Friday, March 14, 2008

Bob Costas Hates You

Apparently, Bob Costas loathes me, too. I could write something about how staggeringly wrong-headed Costas' opinion was, but after 2 months of promoting his book, Will Leitch has the best talking points down.

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Salem Foods said...

Don't forget, Dan, you had your own column on and other sites before you had this blog going. I think the "bloggers" who do it as a profession have a right to say that Costas should at least qualify his remarks, that people who don't do it for a living ARE get-a-life-losers. Yes, he's entitled to that opinion because he DID earn it. Viewers used to just view, and the internet is a great tool, but do you really think anyone who blogs all day and night about sports and doesn't get paid for it is somehow better or even just as valid as Bob Costas? Costas earned it; the guy who's doing it for fun bought his computer three years ago and pays for his internet connection, not a degree from Syracuse. In that regard, I agree with Costas, and I think you shouldn't take it as a slight on you. Again, I think he should qualify his remarks, but there are LOTS of idiot bloggers out there, and the majority have nothing good to add at all to the sports world - yes, most of it is garbage or rehashed from what others have already written.