Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday 01/31 A.M. Quickie:
K-State, Brady, Kidd, Johan, NBA, More!

Today's Names to Know in today's Sporting News column:

Michael Beasley, Tom Brady, Plaxico Burress, Johan Santana and Peter Greenberg, LeBron, Jason Kidd, Devin Harris, Al Jefferson, Jamario Moon, Steve Mariucci, Al Saunders, Terrelle Pryor, Mike Marshall and More!

Including: Why Kansas ain't all that... why Tom Brady thinks Plaxico Burress is a fool... Why Johan and the Mets will work it out... Why Jason Kidd to the Mavs makes sense... why Al Jefferson should be an All-Star... why Steve Mariucci is a red herring... why you shouldn't bite athletes if you're a wrestling coach... and more, after the jump!

UPDATE: It's obvious that my personal snub of Paul Pierce as an All-Star reserve was met with a karmic payback of Joakim Noah inexplicably not being named to the Rookie roster in the Rookie-Soph game. That's a joke, both because Noah is entertaining and because he is among the rookie leaders in PER. (Think it's punishment for his rebellious attitude earlier this season?)

And, in case you missed it, scroll down to the next post for a trip in the way-back machine to my days editing Dr. Z and Peter King...

-- D.S.


John said...

Uhhhh...Paul Pierce is making the ASG, so you can subtract one of your homer picks. It wouldn't shock me if Ray Allen made it as well, even though he really doesn't deserve to be there.

Unknown said...

Is it karma if you don't make an all-star team because you aren't that good?