Wednesday, January 09, 2008

NFL Pick 'Em Champ Picks the Playoffs

Special guest-post! Eric Thompson won the Daily Quickie Readers 2007 NFL Season Pick 'Em group. For that, he gets to proclaim his genius to everyone by explaining his picks and analysis for the Division Round. It'll be nice to see someone ELSE get ripped for their picks for once...

GREEN BAY over Seattle: Both defenses are solid, both passing attacks can be dangerous, and most other factors cancel each other out. The difference? Grant somehow became a bona fide NFL running back, and Alexander is too busy looking for a nice piece of turf to fall down on before contact to be good anymore. Seriously, this guy was the MVP 2 years ago? Who knew a broken foot also affected the testicles?

Overhyped "factor": The weather somehow giving an advantage to the Pack. Really? Both teams have to play in the same weather, Green Bay isn't exactly a power team, and the weather sucks in Seattle too.

The only way Seattle can win: They avoid Alexander at all costs, and Brett Favre has one of his classic "no matter how many atrocious interceptions I throw Joe Buck will irrationally justify them" stinkers, circa the 2004 playoffs against the Vikings. (Of course, as borderline-unhealthy rabid Vikes fan, I'm openly rooting for this.)

NEW ENGLAND over Jacksonville: Well, the Patriots are 16-0. Last time I checked, that's pretty good The Jags are a nice team, and sure they match up well, but c'mon. I didn't win the Pigskin Pick 'Em group by picking against New England.

Overhyped "factor": The Patriots having more pressure on them because they're undefeated and anything less than 19-0 is a failure. Hmm…how about the pressure of knowing you'll basically have to play a perfect game on the road against a team that hasn't lost yet?

The only way Jacksonville can win: They play completely out of their minds and the Pats have another "single-handedly destroying the championship dreams of thousands of #1 seeded fantasy teams" game like they had against the Jets on Week 15. (I had Brady, Moss, and Welker in one of my leagues. No, I'm not bitter at all, why do you ask?)

INDIANAPOLIS over San Diego: The defending champs are getting healthy, Gates might be out, and I sincerely doubt Manning throws 6 picks again (and the Colts STILL should have won their first matchup). Indy's just better top to bottom.

Overhyped "factor": The Chargers are "hot" or "on a roll" right now. You know, because the AFC West was REAL tough this year, and beating the Titans' B-squad thanks to all their injuries was so impressive.

The only way San Diego can win: LT shoves Rivers out from under center and takes direct snaps most of the game. I'd feel better about the Chargers' chances if that happened.

DALLAS over New York: I could see a possible upset here—Dallas has stumbled a bit, Popcorn Man is banged up, they don't use their best weapon nearly enough (Barber), and the G-Men have looked pretty darn good. But one thought keeps stopping me short from picking New York: three good games by Eli Manning—in a row? No thank you.

Overhyped "factor": I swear to God, if I hear one more ridiculous Jessica Simpson reference by a chuckling analyst and I'm going to feed my ears through a meat grinder.

The only way New York can win: Romo has a Brett Favre game I referenced earlier (announcers are verbally fellating Romo almost as much as #4 these days), the Giants control the ground game, and Eli actually does have his mythical Third Consecutive Good Game. Just don't blame the swarm of locusts on me if that happens.

Nicely done, Eric! My picks coming Friday. Will I jinx my (or "my") Jags with a prediction that they will upset that Pats in New England? Check back Friday.


Unknown said...

Nice picks Mr. Thompson. When are you gonna quit your day job and become a sports writer?

Brad Bateman said...

I thought that Eric's comments were very insightful and accurate. I would have to agree with all 4.

Nice Job!!!

Precourt said...

Straight Chalk baby.