Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday 01/06 A.M. (Very) Quickie

Jags survive in Pittsburgh: They blew an 18-point lead, but who cares? The Jaguars won. In Pittsburgh. Again. This time, when it counted most.

OK, I'll say it: The Jags will can beat the Patriots. Of any team remaining in the playoffs, the Jaguars have the best shot at beating the Patriots in Foxboro.

I'm not saying they WILL beat the Patriots, but I'm giving them a puncher's chance. Maybe I'll have the guts to say they WILL beat the Patriots by tomorrow morning.

Seattle ousts Redskins: Unsurprising. Holmgren vs. Favre in Green Bay will draw a big media storyline.

High School All-Star Games: Eh, not necessarily all that exciting, actually. Although dual-threat QB Terrelle Pryor (game MVP) is the real deal. I'm betting he ends up at Michigan, starting as a freshman for Rich Rodriguez in a revamped Michigan spread offense.

CFB Bowl Mania: Rutgers crushes Ball State in Toronto. Ray Rice finishes the season with a 280-yard, 4-TD effort – one of the best individual performances of the bowl season.

Bowling Today: GMAC Bowl. Bowling Green vs. Tulsa. Tulsa flirted in my own personal Top 25 throughout the season; they are one of the more wide-open offenses out there. Who's watching?

CFB Coaching Carousel: June Jones to SMU or staying at Hawaii? I think Jones has done as much at Hawaii as he ever can, and I am curious to see what he would be able to do with Texas talent in a weak conference.

CBB Stud of the Day: DJ Augustin scored 30 and Texas beat St. Mary's in an intriguing non-conference, early-round-Tournament-style matchup.

Clemens Watch: I'm intrigued to see how Clemens performs in front of Congress. (More intrigued, at least, than to see how he performs on "60 Minutes," which was foreshadowed earlier this week: He's gonna deny it. Let's see him do it under oath, with Brian McNamee sitting next to him, also ready to testify under oath.)

-- D.S.


David Kippe said...

Holmgren vs. Favre in Green Bay will draw a big media storyline.

eh, been there, done that already. I think someone said it the other day on dscommenters; the clip of Hasslebeck saying "we want the ball, and we're gonna win," is what will be over hyped and over played...

No mention of the C's beating the Pistons? seems like the game was a bigger deal to the Celtics. Someone hit fast forward to see them lineup in May for a 7 game series.

John said...

The Colts are the only team left that has a chance to beat the Pats. That's it. No one else.

After watching the game last night I'm convinced the Pats will beat the Jags by at least two or three touchdowns. Brady isn't going to turn the ball over like Roethlisberger did and allow the Jags to stay in the game.

sigszilla said...

Now there is the Dan we've all grown to appreciate. I was hoping you were just waiting until the Jags beat the Stillers to go out on a limb and allow that little ray of light into the possibility of the Patriots being upset in the playoffs.
Then again, maybe it's just the fever from the "Sickie."

WuzUpG said...

Would Pittsburgh have been better off by allowing the Jags to score, after Garrard broke out that run? Or, would the Jags not score, like Westbrook? Pittsburgh would have had about 1.5 minutes left with 2 timeouts in hand. Were they thinking a Romo fumble would happen? I they should've allwowed the Jags to score, then give themselves, a "better" chance to win, to send and win it in OT.

Lou Pickney said...

If June Jones can bring SMU back to prominence, he will earn himself a special place in college football history.

Because of what has happened to SMU with its absolute inability to rebuild after the death penalty, the NCAA has been unwilling to use it again, even when it has had the opportunity to do so (Alabama). If you look bigger picture, the move helped kill the Southwest Conference -- though plenty of other factors worked into that as well.

Joey said...

I think Pryor ends up at Ohio State. He was very close all week hanging out with all the OSU recruits. They have a sweet O-Line coming in to protect him as well.