Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dr. Z to MDS on Art Monk's HOF Chances:
"Just Put Him the F--- In Already"

There: I basically gave away the story in the headline. But it's worth your time to read MDS' latest dispatch from Phoenix, where he is covering Super Bowl XLII for Fanhouse.

I have a soft spot for Dr. Z. When I worked at as an editor and on-again columnist (anyone remember my "At a Glance" franchise? See the roots of the "Quickie" editorial style?), I was in charge of two notable columns: Peter King's MMQB and Dr. Z's picks and mailbag.

I'm not sure Dr. Z still does this, but one of the best columns I ever read was his description of the inner-workings of the Pro Football Hall of Fame deliberations. I think he got in trouble with the Hall for it, but it was an incredible glimpse at an appallingly closed process.

(That gets into my whole issue with every Hall of Fame, particularly Pro Football and Baseball, both of which are secretive cabals run by guys whose bonafides to make decisions on behalf of what are truly public -- fan -- trusts grows increasingly more suspicious every year.)

Anyway, that Dr. Z HOF column stands out in my mind -- as does one particularly brutal reaming he gave me over a simple misunderstanding. I wear it as a badge of honor now, I guess.

-- D.S.

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