Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kobe Bryant Day in the Sports Blog World

Hardwood Paroxysm initiated a sportsblog-wide "Kobe Bryant Day" being held today.

The results have been impressive. Obviously, I want to add in my contribution with something typically superlative...

I'm not sure that Kobe is a more worthy 2008 MVP than LeBron, but I do know this:
If I had one must-win game and could draft one player to pull it off, it would be Kobe.

Agree? Disagree? Add your own nominee (or Kobe-related analysis) in the comments.

-- D.S.


Mike D said...

Kobe is no question the best player in the NBA today. I agree you have to take Kobe over Lebron. Like I have said before Kobe will win USA gold in the olympics. The dude doesn't miss (not counting the other day vs Sac)

Michael W said...

LeBron is a great player, but he lacks the consistency of Kobe. Kobe you can nearly always count on for at least 20. LeBron can put up just as many points, but he has a lot of stinkers, too.

One player, one game? Kobe, no doubt in my mind.