn than the various polls; I have them in my Top 10.)

My 1-2 this week are BC and Ohio State. I know I had Ohio State at No. 1 last week, so it looks like I'm dropping them from 1 to 2 after thumping Penn State in Happy Valley, but I think that BC's win at Virginia Tech was more impressive. At least I didn't put them behind idle LSU, too.

(It's not worth griping, OSU fans: You don't have to worry. OSU is a lock to play in the national title game if they win out, and I'll be ready to put them there as soon as they finally play – and beat – a really good team, which based on their schedule wouldn't come until the season finale in Ann Arbor.)

NBA Preview: Awards Predictions!
MVP: Kevin Garnett (Obvious)
(2nd: Gilbert Arenas; 3rd: Steve Nash)
Rookie: Kevin Durant (Zzz...)
(2nd: Al Thornton; 3rd: Al Horford)
Coach: Doc Rivers (Whaaa?!)
(2nd: Eddie Jordan; 3rd: Mike Woodson)
Breakout: Al Jefferson

Your NBA awards picks in the Comments.

-- D.S.


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Chris said...

Congratulations to Theo, Tito and the Sox - best team in baseball this year, and it's always a healthy sign for the game when that translates into ultimate victory.

NFL at Wembley was always destined to be seen as an intriguing novelty, regardless of the quality of the game - to be honest, I suspect that most sports fans on this side of the pond who saw it will have little or no idea whether what they witnessed was good quality American football or not. The fact that it was apparently a messy, scrappy game will have little impact on the future success of the NFL in Europe.

The headlines here are all about yesterday's clash between Liverpool and Arsenal anyway. It had just about everything you could want in a game of football, and in Fabregas and Gerrard, it featured two of the best players in the world.

Mr. Ed said...

I disagree with the comment about the Rams and Dolphins not really needing a quarterback. Maybe they don't need one in the way that say, the Falcons or Panthers or Vikings "need" a QB, but if you are a team who needs a quarterback who can "will" his team to victory, then you take the best QB available, regardless of the current QB situation with your team.

Oh, and congrats, BoSox... whatever.

Sparty said...

Congrats to the Boston Red Sox, and have fun with the victory fans.

Also, apologies to the Boston Red Sox and to their fans as well. You will attention taken away from you by Dick-Rod. Of course you will all forget about it if you sign him in the offseason anyway.

Go Big Blue! Harsh conditions in London, but a win is a win. Two weeks to rest up and welcome Dallas to the Meadowlands. Hopefully Tony Romo will have caught something from Britney Spears by then.

Joey said...

If Ohio State has not beat a good team yet...Is Florida not a good team since they have 3 losses? Like you said though, it doesn't really matter if you are ranked 1st or 2nd come end of the season. The only difference is the 1st ranked team gets to be the home team and choose their uniform.

Congrats to the Red Sox for proving once again that the National League sucks. Almost as bad as the Browns defense, but their offense sure is fun to watch this season.

Geoff said...

Lions had a real nice win at Chicago yesterday. Definitely tell the atmosphere around Detroit is changing when the Lions can pick up 2 road wins in the first half of the season, with one of them being in Chicago. They may not be a real NFC contender but at least Marinelli has them on the right track.

CMFost said...

Wow, As a Red Sox fan I could not be more amazed, excited, happy.....
As someone who was born in raised in Boston you always knew somehow some way the Red Sox would not win it all but now to see to World Series Championship is just unreal.

CMFost said...

The timing of A-Fraud's announcement is just another reason why I hope the Red Sox say thank but no thanks we prefer to keep Mike Lowell at 3B when Boras comes calling. It just proved what a selfish jackass he is and that he has not the type of player you build World Series Champions around.

Matt T said...

Congrats to the Sox.

This really has been a weird year in CFB. Especially seeing UGA at #10, and being the highest ranked 2 loss team....but I don't care about any of that, because WE BEAT FLORIDA. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

(sorry Dan)

Eddie said...

"doing it with an ideal combination of scouting and SABR, guts and gobs of cash, pricey free agents and home-grown youngsters"

All two of them, yes.

The 1985 Bears actually went into Dallas and beat them 44 - 0. Dallas finished 10 - 6 that season. Considering the Colts are probably going 13 - 3, how many points would New England need to win by to equal such a feat?

Then again, it's a moot point, as Boston is officially out of karma and the Patriots will lose convincingly next week.

bkelly126 said...

@matt t
but looks who's first in the east, it's Tennessee. WOOOOOOOO! (I think my blood pressure has finally come down since saturday)

congrats to the sox...blah,blah

anyone else expecting a karmic boomerang of biblical proportions on Brady or anyone else on the Pats?

A.P. Boynton said...

Eddie, the Red Sox have more than 2 home grown youngsters:

Varitek (per se..he was traded for very early in his career so he's spent 10 years with this team)

pv845 said...

Congrats to the Red Sox. (man I hate having to say that)

Is there any player that is worth $30 million a year? I would say no. He only gets to bat once every nine times. A player would most help on the defensive side of the ball and A-Rod isn't that guy. I would rather get to pretty good $15 mil players than any one $30 mil. Anyone else?

Jonathan said...

First off congrats to the Red Sox, this comment is directed and Dan's comment.

The model franchise of Baseball had like a 200 hundred million dollar payroll. 3 guys in their line-up and 1 pitcher from their rotation are home grown. Meanwhile the whole Rockies team is home grown except for a few guys, and none of them qualify as pricey free agents.

Jonathan said...

Arod is probably going to win the gold glove at 3rd this year so, huh?

rafael said...

It's not griping that you drop them, its your reasoning. BC got LUCKY to beat VT...a team with no offense whatsoever.
Ohio State went into an environment harder than Lane Stadium and dominated a team just as good.
There's just something very "mainstream media-ish" about you making your decision on BC/OSU BEFORE OSU even played...going so far as to say nothing OSU does matters. A bit too dismissive, Dan.

How about Vivian Stringer?? She rightfully blasts Isiah for his ridiculous ideas on black women...then totally destroys all credibility by apologizing to him the next day! She has no right to criticize Isiah? Is she not a black woman? Thomas wasn't just talking about Anucha Brown, he meant all black women. Stringer has just reinforced the idea that Thomas threw out there...that black women are on a lower level of existence than black men. She can take her vitriol out on a silly old white man but cowers when a black man objects to her righteous thoughts.

futurelegendvinceyoung said...

Is ESPN void of things to add when the headline on the front page says this, "The legend of Babe Ruth haunted New England for 86 years. The curse of Doug Mientkiewicz? Thee."

What the fuck kind of headline is that? I know it is ESPN and they are a bunch of world class morons but this is high school newspaper bad.

Matt T said...

-Bkelley, unfortunately the condo we stayed at didn't have the game on for some reason. I have a feeling that UT will stay on top of the division.

-PV, good call on predicting the UGA win.

Sparty said...

does anyone think that he is going to get 30 mil? seriously, look at what it did to a margainal team like the Rangers. I know that Red Sox could afford it, but nobody else really can.

CMFost said...

futurelegend - Knowing the WWL the probably wanted to put A-Rod in the front headline section but since the Red Sox won the world series they figured they make something stupid up and put that on the front page.

rafael said...

Baseball season is OVER! Grats to Red Sox. Whatever. Don't know that A-Rod overshadowed anything..since noone watched the Series and even fewer care about A-Rod.
Still, no way Boston signs A-Rod. They are already like the Yankees...but would they really go for sloppy seconds? A-Rod is a pretty boy who couldn't handle a city that loves pretty boys. No way could he handle the city on the other end of the spectrum.

CMFost said...

I have feeling they before the Free Agency period starts A-Rod will have one less place that he can get a contract and that will be your WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Boston Red Sox. They will get Lowell signed before he becomes a free agent.

My A-Rod prediction - CUBS

CMFost said...

Oh Yeah - Buck and McCraver could you slurp A-Rod a little bit more. It was ridiculous in last nights coverage that you spent almost entire half inning discussing. You guys really do suck.

Sparty said...

@cmfost, does that mean he moves back to SS to play for the cubbies? or do they move Ramirez?

Sparty said...

and when i say move ramirez, i mean trade him.

Melbye said...

God Dammit, it's 5:35, I'm posting before I get my daughter up and I'm still in the freakin middle teens for posts. Sonsabitches.

Indy is a 4 point dog at home next week, wtf?

I can't see ASU making another 2nd half comeback in Eugene...

Freakin Bank of American League East has got too much money

Ferocious Bluebird said...

New Orleans and San Diego are the ultimate sleeper picks right now. Both of these teams could make a run for a wild card and San Diego could win their division outright and reasonably grab the three spot, giving them a home game in the first round. And if they keep racking up points we might be putting them in the same conversation as New England. This is largely the same team that only lost to New England on a fluke interception fumble and then a missed field goal.

Big D said...

re: Saints:

Is it too late for a second-half surge to the NFC title I predicted them to win?

Uh... have you seen the rest of the NFC South? If they keep this up, they're pretty much guaranteed the division title. Then they just have to get past Dallas & Green Bay - both are possible, if not probable.

Coach Chip said...

When is A-Rod going to get it? No matter how much you get paid you can't buy a championship ring. When it's all said and done that's what the players want.

Greg said...

showin' love for uconn football...see you in cinci next weekend!!

Ferocious Bluebird said...

also, I think something people are forgetting is that A-Rod can play another position than third baseman. And the Sox could use a short stop who can field and hit and even given that A-Rod will commit a couple errors more than Lugo, he will also bring a bigger bat and account for at least one more run per game.

Geoff said...

San Diego may largely be the same team, but New England isn't.

Mr. Ed said...

Just a question I'm throwing out there... is anyone else glad that baseball season is finally over? (not that I'm looking forward to the off-season or anything)...

I'm just sayin'.

Sparty said...

@mr. ed,

Once pro and college hoops gets into full swing, then I am happy that baseball season is over. The next few days will stink, no sports to really watch. I downgraded my cable a few weeks ago, so I do not get Versus...

Big D said...

Ah, ferocious beat me to it.

Let's not forget, the Sox are still paying Atlanta for Edgar Renteria - it's not like they haven't shipped a "star" player out of town to import someone they thought was better.

Remember in the '03 offseason - it was painfully obvious that A-Rod wanted to play in Boston, as evidenced by his willingness to take less money on his contract to get the deal done before the union nixxed the trade. If he still wants to be in Boston, he'd move back to shortstop.

As for the Cubs - Chicago just re-signed Aramis, right? Isn't there a clause in the CBA that a newly signed player in a multi-year deal can't be traded for one calendar year?

Sparty said...

@big d, so i guess that means alex would play ss for the cubs.

Nick said...

"Lions had a real nice win at Chicago yesterday."

The amazing thing is that, if Green Bay loses tonight at Denver, the Lions will be first place in the NFC North Division (due to a better division record). Thanksgiving's game between the Packers and the Lions might actually have a real impact for both teams this year. I'm definitely excited. It is nice for my team's season not to be over in the first half of the season for once.

Sparty said...

my prediction...the Tigers. They have their choice of SS, which they really need, or 3b. Illitch is willing to pay big money for guys, especially since he does not have to invest as much in the Red Wings these days.

Jonathan said...

Hello Arod won a gold glove at short, I'm pretty sure Lugo never did that. Also ARod puts buts in seats which I'm sure some owners are concerned about, I mean they are running a business.

Sparty said...

so if boston was to sign him, and I think they will give Schilling a 1 year 10-15 mil deal, will that take the Red Sox past the Yanks for top payroll?

Geoff said...

Arod would be a good fit in Detroit since they are dropping Casey and moving Guillen to first base for next season... but I don't see a chance in hell that Ilitch drops 30 mil for a player or that Arod would even want to come here.

And yeah Nick, it would be awesome to have the Thanksgiving game mean something for a change. Too used to watching the first half and passing out because the game is meaningless.

Sparty said...

i think what i kinda cool is that Lester steps up last night, and he was the guy the Sox were gonna give up along with Manny for A-Rod.

Natsfan74 said...

Congrats Sox.

Now, on to A-Rod. There's a very finite list of teams who can sign him:

Yankees -- won't do it. Not after he opted out.
Red Sox -- won't do it. They have won 2 WS without him. Fans would revolt (at least until his first homerun)
Cubs -- can't do it. Cubs do not have an owner. The outgoing ownership cannot commit $250M+ for someone on their way out the door. This almost cost them Carlos Zambrano this year.
Dodgers -- can't do it. Dodgers have money and need, but won't spend that much money on anyone.
Rangers -- not again.
Mets -- won't do it. Wright and Reyes have that side of the field locked up. So unless ARod wants to be an outfielder (LF is open), the Mets have no need.
Angels -- perfect fit. Arte Moreno has money, needs a power hitter, needs a 3B, has his own cable channel that needs viewers, and has a Latin American fanbase that would like a Latin American superstar. The Angels are the only team who has the resources and the need to match Boras/ ARod's requirements. But, what are they willing to pay?

Sparty said...


he won't have to drop 30 mil. nobody is going to. This is where Boras' ego got the best of him. Alex will not get the contract he is looking for. Nobody but the Yanks and Sox could pay him that w/o losing money. So the Tigers will can compete to offer him a huge deal, just not the 30 mil. he was dumb for opting out.

Chris said...

Dan, as usual, your college football analysis blows. Do you even think before you post something here, or are you being intentionally stupid just to get a reaction? I honestly can't decide in my own mind which it is.

I was lucky enough through a friend at a tv station to get a sideline pass for the PSU/OSU game Saturday night and I can tell you that OSU is very, very good (this from a PSU grad and fan). They are well coached, have a terrific defense and special teams, and are very diverse of offense. In fact, I think they are better offensively than last year because Wells is a bruising back and Boeckman looks to be very accurate (especially when he is getting all night to throw and that is against a team that led the nation in sacks coming in). I don't like OSU at all but after seeing them up close I respect how good they really are. Face it, they are going to the BCS National Championship game. The only chance they have of losing is at UM and that will not happen because they are simply better than Michigan. I don't care who they play in New Orleans (and for the record I think it will be Oregon after LSU loses in the SEC championship game) the only way they don't have a very good shot in that game is if the ridiculous 50 or so day layoff hurts them.

I'm a little bleary eyed after staying up to watch the Sox win it last night. I'm really happy they won and very happy to see Lester pirch so well. After the Rox made it 4-3 and Papelbon came in I wasn't even worried. It must be what the Yankee fans feel like when Mo Rivera comes into games.

BTW, A-rod (or at least Boros) sucks. Nice timing. And way to make it more important than the game Joe & Tim. Theo can do almost anything he wants in my book, except sign that ass clown.

Sparty said...

the Angels don't have a Latin American superstar on their team?

The heroin sheik said...

Lugo has to be the luckiest guy in the world. He goes from playing for the shittiest team in baseball last year to winning a WS. The funny thing is I am glad he is off my damn team. That dude sucked ass.

CMFost said...

Bluebird this San Diego team is also largely the same team that lost to New England 38-14 in Week #2 of the Season.

BLT said...

Re: NBA Predictions...

Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers, you gotta be kidding me??? Just because a team sucks the year before and then gains a couple superstars and plays well, make the playoffs, maybe win the division the coach gets rewarded...this happens every year (see Sam Mitchell). Its bogus!


Jaimie said...


I just laugh what a flipflopping SEC homer you are. Last week you say Ohio State will finally have a quality win after they beat PSU (I'm surprised you actually picked them to win). Now that they actually did it you don't think it was a quality win... and then you say the only chance tOSU has a chance for a quality win will be when they play UM at the end of the season and yet you said in the early weeks that UM should be banished for losing to a I-AA school. So is UM good or not? I'm guessing that after tOSU beats UM you'll just flip flop back to UM really sucks and tOSU never beat anybody. If on the odd chance UM does actually win you'll probably say "See tOSU lost to UM and they lost to Appy...!"

On the other side of the coin you can't even talk about the Gator's loss you have to link to some other moron's website. You're always talking about what it is to be a fan. I'm sure when Florida has at least 4 losses this year they'll still be better than any other team in the country though right?

rafael said...

NBA? whaa? NBA matters in...January aside from fantasy purposes.

Mr. Ed said...

I'm just imagining the Pats' locker room after yesterday's game... a deathly quiet pall hangs over the team as Belichick steps to the center of the room. "52 to 7... 52 to SEVEN... YOU LET THEM BACK IN THE GAME...!!!!! Be on the field at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning - we HAVE to fix this!"

Colts fan all the way, here, but this Pats team is just too much fun to watch.

Jonathan said...

Boras's ego got the best of him? Do you actually believe that you know more about what Arod can get the Boras? Wow!

Ferocious Bluebird said...

cmfost, this is true. But as we saw with that time of the season, they were largely in disarray where Norv Turner is actually allowing them to open it up on offense. And New England's defense has not passed any tests. They almost shut out an impotent Redskins offense, which is the only thing that dropped their average points scored against to even close to Indy's. I am not saying they would beat New England but it wouldn't be as much of a rout as the last game. San Diego and Indy are the two teams that could outshoot New Englamd and Dallas could as well and was poised too until the referees decided to call a different game when Dallas was handling the ball. let us not forget that Dallas had just lost the lead, then got the ball back, and proceeded to have their next three drives halted by ticky tack calls.

let us also not forgett that yesterday, as I listened to the radio broadcast of the Skins/ New England game, that the commentators couldn't help but point out how many times players were allowed to horse collar, pushoff, and hold if they were wearing the silver helmets. New England is great, but they might just be really good if the refs weren't so adament about ignoring some of their stuff.

jhawkjjm said...

I agree with the ADud announcment being done at a crappy time. Not only that, but he didn't even show up to receive the Hank Aaron award last night. I hope the Sox don't sign him.

bkelly126 said...

@ chris
Tennessee will be destroyed by LSU in the SEC championship unless they play the perfect game. so don't count on that loss.

CMFost said...

Bluebird, I broke this down last week look at the offensive ranks of the teams New England Has played vs what the Colts have played and you will find that the Patriots have played a lot higher caliber of offensive team then the Colts. And let's also not forget the Patriots played the 1st 4 games without there best Safety Rodney Harrison and every game until this week without there all pro defensive lineman in Richard Seymour.

Perks said...

Although I'm a Sox fan, I'm always somewhat saddened the day baseball ends :(

Dan, per your mention:

MVP: Dirk.

KG has toooo much around him to win a MVP. Arenas will be 2nd. I just see the Mavs coming back realll hungry, and Dirk is head and shoulders the best on that team as opposed to KG with his crew.

ROY: Durant.

If he gets hurt, I'm going with Horford.

COY: Eddie Jordan.

The Wiz are serious about defense this year, and if they're healthy, they can finish 2-3 in the east.

I'm more curious to answer which team is going to play the Patriots in the Super Bowl?

CMFost said...

Let's not put the Pats in the Super Bowl yet, there are still too many games to be played to say that especially since one or 2 injuries could quickly doom any team.

But in the NFC it is wide open: GB, Det, Dal, NYG all have a legitimate chance to make the Super Bowl and get crushed by whoever the AFC team is

Sparty said...

Jonathon, Arod will not get 30 mil base salary, guarantee it.

marcomarco said...

You know where A-Rod is a perfect fit, right? Boston. And you just KNOW they're thinking about it. (It's not like they haven't before.)

I didn't want this to happen then, and I REALLY don't want this to happen now.

A large Eff You to Boras, Buck, Mccarver and FOX for consuming a full 40 minutes of game four with Yankee/Arod/Torre talk.

Matt T said...

Don't forget about Horford's rookie teammate Acie Law IV.

If he gets a lot of minutes running point, which he should, and the team finally does well, he could win ROY.

marcomarco said...

No one complaining about the Pats score yet? I'm shocked.

Where's Todd when you need him

marcomarco said...

er, Luke. (sorry todd)

Tim H. said...

Boston Red Sox....W.S. champions!!

My wife pointed out that each of my two children were born in the fall of Red Sox championships. Sadly, she won't promise me a bunch more kids.

I have to question why A-Rod would announce now. He has 10 days after the W.S. conclusion to opt out. He said that it was uncertain whether the core of the Yank. would be back (Rivera, Posada, Pettite) w/ Torre gone. A-rod - why not wait until a new manager is announced (probably today)? Did you even talk to your "teammates" about this decision? Once again, he's shown that he has one ambition in life (make money) and a secondary one of winning a championship. I hope the R.S. steer clear of him.

And I hope that Lowell will accept a 2-3 year deal with the R.S. - that's probably as long as they'll offer. It's not unprecendented for older players to play for the R.S. - note Schilling and Wakefield. It's just a different contract consideration.

Hallelujah for another win.

verbal97 said...

I hope the Red Sox DO sign ARod, then the Sox fans will be exposed for what they are when they all cheer for him.

Anyway, there's no difference to people in England between a 31-28 game that's well-played and a sloppy 13-10 game. For most of the English I've heard from, American football is too stop-start to be enjoyable. Also, given that the NFL is played at the same time as their football league, any NFL game has the chance of being heavily overshadowed as it was yesterday by Liverpool/Arsenal.

The heroin sheik said...

I watched the Arsenal/Liverpool match and it was a hell of a lot better than the fins game. Verbal I never could figure out why people abroad don't like how we stop between plays in football but it seems that no matter where you go in the world that it is the one thing that keeps it form being that much more popular which I think is partly why soccer is the most popular sport int he world. Well that and you dont really need any equipment to play other than a ball of some sort.

Michael said...

The lack of sportsmanship shown by not only having Brady in that game in the 4th quarter, but throwing passes downfield to Randy Moss, was embarrassing and unsportsmanlike.

I would not be surprised if an opposing defense attempts to injure Brady in a situation like that.

nsrrder said...

As an Atlanta Hawks season ticket holder (yes, we DO exist), Woodson mentioned as COY???? Whaaaaa? The guy has a team chocked full of young talent and no idea how to coach them. Watch a Hawks' game in its entirety one night and pay attention to his substitution logic. There is none. I do agree with Horford as a sleeper ROY though.

PatriotsNation said...

This is the freaking NFL not Pop Warner or Little League, keep running up the score Bill and Tom!!!!!!!!!!

CycleDan said...

I agree with Sparty. I think the strategy with A-Rod will backfire. Yanks would only give him a 5 year $30M extension since they still ha the Texas Ranger subsidy for the next three years. Boras is nuts if he thinks that over the next 8 years, anyone is going to pay considerably more. The excuse of not knowing who else will sign is also total BS. If that really was the issue then you would wait the 10 days. Also how do we call A-Rod the best player in baseball if he sucks in the postseason. Shouldn't hitting in the clutch be part of it just a little?

Gammons said it right, he has never been in a world series and maybe there is a reason. No doubt he would have been if he had replicated his regular season stats in the last few years in the playoffs.

Dr. Zoom said...

Michael, I was going to say the same thing. I wouldn't have been surprised to see somebody break Brady's pretty little face after he threw that bomb with the Pats up 38-0.

I can't believe that this ugly disregard for sportsmanship has gone almost completely uncommented upon by the media. It's like Belichick is giving the league a big "F You!" after Tapegate. And all the media can do is ride their collective jock about how dominant they are with their gaudy point totals.

"Too much fun to watch"? Hardly. Makes me want to puke.

Troy said...

1. BC
2-t. ASU
2-t. OSU
4. LSU
5. KU
6. Oregon
7. West Virginia
8. Georgia (!)
9. Oklahoma
10. VaTech
11. UConn
12. USF
13. Mizzou
14. Auburn
15. Alabama

That is the top 15 in the computers. Not only is it wholly reasonable (except UGA is probably a couple spots too hight) but it is thoroughly saner and more defensible than the human polls, which tend to reflect, more than anything, the fact that the voters take at least a week to react to some of the more subtle happenings in the sport, happenings the computers can't help but notice.

In my dream scenario, short of a playoff, the BCS rankings would be determined by using the computer rankings, with the humans only coming into play to break ties in the rankings (like the Michigan/Florida tie in the computers last year).

CycleDan said...

My analysis of the BC - VaTech game:

It was played in thick mud in a driving rain storm for most of the game. For anyone who has played a sport such as soccer, football or rugby on a muddy field, by the end of the game your legs are just dead. It is crazy hard to run in mud. Try running at the beach in soft sand for a while and you will get the idea. Va Tech D was burnt at the end. Also Matt Ryan finally was able to get a grip on the ball when the rain let up and could deliver his passes. The win wasn't that impressive though it was a quality win.

Ohio State beat a good but not great Penn State team on the road. Also a quality win. I still have Ohio St, BC as 1-2.

If Michigan runs the table, how big was that App State upset? Definitely far greater than Stanford USC was. The reason is that USC has shown to not be the powerhouse that they were the last few years and Stanford is a BCS conference team. Perceptions were simply wrong that Stanford was a 35+ point underdog. If Michigan was a 1 loss team, they would still be in the top 10 or maybe even the top 5 right now so their early season ranking wasn't way off. App State has lost to another Div IAA opponent already so they are not really better than a lot of IA teams as people have suggested.

CycleDan said...

It is hard to argue with the Colts Pats hype. I am excited about that game already. It is going to be the highest rated regular season game in 10 years. These days we will never see the ratings that we saw in the 70's and 80's because of the other 100 channels, video games and other competition.

Troy said...

I can't believe that this ugly disregard for sportsmanship has gone almost completely uncommented upon by the media.

When I was a kid, nothing offended me more than when my older friends backed off and let me keep it close when we played basketball, or ping pong, or foosball, or whatever. I simply can't understand the mindset that in professional sports, there are actually people arguing one team should play down to their opponents so they don't embarrass them too much. I can't even formulate an argument against this--it's hard to argue against a position you simply don't understand. Again: what the hell?

(Personally, I find the Pats incredibly fun to watch. They are so much better than everyone else that they're screwing around and still winning by 40. Just amazing.)

CMFost said...

To those who say the Patriots are running up scores, it not there fault that the defenses can not stop them. Come on Washington you are not that bad.

CycleDan said...

As a big American Tackle football fan I can understand the criticism of the stop and go play. As a big rugby fan as well, you appreciate the flow of the game. Other than injuries, they keep playing. Even after penalties or ball out of bounds, teams get set and go.

Baseball is also real stop and go. Even our basketball is real stop and go with all the foul calls that continuously slow the game down. I guess we like our action framed so that we can go back and watch the replay 10 times.

I actually get annoyed if I don't see a replay of the previous play in football sometimes.

Mark said...

Why should the Pats have to pull their starters just because the other team is too inept to stop them? They had an opportunity to use the game as extra practice and preparation for the Colts game next week and they took it. They are paid to play football and the fans pay to watch the starters play, not to watch the 4th stringers run up the middle for no gain.

slaskaris said...

Dolphins don't need a QB?? Really??
I guess I'm mistaken and you apparently believe Cleo Lemon will be a future Pro Bowler. I mean Dan, are you seriously tryin to Say you would take Cleo over Brohm, Woodson, or Ryan? C'Mon!!

marcomarco said...

It's like Belichick is giving the league a big "F You!" after Tapegate.

That's exactly what's happening. And why not. Everyone was so quick to discredit anything (including 3 sbowls). It's a big F you to the media, the commish, every player who made a comment, every coach.

Would you prefer that members of the Pats O become 'conscientious objectors' and disobey a play call? Perhaps they should kneel for the entire 4th quarter to make people happy. Maybe Belichick/Brady wanted to send Easterbrook a message with this one.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this. Manning's probably peeing down his leg right now.

Has anyone noticed the Carnage that the Pats have added to the NFL Injury list (in the past few weeks especially)? Luke/jonathan, I'm sure you'll provide a list, so I won't bother.

ToddTheJackass said...

5 thoughs for today:

1. I know most of you hate the Red Sox, but I appreciate the classiness of you guys saying congrats. It means a lot, especially knowing that a lot of Yankees fans are saying that. Even though it doesn't mean as much as it did in '04, or doesn't mean as much since we have a ridiculous payroll, it still is awesome no matter what when a team that you've invested so much time and emotional capital in wins a championship. I think I probably watched 120 games this year (actually low for me), so seeing them win in the end was awesome... of course it sucks being at work after celebrating last night.

2. Jon Lester. Wow. Even pitching in that game a year after being diagnosed with Cancer as a 22 year old. Wow. And to pitch as well as he did, was absolutely amazing. I didn't think the Red Sox would be able to count on Lester for anything this year, and thought he'd wear down after the chemo he had in the offseason would've taken it's toll. Credit to Aaron Cook as well, as both guys had to overcome life threatening illnesses.

3. A-Rod will not go back to playing SS. Stop it. He is no longer a SS. He's really filled out the past three years (upper body muscle), and I think is a lot closer to being a full-time 1B than a SS. Remember, A-Rod wants his legacy to be that of the greatest player ever, and to do that he'd need to break the all-time home run record, and I just don't see going back to SS as being a good move for a guy who will need to depend on longevity and staying healthy. Playing SS is way more physically demanding than 3B, therefore he won't subject himself toward the increased possibility of getting hurt. Also, the Gammons calling out of A-Rod was fantastic. My fave line was "Dustin Pedroia and Jon Lester have done something A-Rod has never done, play in a World Series..." The old man may have lost a step or two, but that was still fantastic.

4. The Pats did run it up (coming from a Pats fan), but the Redskins couldn't stop the Pats either. But all that doesn't matter going into this week. Ultimately though, I feel like next week's game isn't the end all be all that it's made out to be, since in all likelihood it's not this weekend's meeting that will count, it'll (likely) be the one in January. I wouldn't be shocked to see a conservative Belichick game plan that doesn't come out as strong as you'd think, holding back some things for a possible meeting in January.

5. Not that the computers aren't without flaws, but how do the Ohio St. fans counter that BC is higher in the computer percentages than OSU? Doesn't that mean that BC is definitely in the conversation for #1? I just don't get how some people can dismiss BC considering they've beaten better teams than OSU. @V-Tech, Wake, and @Georgia Tech (w/ a healthy Choice), are arguably better wins than anything OSU has, right? I'm not saying that OSU definitely should not be #1, I'm simply saying that I don't think it's fair to suggest that BC doesn't have a very compelling case to be ranked #1 over OSU as well. There are good arguments for both.

CycleDan said...

That is what Mike Golic said this morning. If a Pac-10 team is beating up on an Ivy League team, you could consider that bad sportsmanship. However in a league with a salary cap and with the weaker teams picking earlier in the draft, they all come in on an equal playing field.

Still, whether you are running up the score or not, with a 30+ point lead in the 4th, why not protect your stars from injury if not for sportsmanship. Imagine if Brady got injured with a 30 point lead in the 4th? Everyone would be screaming at Bellichick.

If I were the Redskins, I would say fine, we are not giving up either and call an 8 man blitz. Who cares if Brady throws another TD, just make sure someone puts some plastic on him and drive him into the ground.

Mark said...

Here is what Joe Gibbs had to say after the game...

(On if he thought that Patriots were running up the score)
"No. I have no problem with anything that they did. Nothing, no problems from me."

Tunsney said...

I think the mets could use A-Rod. They need some quality starting pitching. I think they trade either Reyes or Wright to the Twins for Santana. That would open up one of the spots for Mr 30 mil. What do you think? I am pretty sure the Twins cannot afford to tie up the money it will take to keep Santana after his final year (08). They need to get something for him.
Also, please save a QB for my Vikings. We have three guys that wouldn't make Miami's roster.

marcomarco said...

@ Todd

I wholeheartedly agree on your #1 point above. Very well stated.

Thanks to all.

Geoff said...

I have no problem with the running up the score. Whatever, you are the better team... keep scoring if you want. We get it. It's just going to be funny when they have the starters in with a 30 point lead and Moss or Brady get hurt on some freak play. I mean just out of good sense you would think those guys would be sitting as early as possible.

ToddTheJackass said...

Hmmm... I forgot, a #6 and #7:

6. Papelbon should've been MVP over Lowell... but whatever. Obviously I'm not going to complain about this.

7. For those of you not from New England, a huge subplot to the Red Sox winning the World Series comes as Jordan's Furniture, a huge superstore chain in New England, had a preseason promotion where they had a deal that you could buy a peace of furniture and get it free if the Red Sox won the world series. So a shit load of people just got reimbursed for their furniture as well. It's a ridiculous story, but it's definitely worth keeping an eye on. I just wish I'd have gotten a TempurPedic or something then... damn... Did any of the New Englanders here cash in on the Jordan's promotion?

ToddTheJackass said...

That should read 'piece' of furniture... I know how this blog can get about grammar. Thank god you guys don't criticize run-on sentences, otherwise I'd probably be hanged.

TF said...

I hate the Pats with a passion as a Fins fan. However, I love that they are not holding anything back, why should they? Parity has made the NFL boring, there are 1 or 2 teams every year, but I loved the NFL when the Cowboys, 49ers, Bills, etc were running shit. Not when predicting all the playoff teams is like guessing lottery numbers.

The Pats have stepped up and made a team that everyone (except their fans) wants to see go down. Now teams go onto the field not hoping to win the game, but rather to not get 1/2 100 hung on them. There is swagger there and forthe 1st time since I can remember a legitimate monster in season matchup.

Dr. Zoom said...

Well of course Joe Gibbs isn't going to say anything about the Pats running up the score. He's never been one to be labeled as anything close to a crybaby. His maturity is probably the reason we didn't see anyone go after Brady and Co. with a cheap shot in retaliation. That doesn't make Belichick's actions right.

The heroin sheik said...

I was just commiserating with a friend about the sorry End to the Devil Rays era and how now we will be the rays. He is convinced that the first time we play whatever team A-rod signs with that Carl Crawford will hit a screamer down the line that hits A-rod upside the head and breaks his orbit bone. That ought to put an end to his career. I can totally see this happening as A-rod really isnt really a good fielder at third. This has to happen.

CMFost said...

Although there was no official injury announcement during the game, tight end Kyle Brady was sidelined for the second half, which handcuffed the personnel packages the Patriots could use. With the Patriots dressing just two pure tight ends for the game - Brady and Marcellus Rivers - that forced the team to stay in three- and four-receiver sets despite holding a big lead.

rafael said...

Re: Pats
I'm in the camp that Belichick might want to sit starters more (and he did for the last 6 minutes of the game vs Redskins) just for the injury ramifications. 19-0 is pretty. But the Super Bowl is what matters, and you KNOW at some point, some player will try to hurt someone on the Pats during one those blowouts. Might not be Brady, but the WRs and O and D linemen are always very vulnerable. A timed chopblock could derail someone for the season.

verbal97 said...

I'm so pissed I didn't buy a couch in March. Jordans' quality far exceeds all the other NE area furniture stores and their prices reflect it.

CMFost said...

Todd, I agree Papelbon was definetly the MVP

Big D said...

Wow - 100 comments by 11AM? Good day.

Hey, just a thought, and maybe it's been brought up already... but has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe it's actually not about the money this time with A-Rod? Maybe he truly believes the Yankees aren't going to win a World Series anytime soon (a definite possobility if Rivera & Posada follow the trail out the door), and he wants to pickthe situation that he thinks has the best shot to win immediately?

I know it's kind of naive to think that there are still athletes that aren't driven by money, that actually pick a team because they think they'll win. But look at the Patriots in the NFL, or now even the (gulp) Celtics in the NBA - they've both built teams around a couple superstars, and a bunch of veterans chasing the ring, taking less money just for the chance to stand atop the mountain as a champion.

I could see that happening with the Red Sox too, though I do not think they'll sign A-Rod. He's going to end up in LA - whether it's the Angels or Dodgers, or Chicago back at Shortstop.

Jingoist said...

Big D pointed out A-Rod would shift back to Shortstop with a team like the Red Sox. Then combine it with a point from several others who want Lowell back in a Red Sox uniform for another 2 or 3 years.

Who's to say the Sox won't do BOTH? They certainly CAN. It just depends on if they WILL.

I say leave A-Rod to some other team's payroll crippling fancy, re-sign Lowell, and keep developing the farm system. Obviously, after last night (or even '04 for that matter), it's not like they need A-Rod to win a title.

The allure would be how do you improve the best team in baseball (yikes- it's the old Yankees conundrum!). Geez, I said old Yankees. Because, hell, we know this Yankees team will NOT be your father's/sister's/brother's Yankees anymore.

But the Red Sox ARE. They spend the cash ($160 million payroll), they screw up/waste a combined $100 million+ in salaries (Drew/Lugo/Renteria/Crisp) vs. (Giambi/A-Rod/Damon/Clemens) and they still can win in spite of it.

The difference? The Sox already have the farm system to offset such major mistakes. The Yankees built a farm system as a result of said mistakes (combined with selling their old prospects for 50 cents on the dollar in the late 90's/early 00's to rent a player for the championship runs).

So let A-Rod get his $30 mil. Just not in Boston.

theoriginaljd said...

I just hope the Sox don't fall into the same trap that the post 2000 Yankees fell into. Replacing home grown talent, and leadership quality veterens with high priced superduperstars.

I dont want ARod - I want the World Series MVP back.

Natsfan74 said...

No way that ARod can argue he is doing this for the ring. Not when Boras initial shot down range was 10 years, $30M per -- saying the new team will see him break the HR and hits records.

Besides, if I was looking for a ring, my list of teams I would sign with starts in NY.

Yankees might lose Rivera (but have Joba), and they might lose Posada. Their young pitchers will easily replace the broken down vets.

Does he really think there's a guaranteed ring in Anaheim or Chicago waiting for him? A-Rod is about the money, and about the fact that he can't live in NY!

john (east lansing, mi) said...

cycledan -

you're darn right about App. State, and it just grinds my gears to think about every week as my Blue keeps proving that they don't really suck. That was the definition of an upset - a team that should be outclassed and kicked around comes in with a surprise for the stupid Goliath who misunderestimated them.
I think it's exactly like the NC game AND the Rose Bowl in January - and I think it's a problem with coaching, when a team hears the media saying they can't lose and then they can't get motivated to prepare for a team they should put away easily.

Essentially, a 10-2 season and another bowl loss are my biggest fear right now, especially because they're just so likely. And, as hard as it is to say, the ultimate sign that Lloyd would need to bow out (even if he does get us back on his side with a win in The Game).

Natsfan74 said...

As a lifelong Cubs fan and avowed Yankee Hater, I hope that the Cubs win the WS next year. If the Cubs don't win it, I hope the Yankees put together a season like '98 with 110+ wins and cruise to the WS title. Just to shove it up A-Rod's non-playoff performing ass!

TBender said...

Congrats to the Sox. Boston didn't squander their advantages and just flat out played ball.

Now, hopefully, SawxNation will realize that they aren't the underdogs any more.

verbal97 said...

if ARod's after a WS, then why mention the Cubs (no offense to Cubs fans). They haven't won in 100 years.

Big D said...

Other random thoughts:

1.Patriots' running up the score. I can see this argument coming from a lot of different angles, but the simple fact is this - the Patriots' offensive players get paid to score. The other teams' defensive players get paid to stop them. It's not like the Patriots are playing against a bunch of high-schoolers (though that's exactly what it's looked like the past 2 weeks). If you can't stop them, don't get pissed when they keep scoring. It's like the complaints with hitters showboating after a homerun - if you don't want them to preen over it, don't throw them a meatball.

2.A-Rod's next team. Don't forget, whoever signs A-Rod will inevitably have to deal with whatever "scoop" Jose Canseco has on him in Juiced II. Sorry, I just wanted to see the reactions to that statement.

3.@ Todd: Very well put with those 7 points, though I think Lowell was the right choice as MVP. Just like Foulke in '04 - the closer might come up huge, but the only reason he's even in the game is because the offense gave him a lead to work with.

4.Armageddon in 6 days: I wrote it in my last post under the pick for the Patriots' game - the hype for Pats/Colts is going to take on Bill Brasky-like proportions this week. Let's hope the game lives up to it.

TBender said...

Now, to avoid cluttering the Sox post with A-Rod talk...

Moreno has said he won't pay A-Rod.

So that leaves Japan, right?

Or has Boras just cost his client millions?

::Praying that St. Louis isn't that stupid::

marcomarco said...

Personally, I'd much rather see Rivera in our bullpen than Arod anywhere.

Mariano is the only yankee that would be welcomed with open arms at Fenway.

Oki-Rivera-Paps? Ouch.

Jingoist said...

Todd and CM. I disagree about Paps deserving the MVP over Lowell. Just off the top of my head from these 4 games:
1. Lowell's base running to 3rd base on a shallow base hit in Game Two. He eventually scored on Tek's sac fly to tie the game at 1 apiece.
2. Lowell's SB in Game Three. Sure, they were up 9 to 5 at the time, but the heady play (Atkins was sliding over towards short) shows how well he knows the game and doesn't give up b/c no lead is safe.
3. His HR was clutch in Game Four.

Add to those top-of-mind plays his solid defense and he scored six runs in addition to his .400/1/4 AVG/HR/RBI line.

Papelbon was definitely a large cog in the wheel, but Lowell's consistency for 4 games was deserving.

ToddTheJackass said...

Yup TBender, we're definitely no longer the underdogs. I think most of us realized that this year, or specifically as soon as when they shelled out the dough for Daisuke, that those days were over, and we were now subject to all of the hatred from other fans.

Also, this 'Team of the Decade' crap needs to stop. 2 World Series wins does not equal team of the decade. If we were to win next year or the year after, then you can talk about that, but 2 wins does not equal team of the decade, I'm sorry...

Ironically, for all of the talk about how the NFL is great w/ its parity and salary cap, baseball has actually had way more parity recently in terms of WS winners than the NFL has had, despite the enormous salary gaps between teams in baseball.

To the non-Red Sox fans out there, I promise that I'll do my best to contain the celebration more this year, and not go overboard like we did in '04... but for now, I'm thoroughly enjoying this, I have to say.

Natsfan74 said...

OK, that's enough A-Rod for a few days...

So, my pick for division champions in the much vaunted SEC is Cal in the East and West Virginia in the West -- using Dan's transitive properties of sports.

Cal pummelled Tennessee (which, by virtue of beating Georgia controls their own destiny in the East).

West Virginia beat Mississippi State by 25. MSU beat Kentucky by 17. Kentucky beat LSU by 6. So, West Virginia would beat LSU by 48 (or something like that). If Auburn could have held on against LSU, that would have even put South Florida in 2nd place in the West. So the best conference in the land can't even win its own divisions?

If Alabama beats LSU, after losing to FSU, then all hell will break loose.

GuyInTheCorner said...

Let's say that the Red Sox...

Sign A-Rod, resign Lowell, don't sign Schill, renew Wakefield, trade Lugo and Crisp for prospects/cash

Let me relate their team to you...

1. CF - Jacoby Ellsbury
2. 1B - Keven Youkilis
3. DH - David Ortiz
4. SS - Alex Rodriguez
5. LF - Manny Ramierez
6. 3B - Mike Lowell
7. RF - J.D. Drew
8. C - Jason Varitek
9. 2B - Dustin Pedroia

Josh Beckett
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Tim Wakefield
Clay Bucholz
Jon Lester
Set up- Hideki Okajima
Closer- Jonathan Papelbon

World Series?

CMFost said...

Guy with A-Rod on the team - No World Series.

GuyInTheCorner said...


That lineup is devastating. Can you imagine a starting pitcher for the other team being like "Oh yay! Only the 7-8-9 hitters? Drew? Varitek? Pedroia? What the hell!"

TBender said...

Lugo and Crisp aren't worth prospects or cash of any real value.

Ellsbury looks like he's going to be a very good one for quite awhile.

Gonzo said...


Just like no Peyton Manning team will ever win the Super Bowl?

Players are all losers until the win.

Sparty said...

MVP: Tim Duncan (Nash)
Rookie: Kevin Durant (Stuckey)
Coach: Marc Iavaroni (Mike Woodson)
Breakout: Jason Maxiel (Tyrus Thomas)

Sparty said...


i would like to agree with you that A-Rod means no world series, but the big difference is that Boston has a ton of pitching. that is why they won this year, and why they are in line to win again.

GuyInTheCorner said...


You are very wrong. Crisp is worth a ton. He may not be a great hitter but his glove is very good. Send him to the NL and he becomes a great lead off hitter. He only makes what amounts to 11 million in the next 2 seasons.

That's very cheap compared to the market.

Lugo isn't worth a ton but there are planty of teams that would want a decent hitting / great fielding shortstop, especially an NL team. He did just come up clutch in the playoffs and he can run. If the Sox take half of the contract there's a lot of teams who want him.

Sparty said...

i just hope the yanks don't go after Lowell. he benefited from having to bat after Manny. the Yanks now have zilch in right handed power.

The heroin sheik said...

NAtsfan the only problem with your transitive property argument is that even though the gators are like bottom of the east they did beat the crap out of UT so in theory the gators would beat the crap out of Cal. The way this season is going UF is going to choke to Vandy next week, get destroyed by the old ball coach the following week, regroup and walk all over FIU and then have a memorable game at Ron Zook Field. OH yeah then we will probably get killed in the emerald bowl or something. We just had way too many juniors go pro. I have a sinking feeling the gators are going to give up on the season which is historically what we have done when we have nothing left to play for.

CMFost said...

My Top 20 Ballot:

# 1.BC
# 2.OSU
# 3.Arizona St.
# 4.Kansas
# 5.Hawaii
# 6.Oregon
# 7.LSU
# 8.Oklahoma
# 9.WVU
# 10.Missouri
# 11.Connecticut
# 12.Boise St.
# 13.Georgia
# 14.Va. Tech
# 15.Texas
# 16.USC
# 17.Alabama
# 18.Wake Forest
# 19.Clemson
# 20.Michigan

Luke Bell said...

I thought you played to win the game, and ultimately, the championship. I fail to see how keeping the starters in that late (and throwing!) does anything but add to the risk of one of them getting hurt, and ultimately, ruining a potentially historic season. I mean, winning by 40 is just as good as winning by 50, right?

Running it up to prove a point is a joke. What point are you trying to prove? That you don't need to cheat, but you did anyway?

That's the thing with sportsmanship. You don't do it for the benefit of the other team--you do it for the benefit your own.

RCerno said...

The thing about what A-Rod is worth is pretty simple. How much more revenue is he going to generate? Owner's think more about that than anything else, because you can win a championship one year and still lose money, like the Marlins. It takes money to keep a franchise going, so money is always a huge factor. But the Cubs probaly should not sign A-Rod because he almost assuredly will not increase their net revenue by 30 million+ simply because they fill every seat without him anyway. I can't see the merchandise and tv deal increasing by 30 mil either. It'll be a lose-lose situation for both sides.

marcomarco said...

By that logic, I suppose the Texas rangers weren't very sportsmanlike when they dropped 30 on Baltimore this summer.

They probably should've stopped swinging the bat.

GuyInTheCorner said...

There is no such thing as merchandise sales.

All merchandise sales are divided evenly between the teams.

Sparty said...

Breaking News! Joe Girardi has been offered and expected to accept 3yr 6 mil offer from the Yanks.

On another note, Sportscenter is having a Yankees special at 1:30pm, the day after the Sox win the World Series! wow, i would be pissed if I was a Red Sox fan.

ToddTheJackass said...

Totally agree Guy, Crisp at a very, very reasonable 11 million for the next two years (5.5 per), will be a very attractive alternative for some of the teams that need a CF. By my count, Atlanta, San Diego, Oakland, and perhaps Minnesota will all need CFers next year. All those are markets that could probably use a cost-controlled CFer, and certainly value good defense in CF. I'd add Texas to that list, but I think they're getting either Andruw Jones or Torii Hunter.

Now what the Red Sox could realistically expect for someone like Coco is a different story. But a hard throwing AA pitcher who has the upside to be a good 7th inning or setup man would be probably somewhat realistic. San Diego has a few guys like that they got from Milwaukee.

ToddTheJackass said...

In case you guys didn't see it, the dig that Gammons did on A-Rod was classic. Here's the link:

Jonathan said...

Gammons is a douchebag Sox fan, so his opinion shouldn't be taken seriously.

marcomarco said...


And with statements like that, you continue to prove that you are the King of douche.

Big D said...

@ sparty:

We're not allowed to be angry today. Tomorrow - that's a whole other story.

Sparty said...

jonathon, he may be a red sox fan, but he was right. it was completely unclassy of A-Rod to handle the situation like he did. Not only did he make himself look like an idiot by opting out after he talked about how he wanted to stay in NY, but to do it mid game, just wrong.

Big D said...

P.S. Nice find on that clip Todd... even with what Gammons said, you can tell he's still biting his tongue there to not say anymore.

Sparty said...

1 day grace period huh?

Jonathan said...

How does Arod have no respect for baseball? Is he drawing more attention to a baseball story? Gammons only cares cause it's the Red Sox.

If any of you really think Arod will never get to the world series you are crazy.

Luke Bell said...

There is no clock to run out in baseball. I have no problem with continuing to swing the bat. Trying to steal bases is another matter completely.

Lawdog1214 said...

Let me relate their team to you...

1. CF - Jacoby Ellsbury
2. 1B - Keven Youkilis
3. DH - David Ortiz
4. SS - Alex Rodriguez
5. LF - Manny Ramierez
6. 3B - Mike Lowell
7. RF - J.D. Drew
8. C - Jason Varitek
9. 2B - Dustin Pedroia

I'd switch A-rod and Ortiz. Right left right in the lineup is more difficult to adjust pitching than left right right

GuyInTheCorner said...


Insulting Peter Gammons is way out of bounds. He knows more about baseball than any person ever. Fact. His opinions are very balanced and he is one of if not the most respected men in sports.

You sir, need to go away.

Sparty said...

jonathon also thinks Scott Boras is a genius. he miscalculated on Beltran a few years ago, thinking that the Sox and Yanks would go into a bidding war on him. but they did not, and beltran did sign for a good contract with the mets(13 per), but not the best boras thought he would get at 20-25 mil.

marcomarco said...

Curt's latest:


Jonathan said...

He's a biased Sox fan. They asked him a question on ESPN radio about whether Jaba Chamberlain should be a closer or a starter and his answer was basically the Yanks would rather have Josh Beckett. It was out of nowhere and he didn't even answer the question, he just wanted to bring up the Red Sox and Beckett. I can say whatever I want about him and his biased opinion.

pv845 said...

Peter Gammons has to be one of the most respected person around baseball ever. His comment was right on point and Scott Boras needs to crawl back into whatever hole he crawled out.

Sparty said...

thats because the sox and yanks are the comparison for one another.

Jonathan said...


Did Beltran opt out of a deal? He wanted to get the most he could for his player so he came up with a higher number then anybody could pay. What is he supposed to do come up with a lower number then what he's hoping to get? Do you know anything about negotiations? Oh thats right, you guys all know more then Boras knows. Boras is an idiot. OK then.

marcomarco said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonathan said...

Me want food!

Sparty said...

no one says he is an idiot, but he has not always got the best for his clients. do you really believe someone is going to give him a bigger contract than the extension the Yanks offered to him? are you freaking for real?

marcomarco said...


You are officially a Troll. From this point forward, anything you say will be ignored.

I encourage others to do the same.

Jonathan said...

Sparty, why would he opt out if he didn't think he could get more? If Boras think's he can get more then I am gonna have to go ahead and agree with him. There's a reason he represents so many great players. Why would Boras risk his cut?

Sparty said...

i guess you forgot my ego comment.

Jonathan said...

Marco does that mean I don't think Boras knows what he's doing and I'm just saying it to get a response?

Jonathan said...

Oh right, he's gotten to where he is in life by letting his ego get the best of him.

GuyInTheCorner said...


I think that Boras will get more for A-rod than everyone thinks. Even if we take the highest estimate at the Yankees offer (5/150) and add it to his (now non-)existing deal (3/81) that only adds up to 8 years 231 million.

That is less than 29 million a year. He will be able to get 30 a year and he might even get 10 years instead of 8.

Don't foret that A-Rod didn't like NYC and might have even thought that the Yanks blowing it up this offseason would decrease their chances of winning it all next year.

Don't forget JD Drew. Everyone thought that Boras was crazy to opt out of that also...

Jonathan said...

Stop making sense guy, nobody wants to hear that around here.

Sparty said...

but guy, A Rod already had the biggest inflated deal ever. it will not be passed.

GuyInTheCorner said...

There's starting to be a rumor that A-Rod might take the best offer then go to the Yanks and subtract 27 million that the Yanks were going to get from the Rangers and offer to return to the Yanks.

The Yankees said that wouldn't negotiate with Boras. This way they wouldn't negotiate at all. A-Rod might just say take it or leave it.

Jonathan said...

I think the Yankees are still a possibilty for Arod, they had to say they wouldn't negotiate to try to get him not to opt out. I still think they might go after him. Unless their ego gets in the way

pv845 said...

Hey Jonathan: Beltran didn't opt out of a deal, his contract expired.

GuyInTheCorner said...


There's always a bigger contract. Contracts will always go higher. And if a contract is going to go higher A-Rod should be the one to get it. He's the best. Possibly ever.

In 1984 the highest paid player in the AL was Dave Stieb in Toronto. His salary was 650,000 dollars. The next year Dave Winfield was making more than twice as much in New York. 6 years later Jor Carter was making twice what Winfield made. 4 years later Cecil Fielder was making twice what Carter made. 6 years later A-Rod was making twice what Fielder made.

How long till it doubles again? Can a player make 44 million a year? It's 6 years later now and it hasn't happend yet. That doesn't mean that it won't.

Sparty said...

Said David Ortiz: "Man, I never would walk away from $150 million."

Dr. Zoom said...

Marco, running up the score in baseball would entail sacrificing, stealing bases or hitting and running with a big lead. It doesn't look like the Rangers did that at all en route to 30.

Sparty said...

ugh. the deal A-rod made with Rangers was retarded when he signed it, it was over inflated then and thats why nobody has got another deal close to that since. nobody will get a deal like that in the immeditate future. I agree sometime down the road it will happen, but not starting in 2008.

Natsfan74 said...

But, the reason the Yankees were willing to go so high is because of what the Rangers were paying. So, for the Yankees, it was effectively 8 years for $204M, or about 25.5M per.

But since A-Rod signed that deal, other contracts have not continued to rise as expected. At that time, Jeter, Giambi and Manny all had contracts that were driving up the market price of good players. Since then, the only player to sign a deal worth over $20M per is Roger Clemens this year. The biggest contract is Soriano's $18M per. So, you think A-Rod is worth 67% more than the highest contract value in the previous 7 years?

I think he will get 10 more years at $25M per. That locks him up until retirement at a rate in line with what Boras wants. I think more than increasing his annual salary, it was important to add years when he was coming off of an MVP season. No telling what the market would have been in 3 years.

Sparty said...

i am just more bothered that someone could insult Peter Gammons, the guy is a baseball analyst God. He's about the only thing I enjoy about Baseball Tonight since they canned H.R.

Sparty said...

natsfan, I agree that he could get equal per year and more years, but even that would still surprise me a lil.

Sparty said...

and papelboner has hops.

GuyInTheCorner said...

The thing is to not think of A-Rod as a player. He's a financial asset to the franchise. He doubled the ratins of the YES network while in NY.

If you owned a team that doesn't fill the seats, doesn't have a cable network, and doesn't have a high payroll right now, A-Rod could put you at the top financially and obviously he would help in the standings as well.

I'm not sure who falls into that category but the Reds come to mind.

They don't have a network, their games on TV look empty, and they have 19 million coming off the books of a 68 million dollar payroll.

Just thinking about A-Rod's numbers in the Great American Small Park makes me dizzy.

Sparty said...

wait a minute, did A-Rod offset his cost for the Rangers?

Sparty said...

i know the sox could afford him, but I don't think they will do it.

Matt said...

//rumor alert//

a friend of a former coworker of mine work for the bulls says kobe deal is done...

its kobe for Tyrus Thomas, Ben Gordon, Joakim Noah, and a first round draft pick.

unreliable probably but figured i would pass it along

Sparty said...

thats almost as bad as the source that Dan claimed about Kobe going to the Pistons last week.

GuyInTheCorner said...

In the last 15 minutes rumors have started flying about Kobe to the Wiz.

As a Wiz fan, I love Arenas. That said, Kobe is incredible and I want him on my team.

Sparty said...

ugh, got another one, Kobe to Portland. wait no, Kobe to Miami for Shaq.

GuyInTheCorner said...

Kobe to the Bulls deal can't work without at least 4 players do to salary cap.

GuyInTheCorner said...

Kobe Bryant/Ronny Turiaf for Gilbert Arenas/Antonio Daniels/Darius Songaila works.

The Wiz would throw in some picks probably.

Sparty said...

that would be a fair deal, but cannot see kobe waiving no trade to go to DC.

Matt said...

hey just having some fun with unfounded rumors...he told me i laughed and thought i would share...

GuyInTheCorner said...


Don't be so sure. Kobe/Butler/Jamison is a crazy trio. The Wiz would also get the big defensive upgrade from Agent 0 to Kobe.

Sparty said...

no no guy, I agree that is a killa trio, but i think kobe wants marketing appeal. and DC isn't that.

marcomarco said...

Parade tomorrow, going right past my building. Sweet. My 4th parade since starting this job in '03. Pats-Sox-Pats-Sox


GuyInTheCorner said...


If DC isn't that then what is? Knicks and Bulls? Maybe Clippers? Franchise that should be in Vegas? You can't limit to that small of an audience.

Just think of how many gold 24 jerseys would sell...

GuyInTheCorner said...


If DC isn't that then what is? Knicks and Bulls? Maybe Clippers? Franchise that should be in Vegas? You can't limit to that small of an audience.

Just think of how many gold 24 jerseys would sell...

Jonathan said...

There are alot of people in New York who don't like Gammons for the fact that he is a Sox fan and people feel like he is biased.

CMFost said...

How about Pierce and Doc Rivers for Kobe and Phil Jackson?

Sparty said...


I think Kobe would expand it to other teams, like a PHX, but the Lakers will not trade him within the conference.
I think Kobe would consider the Nets, especially with the impending move to Brooklyn. The Knicks? No way will it happen But he wants Chicago. I think he wants out bad since they have not surrounded him with anything but garbage. but his list is very very short.

GuyInTheCorner said...


I'm not sure that's fair.

Sparty said...

I'm a NY Yankee fan, and do not hate Gammons. I loved it when he flipped out a few years ago on BBTN when the Yanks got Aaron bleepin Boone.

Sparty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sparty said...

I think it is. from a pure coaching stand point, Jackson has never won anything without two superstars, has struggled to make the playoffs with one, much like Rivers.

ToddTheJackass said...

I really hope the Red Sox don't re-sign Schilling. This was the first line from his blog today:

“God has his fingerprints all over this game.”

I have to admit though, up until that I'd been pleasantly surprised by the lack of Schill media time. He definitely was not the star of the team, and he surprisingly faded a bit in terms of media presence, which was surprising to see I think.

I also tend to agree with the camp that thinks A-Rod will get a huge deal. The YES ratings thing is a load of crap though, as YES also doubled its ratings after it doubled the amount of homes that got YES as part of their cable packages, so it really was more of an expansion of the channel onto basic cable packages that probably had a more demonstrable effect on ratings than A-Rod.

But what Boras will argue is that in signing an 8-10 year deal, they'd have a good chance at hosting a run on the all-time HR crown, which would draw in huge attendance, media attention, etc.

I wouldn't be surprised to see A-Rod get a deal of 8/$28 million. That's what I'll set the over/under bar at. I also don't think the Yankees will be completely out of the negotiations either.

Sparty said...

"We wanted him to stay a Yankee. We wanted to let him know how much we wanted him," he said. "The bottom line is ... do we really want anybody that really doesn't want to be a Yankee? How the heck can you do that? Compare him with Jeter. Jeter, since he was a little kid, all he ever wanted to do was play shortstop for the Yankees. That's what we want." HANK STEINBRENNER.

I love one more Jeter knife to his back as he walks out the door.

Now lets say the Yanks go after Santana and just say screw it, beat our pitching. I wouldn't mind seeing this next season for a staff

Sparty said...

but you know what? the Red Sox will repeat next season....

Jonathan said...

c'mon sparty, you know that anything a Steinbrenner says is to be taken with a grain of salt.

Sparty said...

I'm just like that part where he mentions Jeter. Jeter I know they are pissed about him going, as are all of us Yankee fans. Don't get me wrong, I am freakin pissed he walked, and scared to death he will sign with the Sox.

wow, almost 200 comments, most of them by myself, jonathon and guy.

marcomarco said...

@ Todd

You're completely taking that quote out of context. Did you even read line two?

"What Aaron Cook and Jon Lester went through to get to this point, to get the ball, was God’s work."

Not talking about his ego.

The heroin sheik said...

HOly crap just heard the Rays are going to offer A-rod 10 billion dollars a year the firstborn daughter of every resident of the bay area and he gets the lease on the trop for free. I mean since we are throwing out unsubstantiated rumours and shit.

marcomarco said...

@ sparty

I enjoyed the Jeter reference. I don't want him on the Sox, and I'm not going to cheer for him if (please don't) it happens.

What's humorous about that 'true Yankee' statement is the Clemens '07 rental.

I'd much rather see the Sox go after Rivera for '08 and give a 29 year old Matt Holliday a good chunk of a 36 year old Manny Ramirez's 20 mil for '09-'14.

I was viewing Holliday's performance in the series as his 1st job interview :)

GuyInTheCorner said...


The Yankees won't get Santana until the deadline next year. The Twins will mil him and Loriano for all they are worth next year. Then they will acknowledge the fact that there is no way for them to sin him during next offsesaon so he will get traded to the Yankees on the condition that the Yankees sign him to a crazy contract, which they will. I'm thinking 7/140-150.

I decided this 2 years ago, and it still makes sense.

ToddTheJackass said...

Marco, I realize that, it's just a huge pet peeve of mine with all the God stuff from athletes. The message he had overall was good in that Lester and Cook were great stories... fair enough.

Sparty, the problem is that to get Santana, they'd definitely have to give up either Joba or Hughes, so there's no way they could get Johan without giving one of those guys up. There's no way they'd take some package of Melky, Ohlendorf, Bronson Sardinha, etc... My guess is if the Yankees really want Johan, the Twins will ask for Joba, Humberto Sanchez, and possibly Melky... they'd almost assuredly get rejected, but the asking price for Johan has to start with at least one elite prospect, and probably 2 more B-grade prospects on top of that.

marcomarco said...

Gammons continues ARod-bashing on the front page of the espn OTL report. Very entertaining.

Natsfan74 said...

I think this is the year for the Yankees to sit out the free-agency shuffle. Making a trade for Santana is a possibility, but not sure what they would offer. As it is, they have enough talent in their pipeline now (for the first time in years), that they can fill some holes internally. But, maybe they go after Miguel Cabrera to fill 3B.

Boras is not only pitching the ARod homerun record to teams, but he said on ESPN (a while ago) that with a 10 year contract he could also be chasing the hits record. I think he needs about 1800 hits to match Pete Rose, so 180 a year is a stretch, but possible.

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