Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl XLII Media Day Drinking Game

Super Bowl XLII Media Day At-Work/In-Class Drinking Game: Play along!

Dumb question: 1 sip.
Repeat question: 2 sips.
Comedian injects themselves in: 3 sips.
Blogger gets question in: 4 sips.
Questions about Gisele: 5 sips.

Others to add? Send it through Comments.

Will you be following Media Day online? (I won't.) Submit any interesting things/quotes/anecdotes you notice from the coverage in the Comments, and I will get them up ASAP.

-- D.S.


Jeffyhash said...

Tom Brady at the podium just had a woman in a wedding dress propose to him. She seemed to indicate she was willing to share with Gisele, to which Tom replied "I'm a one woman man."

Wonder where Bridget Monyahan is right now.

CorrND said...

How about you initiate Meta Day coverage of the media on Media Day?