Friday, February 01, 2008

Pau Gasol to the Lakers

The Lakers just fleeced the Grizzlies and suddenly are a very legit contender in the West.


Unknown said...

Not exactly fleeced. The Grizz get cap space, two first rounders, a former first rounder in Crittendon, and a first round talent in Marc Gasol. They essentially get four first rounders and cap space for Gasol.

Michael W said...

I'm not entirely sure it was a fleecing. I mean, they get 2 first round picks, if I heard right (08 and 2010). The Lakers got real good, sure, but Memphis is going no where, and I'm not sure any other team would have made a better offer than 2 first rounders.

Hate to be Phoenix right now. That division lead looks awful small all of the sudden.