Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday 01/12 (Very) Quickie

Note: Weekend "(Very) Quickies" will continue to appear here as usual, even after the move of the usual weekday early-morning post to Sporting News.

Waiting on NFL Playoffs...: T.O. will play Sunday (or so he implies)... everyone's talking about Ryan Grant as the key to the Packers winning... "21" (Tomlinson) vs. "21" (Sanders) is turning out to be THE numerical matchup of the season... How can you NOT root for the Jags?

Marion Jones sentenced to 6 months in prison: As she should have been. She may have become sympathetic; it doesn't change the crime she committed.

Hawks-Heat to replay contested December finish... in March: This is a wild NBA storyline. Faulty scorekeeping puts 51 seconds back on the clock of a Hawks win over the Heat, to be replayed before their game in March. Probably the most fascinating final minute of an NBA game to be played this regular season.

NFL Draft: Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart turning pro. Many scouts think he'll be the 2nd RB taken behind Darren McFadden. I'm not sure he'll be a better pro than Mendenhall or Jones.

Purdue's Joe Tiller retiring after next season, to be replaced by Eastern Kentucky's Danny Hope: What a difference in transition between Purdue and, say, Michigan.

MLB Hot Stove: Nats sign closer Chad Cordero to 1Y/$6M deal. Necessary part if the Nats want to progress next season (which they will).

College Hoops: Huge game this afternoon between Washington State and UCLA. Don't expect a whole lot of scoring (over/under on combined points: 100?), but it's two Top 5 teams in the intra-conference game of the year.

-- D.S.


Johnny b said...

How can we not root for the Jags?

Well easy. You want to see greatness. You want to see something special. You want to see that Dolphin team go away. It also doesn't hurt that you never really had a problem with Tom Brady and the rest of the team.

I'm far from a fan of the Pats (I don't claim to be a fan of any NFL team), but I refuse to root against them. I save that honer for teams I truly hate: Yankees, Michigan (hated going to that grad school), and because of you the Florida Gators.

Jake said...

Both Kentucky/Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech/Maryland were better games at 2:00pm ET today than the UCLA/Washington State snoozefest. Intra-conference game of the year; what a joke.
This was only the 6th time in the history of the Pac 10 that two top 5 schools played eachother. The excitement of the crowds at both games mentioned above easily eclipsed the boredom that the Bruins fans exuded throughout.

Michael W said...

Jonathan Stewart had a hell of a bowl game. He probably wanted to come back, but realized his draft stock has probably peaked. I bet he goes first round, but I don't know about second RB overall. He's quick, and he has good moves, but he's not very big, and that's not something that's ever going to change. He shouldered a lot of the offense at Oregon, but I'm not sure he could do that in the pros.

UCLA's beating down WSU pretty good right now. They could always pull a comeback, but I think it's clear which team is better.

Michael W said...

Wow. Sure looks like all of those people who said Grant was the key to the Packers/Seahawks game sure knew what they were talking about. He fumbles twice and the Seahawks get 14 points out of it. Then he stops fumbling and racks up over 200 yards to go with 3 TDs and it turns into a blowout. As Grant went, the game went.

Then there's Alexander with 9 rushes for 20 yards. Yeah, the Packers were playing against the run real well, but that is a huge difference.